Pure Storage Prices IPO at $17

pure storage Enterprise storage company Pure Storage has raised $425 million after pricing its IPO on the NYSE at $17 per share, as originally reported by the Wall Street Journal. The company is trading under the ticker, “PSTG.” The Mountain View-based company competes with Dell, EMC, HP and others to provide flash storage products for businesses. Pure Storage warned in its filing that some… Read More

Code42 Snares Huge $85M Series B Investment

concept image showing laptop and mobile devices swirling around the cloud Code42, the Minneapolis-based developers of the Crashplan enterprise backup tool, announced a massive $85 million round today. Code42 doesn’t do them small. It has had only one previous round for $52.5 million at the beginning of 2012. The company could have gotten more if it wanted it, according to CEO Joe Payne. “This was the amount of money we needed for the next stage of… Read More

IBM Acquires Cleversafe To Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Storage Strategy

Storage array in datacenter This morning IBM announced plans to acquire Cleversafe, a Chicago-based data storage vendor. The move appears to be a way to sure up IBM’s hybrid cloud storage chops. Terms of the deal were not available. Cleversafe was founded in 2004, and was well ahead of its time when it came to anticipating the big data revolution. According to its website, the company foresaw the coming data… Read More

If Apple Made A Cat Toy, It Would Be This One

855c6653c68f4ac09e7fbe4c2171d783_original Amazing design isn’t just for us humans. What about the cats who want a toy to play with like the new pretty iPhone? Nobody is really trying to make a cat’s playtime as enjoyable as possible.
Well, it’s here. Since I’m the resident cat reporter at TechCrunch, I’ve found the new hotness. The “Obi” bills itself as a… Read More

Backblaze Announces Low-Cost Cloud Storage Service To Compete With Amazon S3

Backblaze-B2-08-Storage-Pod Backblaze is best known for its consumer and enterprise backup service — and how many hard drives it buys to power that service. Today, however, the company is taking a step in a slightly different direction by announcing the private beta of Backblaze B2, a very competitively priced cloud storage service that competes with the likes of Amazon S3 and the cloud storage services that are… Read More

Apple’s Live Photos will hog twice as much storage on your new iPhone



Apple just gave you the single best reason to not buy the 16GB iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Live Photos, the new camera feature on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that captures 1.5 seconds worth of sequential photos (not video) before and after a photo is taken, will eat up your storage twice as fast as a regular still photo, Mashable has confirmed.

That’s real bummer for anyone who is even considering the lowest capacity iPhone 6S (not that anyone should buy it).

Apple calls Live Photos “living memories” — a collection of bite-sized images strung together to create a moving image. They’re more like cinemagraphs or really short GIFs, but with sound, too. Read more…

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Don’t be fooled: The iPhone 6S really starts at $299



Here’s a little lie Apple told you yesterday: The iPhone 6S starts at $199 and the iPhone 6S Plus at $299

OK, it’s technically true. But those prices are for 16GB models, and there’s a very strong case against ever buying those

The apps (especially games) are getting bigger and more storage-hungry, and if you’re getting an iPhone on a two-year contract (an eternity in smartphone terms; remember, the original iPhone came out a mere eight years ago) you don’t want to be stuck with a phone with only 16GB of storage

I own a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus, and I’ve coped with the constant “not enough storage” messages more or less successfully. I don’t use that many apps, and I only have a dozen or so of albums on it — I would like more, but I don’t really need it. It’s doable, but… Read more…

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The Install Size of Every PS4 and Xbox One Game

SlappingOysters writes: One of the biggest challenges for gamers during this generation of consoles is ensuring you have enough hard drive space to hold the latest blockbuster. Given that every game needs to be installed in order to be played, and games often weigh in at over 40GB, the 500GB of storage that comes as standard doesn’t stretch far. Finder.com has provided a handy resource, listing the install sizes for every PlayStation 4 game (460 and counting) and every Xbox One game (290 and counting). The list is searchable, and can be ordered.

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Apple’s New iPhones Still Start At Just 16GB Storage

iphones Despite hardware upgrades to the cameras of its new iPhones, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, announced today — including larger sensors that yield higher megapixel shots and support for 4K recording — the entry-level versions of each model still offer what is an increasingly parsimonious 16GB of storage.
That compares unfavorably across the board with rival high end Android flagships… Read More

Testing Old Tapes To Save Them

JMarshall writes: Recordings on old audio tapes won’t be worth much in another 20 years, and some are already too degraded to play. A team including members from the Library of Congress report that infrared spectroscopy can noninvasively separate magnetic tapes that can still be played from those that can’t, without risking the tapes by sticking them in a player. Unplayable tapes can sometimes be rescued by heating, which can make them playable for long enough to digitize. This method could help archivists identify which tapes need special handling before they get any worse.

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