13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

TC-weekly-roundup Some of our staff spent the week in Austin TX reporting on anti-robot protests and drones that shoot both fire and silly string. But the news cycle rolls on with big announcements from Facebook, Tesla and Nintendo. These are our best stories from this week (3/14-3/20). Read More

Yahoo Is Closing Its Office In China And Laying Off Hundreds Of Staff

china Yahoo is bidding adios to China with the closure of its research center in Beijing — its only location in the country — as SCMP first reported. Hundreds of staff are expected to be laid off. Read More

You can now log into Yahoo Mail without remembering a password



Remembering a unique password for each online account you manage — social networks, banking and email, to name a few — is a headache. There are likely dozens of letter and number sequences you have to keep track of at any given time

But Yahoo wants to help by making it easier to log into its email service. In fact, it doesn’t want you to have to enter a traditional password at all. Password managers like LastPass help you remember passcodes, but Yahoo doesn’t even want you to have one in the first place.

The company introduced a new on-demand login feature that sends users a specialized code to their mobile devices to gain access. The code is generated only for that account; since it changes each time you log in, the method is secureHackers would have to be in physical possession of a user’s smartphone to know the code and thus access the account. Read more…

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Yahoo Debuts End-To-End Encryption Email Plugin, Password-Free Logins

An anonymous reader writes: Yahoo has released the source code for a plugin that will enable end-to-end encryption for their email service. They’re soliciting feedback from the security community to make sure it’s built properly. They plan to roll it out to users by the end of the year.
Yahoo also demonstrated a new authentication system that doesn’t use permanent passwords. Instead, they allow you to associate your Yahoo account with your phone, and text you a code on demand any time you need to log in. It’s basically just the second step of traditional two-step authentication by itself. But Yahoo says they think it’s “the first step to eliminating passwords.”

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Yahoo Introduces Password-Free Login — Just Don’t Lose Your Phone

Marissa Mayer Press Conference Yahoo wants to end your dependency on memorizing passwords — or creating crap ones that can be guessed or hacked — after it introduced a new “on-demand” system that sends a one-time password when you need to log in. Read More

Meerkat CEO: 20% of its users watch 2 hours of video daily



AUSTIN, Texas — Barely 16 days after launch, Meerkat is on a roll, CEO Ben Rubin says.

The 27-year-old former architecture student from Israel took the stage Sunday afternoon at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Tex. to promote Meerkat, the live-streaming app developed by his company Air. Rubin shouldn’t have: three days into the conference’s Interactive portion, Meerkat is already the conference’s “breakout app.”

During the talk, Rubin disclosed solid figures about engagement. Meerkat easily crossed 100,000 users over the weekend, following a brouhaha with Twitter where the social network cut off the app’s access to its social graph. Read more…

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Pinterest’s Head of Partnerships To Speak At Disrupt NY

pinterest Bookmarking site Pinterest has established itself as one of the top social networking sites on the web with some 70 million unique visitors per month, according to comScore. But the company, whose last funding round valued the business at $5 billion, is still in the early days of experimenting with its revenue model, and building out relationships with advertisers and partners. Playing a key… Read More

Yahoo And ABC Announce An Expanded Partnership, Including A “Good Morning America” Deal

ABC, YAHOO ANNOUNCEMENT Yahoo and ABC (Disney/ABC Television Group) announced this morning an expansion of their partnership first established in 2011, which will see the two companies further integrating each others’ content on their respective properties. For Yahoo, that means access to a variety of clips from popular ABC television shows like “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy,”… Read More

Why Are There So Few Black Investors?

shutterstock_209694565 While the technology sector continues to flourish, and its luminaries are seen as role models, the industry as a whole is suffering from a lack of diversity that has undermined its ability to fully realize its transformative potential. Read More

Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

An anonymous reader writes For the 20th anniversary of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer discusses how she’s trying to reinvent the company. In a wide-ranging interview, Mayer shares her vision for fixing the company’s past mistakes, including a major investment in mobile and a new ad platform. Yet she’s been dogged by critics who see her as an imperious micromanager, who criticize her $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr, and who fault her for moving too slowly. The company’s executives explain that the business could only return to health after she first halted Yahoo’s brain drain and went big on mobile. As one Yahoo employee summarized Mayer’s thinking: “First people, then apps.”

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