Yahoo Researchers Use A Phone’s Touchscreen To Scan The Ear Like A Fingerprint

ear What if your phone could let you — and only you — answer an incoming call, no thumb print/PIN/swipe gesture required? Instead of a finger, it’d gauge the shape of your ear; instead of a fingerprint sensor, it’d use the touchscreen your phone already has built-in.
That’s the idea behind Bodyprint, a new concept out of Yahoo’s research labs. Read More

Yahoo Called Its Layoffs a “Remix.” Don’t Do That.

Nerval’s Lobster writes: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, in a conference call with reporters and analysts, referred to the net layoffs of 1,100 employees in the first quarter of 2015 as part of a ‘remixing’ of the company. A ‘remix’ is a term most often applied to songs, although it’s also appropriate to use in the context of photographs, films, and artwork. CEOs rarely use it to describe something as momentous as a major enterprise’s transition, especially if said transition involves layoffs of longtime employees, because it could potentially appear flippant to observers. If you run your own shop (no matter how large), it always pays to choose words as carefully as possible when referring to anything that affects your employees’ lives and careers. Despite a renewed focus on mobile and an influx of skilled developers and engineers, Yahoo still struggles to define its place on the modern tech scene; that struggle is no more evident than in the company’s most recent quarterly results, which included rising costs, reduced net income, and layoffs.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Yahoo Cut 1,000 Jobs Since Q1 2014, Around 2,800 During Mayer’s CEO Tenure

marissa mayer As part of its first quarter earnings report, Yahoo detailed its reduction in headcount. The company cut 1,000 jobs since the first quarter of 2014, to 11,400. That figure does not include 830 contractors that work with the firm. The 11,400 figure was 11,800 at the end of the first quarter. That means Yahoo cut 400 jobs in the past 1.5 months. Presuming that that trend continues, the company… Read More

Yahoo Calls In Advisors To Weigh The Future Of Its 35.5%, $9B Stake In Yahoo Japan

yahoo japan During a video stream discussing Yahoo’s Q1 earnings today, CEO Marissa Mayer noted that Yahoo has closed down 17 offices since she joined the company as part of a wider efficiency strategy. And it looks like Yahoo is eyeing up one more big change in its international profile: the company has retained advisors to decide what to do with its 35.5% stake in Yahoo Japan, a longtime… Read More

Marissa Mayer promises return to ‘greatness’ as Yahoo net profit falls 93%



Marissa Mayer claimed on Tuesday that she is in the process of returning “an iconic company to greatness,” but the company’s latest earnings results don’t quite support the rhetoric.

Yahoo posted earnings of $0.15 per share on revenue of $1.04 billion for the quarter, falling short of Wall Street’s anemic estimates for earnings of $0.18 per share on revenue of $1.05 billion.

To put that in context: Yahoo revenue fell by about 4% year-over-year and its net earnings fell from $312 million a year earlier to just $21 million this quarter

That’s a loss of about 93%, as the company spends more on operations and acquiring traffic Read more…

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Yahoo Mail’s Contact Cards Get More Rapportive-Like With LinkedIn And Twitter Integrations

yahoo-mail-cards Yahoo Mail’s smart “contact cards” have been updated today to include support for Twitter and LinkedIn information. Through Yahoo’s partnerships with these two social services, the contact cards, which appear when you hover over a person’s name in a message, can now display a person’s most recent tweets in addition to company, title, phone number and more. Read More

Sources: Yahoo In Talks To Buy Foursquare

yahoohq-foursquare Yahoo has been busy rebuilding its business around mobile under CEO Marissa Mayer, and soon it could make one of its biggest bets yet on the platform. We have heard perennially that the company has been looking to buy Foursquare, the New York startup behind the eponymous local search app and location-based social “check-in” app Swarm. The latest rumor we are hearing is giving… Read More

13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

TC-weekly-roundup Some of our staff spent the week in Austin TX reporting on anti-robot protests and drones that shoot both fire and silly string. But the news cycle rolls on with big announcements from Facebook, Tesla and Nintendo. These are our best stories from this week (3/14-3/20). Read More

Yahoo Is Closing Its Office In China And Laying Off Hundreds Of Staff

china Yahoo is bidding adios to China with the closure of its research center in Beijing — its only location in the country — as SCMP first reported. Hundreds of staff are expected to be laid off. Read More

You can now log into Yahoo Mail without remembering a password



Remembering a unique password for each online account you manage — social networks, banking and email, to name a few — is a headache. There are likely dozens of letter and number sequences you have to keep track of at any given time

But Yahoo wants to help by making it easier to log into its email service. In fact, it doesn’t want you to have to enter a traditional password at all. Password managers like LastPass help you remember passcodes, but Yahoo doesn’t even want you to have one in the first place.

The company introduced a new on-demand login feature that sends users a specialized code to their mobile devices to gain access. The code is generated only for that account; since it changes each time you log in, the method is secureHackers would have to be in physical possession of a user’s smartphone to know the code and thus access the account. Read more…

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