No inventory? No problem! Dropshipping offers retail without storage



Tapiture, a Pinterest competitor, doesn’t just show you stuff you might like. In many cases, it lets you buy that stuff as well

Aside from some branded merchandise though, Tapiture doesn’t keep any inventory on hand at its Venice, California, headquarters. Instead, it functions as a virtual storefront

Amazon and eBay have been doing the same thing for years, of course, but startups like Tapiture are also taking advantage of this no-investory arrangement, which is made possible through dropshipping.

“We’re big believers in the dropshipping model,” says John Ellis, CEO of Tapiture. “We think it’s the way of the future.” Read more…

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This startup’s goal: To inspire a million women



When Australian schoolgirls listed their favourite entrepreneurs as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Jo Burston knew something had to be done.

Burston, a serial entrepreneur, is the brains behind the hugely successful Job Capital, an online hub for salary packaging, visa knowledge, tax returns and superannuation. Now she has decided to turn her attention to inspiring women entrepreneurs

Her new business venture, Influential Rare Birds, includes a mentorship program, a online investment platform, a school program and a coffee-table book featuring 50 of Australia’s most influential women.

With a number of entrepreneur awards under her belt and her first business, Job Capital, going from zero to $40 million in 3.5 years, Burston decided her experience in the emerging field could be useful for women and girls Read more…

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No, Magic Can’t Deliver A Tiger

shutterstock_140296675 Earlier this week, as Re/Code’s Jason Del Rey was trying to procure a chicken parmesan via text, we were trying to procure a tiger via text. “You want a tiger delivered? Just text the details and Magic’s got you covered,” read the lede of the VentureBeat article about nascent on-demand startup Magic. Read More

With A $60M Revenue Run Rate, ClassPass May Be The Next Uber

classpassoffice TechCrunch has secured financial information about ClassPass, the TechStars-backed startup that offers unlimited access to various fitness classes for a flat monthly fee. As it stands now, our sources report that ClassPass is tracking to a $60 million revenue run rate for 2015, a run rate that has doubled in the past three months. Last week alone, the company brought in $1.5 million and this… Read More

All your questions about Kickstarter, answered



Pebble made headlines this week when it raised more than $10 million in just 48 hours on Kickstarter for its new smartwatch, Pebble Time.

There’s no doubt the campaign has been a success, but it left many wondering why Pebble would be turn to a crowdfunding site in the first place.

In our live Hangout on Air at 2 p.m. ET on Friday, we’ll discuss what makes a successful Kickstarter campaign and what happens when projects run into issues.

You’ll hear from Mashable’s senior tech analyst Christina Warren, tech editor Pete Pachal, business editor Todd Wasserman and MNML’s Scott Wilson Read more…

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Storify Founders Leave For Open Source, Baby

5532186775_cd63769fae_z They’ve got new tales to tell. After five years running Storify, which lets you collect social media updates into narrative timelines, co-founders Burt Herman and Xavier Damman are leaving the startup which was acquired by Livefyre in 2013. They’re passing the reigns to several original Storify members, who will keep the service running. Herman’s plan is to focus on raising… Read More

Shift Messenger Makes It Easy For Workers To Swap Hours

shift messenger Anyone who has worked a retail job knows what a pain it is to take time off. You usually have to find someone to cover your shift and, unless you’ve managed to arrange your schedule in advance, that often entails panicked texts and phone calls to co-workers. A new startup called Shift Messenger wants to make the process less painful. Backed by Y Combinator, Shift Messenger was founded… Read More

YC-Backed YesGraph Raises A Million To Build A Better Referral System For Mobile Apps

cockpit When launching a new consumer application, especially those in the social space, many developers today rely on an invite mechanism that has the app’s initial user base reaching out and recommending the app to their friends. But today, these invite systems are often fairly basic – they connect to a phone’s address book and then force the user to sift through their hundreds… Read More

SOLS, A Maker Of 3D-Printed Shoe Insoles, Raises $11.1 Million To Bring Its Product To Consumers And Athletes

SOLScolors SOLS, a 3D-printing company which, to date, has focused on printing custom shoe insoles prescribed by doctors for foot pain and other ailments, has now raised an additional $11.1 million in funding to help bring the product directly to consumers. The move will make it one of the first companies to use 3D printing technologies to market custom-manufactured wearables. The round, which arrives… Read More

12 brickin’ delicious food-inspired Lego creations



The highest honor one can bestow upon the world’s greatest snacks is recreating them in Lego form

Toy startup Pley is way ahead of us with colorful food-themed Lego sets that are custom-built based on designs submitted to PleyWorld, the company’s design submission platform

Users can upload designs of their own and vote on others. Once a design reaches 5,000 votes, Pley creates the set and offers its users the chance to rent it for a monthly subscription fee

Check out a few of the food-inspired designs cooked up by PleyWorld’s users. Read more…

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