Instagram Launches Account Switching On iOS and Android

Today, Instagram announced that users will be able to switch between up to five different accounts when using the app on iOS and Android. This new feature will be available later this week, when users download version 7.15 of the app. According to a blog post from the company, “Go to your profile settings to add an additional account. From there, tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts. Once you have multiple accounts added, you’ll see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app so you can always tell which one you’re using at the moment.”

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Tribe Is A Nifty Walkie-Talkie App

Tribe Meet Tribe, a new social app for iOS and Android that is going head-to-head against Taptalk, Snapchat and countless of other social messaging apps. Tribe is an interesting take on messaging thanks to its heavy focus on video and neat design. Read More

Facebook Knocks “Six Degrees of Separation” Down a Few Notches

mikejuk writes: Six degrees of separation is the, already well established, idea that any individual is connected to any other via six network nodes. New research has discovered that the average between Facebook users is just three and a half: “We know that people are more connected today than ever before. Over the past five years, the global Facebook community has more than doubled in size. Today we’re announcing that during that same time period, the degrees of separation between a typical pair of Facebook users has continued to decrease to 3.57 degrees, down from 3.74 degrees in 2011. This is a significant reflection of how closely connected the world has become.” This may all be true and Facebook makes us better connected, but it leaves the question of the quality of the connections open. Are Facebook friends anything like real friends?

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LiveLike’s VR Spectator App Wins The 1st And Future Sports Startup Contest Home Category

LiveLike VR Sports Virtual reality, body cameras, and the Internet Of Things are poised to change the way we watch sports. Today we saw how at TechCrunch’s 1st And Future startup competition held at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. The home viewing category winner, LiveLike, lets you watch games in virtual reality from multiple angles. The contest featured twelve finalists competing in three… Read More

Twitter May Introduce An Algorithmic Timeline And People Are Losing Their Minds

twitter-down Remember Twitter? Or, at least, that would seem to be the sentiment from parts of Twitter that are now shocked that the company is considering switching to an algorithmic timeline, according to a BuzzFeed report. Everyone panic! This changes everything! Twitter will never be the same. #RIPTwitter. There’s even a top trending hashtag for it. But before jumping to any conclusions, there… Read More

LinkedIn Tumbles 27% On Earnings Guidance

linkedin chocs LinkedIn reported fourth quarter earnings after the bell Thursday. While the company beat analyst estimates on both income and revenue,  the stock quickly tumbled 27% in after-hours trading, due to a disappointing outlook and earnings guidance. The job networking site said that revenue for first quarter of 2016 is expected to be $820 million and adjusted earnings per share will be 55 cents.… Read More

Tango’s New CEO Takes Its Struggling Messaging App Back To Basics

tango-music-pix Tango’s new CEO isn’t wasting any time making changes to reverse the declining fortunes of the messaging app company. Co-founder Eric Setton, who made the jump from Tango CTO to CEO one month ago, announced this week that the company is splitting its service into two to rediscover the core chat experience that made it successful. Read More

Western Union Brings Money Transfer And Its Tricky Fees To Chat Apps

giphy Remittance has always been a shady business. Migrant workers need to send money they earn home to their families, but get hit with fine print fees so less cash comes out the other side than they might assume. Remittance companies earn extra by keeping the margin between their own made up exchange rate and the real one.
Western Union is the best known remittance company, with 500,000… Read More

Facebook Celebrates Turning 12 With “Friends Day” Videos

Facebook Friends Day Video GIF Now Facebook has its own holiday it calls “Friends Day”. On February 4th, the social network turns 12 years old. But in typical self-less Zuckerberg fashion, Mark said “rather than having this birthday that focuses on us, we should make sure that the world focuses on what’s important”. Namely, its users. So today Facebook is sending everyone a Friends Day video… Read More

Applause Connects Brands With Livestream Stars

Jon Jacques, Dan Ragan We’ve seen startups helping brands tap influencers to promote themselves on social media platforms like Vine and Instagram, so it might be time for a new influencer marketing startup, Applause, that’s focused on live video — particularly Twitter’s Periscope app. It’s certainly a platform that CEO Jon Jacques is familiar with. In addition to working for a couple… Read More