Livetext app is silly fun, but no Snapchat



Chances are your phone is chock-full of messaging apps already, whether it’s Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Yik Yak or something else. Even so, Yahoo is hoping you’ll give its latest app, Livetext for iOS and Android, a shot

Think of Livetext as text-messaging that marries some of Snapchat’s ephemerality with some elements of Periscope and Meerkat live video. But Livetext’s live video sports text without sound: You can see the other person, but communication mostly happens by text. Once the session ends, the entire conversation disappears.

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Yahoo buys shopping site Polyvore



Yahoo’s acquisition spree doesn’t look like it’s ending any time soon

Case in point: The tech giant announced Friday it will acquire Polyvore, the fashion-discovery site founded in 2007 by three former Yahoo engineers that lets users browse and buy clothes, accessories and beauty products

Details of the acquisition were not announced, but Polyvore had raised about $22 million from investors including Goldman Sachs, Matrix Partners and Benchmark Capital, so Yahoo very likely ponied up a substantial amount to buy the site.

“The combination of Yahoo’s industry-leading digital content with Polyvore’s expertise in community and commerce has outstanding potential,” Yahoo senior vide president Simon Khalaf said in a company statement Read more…

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Why Polyvore’s Jess Lee Sold To Yahoo

July 20th, 2011--Aspen,CO, USA  Jess Lee speaks at the Future of E-Commerce breakfast roundtable at Fortune Brainstorm TECH at the Aspen Institute Campus.  Photograph by Kevin Moloney/Fortune Brainstorm TECH Yahoo bought Polyvore in what we’ve heard could be a $60 million deal today. Both Polyvore and Yahoo were mum on those details, but Polyvore co-founder Jess Lee did tell TechCrunch her company will continue to do the same thing as it’s been doing before – now on a larger scale and with more resources from the tech giant run by Marissa Mayer. Read More

Yahoo Shows Off Its New Livetext Messaging App

Yahoo Livetext 02 Yahoo unveiled a new app today called Livetext, where users can send each other video and text — but no sound.
To get a sense of how it works, we spoke to Yahoo’s Arjun Sethi (formerly co-founder and CEO of MessageMe), and we had a short little livetext session. He also explained the opportunity he sees in taking the audio out of video messaging: Read More

Yahoo unveils Livetext, a text messaging app with silent video chat backgrounds



NEW YORK — Following a flurry of rumors circulating the web over the past few weeks, Yahoo unveiled its new messaging product on Wednesday called Livetext

The update unharnesses the company from its ancient Yahoo Messenger product and gives it a more robust tool to compete with the likes of everything from Snapchat to Microsoft’s Skype (sort of, keep reading)

Without a doubt, the most unique thing about the app is that it is live video texting “without” sound. The text appears over the person’s live video image (including emojis!). Read more…

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Yahoo Quietly Acquired Germany’s Media Group One For $23M In Q1

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Flipboard Confirms Its $50M Funding Round

flipboard-money Flipboard has confirmed to us that it has raised $50 million, two days after we first reported that the company had authorized the shares earlier this year.
TechCrunch reported earlier that, according to a regulatory document filed in Delaware, Flipboard had authorized the sale of $50 million worth of Flipboard shares at the same price as its previous funding round. It appears that the… Read More

Flickr Brings Back Its “Pro” Subscription Plan

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Yahoo’s Q2 Manages A Slim Revenue Beat, But Its Per-Share Profit Of $0.16 Disappoints

yahoo eye Today, Yahoo reported its second quarter financial performance, including $1.04 billion in revenue after discounting for traffic costs (ex-TAC), and earnings per share of $0.16. Revenue sported 15% year-over-year growth. The street had expected Yahoo to earn $0.18 per share on revenue of $1.03 billion. (DISCLOSURE: Two years ago, I drank the purple drank at Yahoo, but I am not a shareholder.)… Read More

Yahoo Quietly Launches A New “Video Texting” Mobile Messaging App On iTunes

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.51.38 PM Yahoo has been rumored to be working on a revamped messenger app for a while now, and it looks like that new app may be taking its first step into the wild. Yahoo has quietly released the next version of its Yahoo Messenger mobile application, which is available under the name “Yahoo Livetext – Video Messenger” in the Hong Kong iTunes App Store. The app went live earlier… Read More