23 furniture pieces for extreme food-lovers with delicious taste



Food has become something we don’t just consume, but idolize

Cheese, bacon, kale, pizza, etc. All have become less delicious forms of sustenance and more like culinary cult figures online. For modern day foodies, sometimes eating your food just isn’t enough. They don’t just play with their food, they decorate with it.

This food furniture looks good enough to eat. But don’t do that. It’s furniture — it will taste terrible. Read more…

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WikiLeaks releases a trove of U.S. diplomatic cables from 1978



WikiLeaks has released more than half a million U.S. diplomatic cables from 1978, the whistleblower website has announced.

In a blog post Wednesday, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange called these documents the “Carter Cables II,” as they come from a tumultuous time for the Jimmy Carter administration and cover conflicts in Palestine, Lebanon, Cambodia and Eritrea as well as the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua and the Iranian revolution

Other important events mentioned in the documents include Carter’s decision to postpone the production of the neutron bomb, as well as the disintegration of a Soviet Union satellite over Canada in January 1978 Read more…

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Bill would allow Maine Amish hunters to wear red instead of orange

AUGUSTA — Emergency legislation was submitted Tuesday to allow Amish hunters to wear red items of clothing instead of the standard orange during hunting season. The Amish faith prohibits the use of bright colors, but Amish hunters are forced to use the bright, fluorescent hunter oran…

8 cheap ways to transform your home into a wellness retreat



Relaxation doesn’t have to come in the form of an expensive resort with seaside views and a deep tissue massage at noon.

A wellness retreat is an immersive vacation with a focus in rejuvenation through fitness and health, with activities such as yoga, meditation and biking. Like other vacations, guests chow down on delicious food and enjoy luxurious spa treatments. However, unlike other vacations, there are also health coaches, reiki and crystal healing and juice cleanses. Mornings start early, according to a review of the Ranch at Live Oak Malibu by Yahoo’s Bobby Brown. For this retreat, she was advised to cut out certain foods and increase exercise beforehand Read more…

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Campanda, The Booking Platform For RVs, Scores €5M Funding

Campanda_Logo_EN Berlin-based Campanda, which offers an online booking site for RVs (that’s motorhomes and trailers, to you and me) has raised €5 million in further funding. Read More

The city of Sydney has turned into a magnificent light installation



Vivid is a festival of light that saturates the city of Sydney in all its hypercolour glory

More than 60 light installations are splashed across nine regions with several famous landmarks lit up, including the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Rocks, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, Walsh Bay and Martin Place in the city have been transformed into a hub of sound and light, with interactive technology works — such as Games of Drones — allowing the audience to totally immerse themselves

Mix ‘n’ match! In case you’re looking to coordinate your outfit with the Sydney Opera House on your #vividsydney visit tonight…

Posted by Vivid Sydney on Friday, May 22, 2015 Read more…

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Money intended for Travis Mills Foundation that aids veterans stolen

AUGUSTA (AP) — Police are investigating a break-in at the Augusta Elks Lodge in which more than $15,000 was stolen, including thousands earmarked for a fundraiser for the Travis Mills Foundation, a nonprofit that supports injured veterans. Lt. Christopher Massey says burglars b…

Your car is far more than a set of wheels in Mad Max’s game



You’ll hardly have reason to leave your car in the Mad Max‘s game iteration, and that’s exactly how it should be.

The upcoming Avalanche Games title, set in the gritty Mad Max landscape, appropriately focuses heavily on your car. While Max himself levels up, his in-game car — brazenly called the “Magnum Opus” — can be customized to your heart’s content as you move through the vast wasteland.

Mashable spent about a half hour playing an early build of Mad Max during a press event in Los Angeles last week. We were allowed to freely explore one section of the game’s map, taking on different objectives in the open-world game Read more…

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Craft? Micro? Increasingly, ‘nanobrews’ quench local thirst

PORTLAND (AP) — In a nondescript industrial park, beer geeks line up several times a week outside Bissell Brothers to get the latest batch of fresh beer — much like foodies seeking the freshest baguettes, pomegranates or kale. Jeremy Ritz didn’t get the beer he wanted on …

Men, follow this simple advice. It could save your life

Guest post by retired dermatologist J. Michael Taylor, MD, MPH According to a recent survey by the Skin Cancer Foundation, men over age 50 are twice as likely as women to die from malignant melanoma. This difference increases with age. Men are also much more likely to develop the more …