How apps like Peach go viral



Something weird happened on Jan. 8. Late in the afternoon that Friday, I pulled up Twitter to find nearly my entire feed tweeting about Peaches.

Or, at least, that’s what I initially thought. The buzz wasn’t about the summertime fruit, but rather a new app called Peach

I quickly downloaded and signed up for the app, secured @Perkins as my username and began connecting with friends, mostly in the tech industry, via the platform

The app itself offered a compelling mix of the intimacy of pre-Generation X Facebook and the shouty absurdity of Twitter. Throw in some Slack-esque command-line interactions, which Peach calls Magic Words, and you’ve got a fairly fun app. Read more…

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Peach Just Released An Official Web Version, But Is That Enough To Juice Activity?

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Is Peach already the pits?



Remember Peach?

It was the super-hot, private social-networking app that launched almost a week ago. Everyone was downloading it and filling up other social networks talking about it. I had such extreme FOMO that I used a thready GoGo Inflight Wi-Fi connection to download it to my iPhone as I flew over the Rocky Mountains. Then I was on from 33,000 feet in the air and Peaching… er… posting

It was, well, pretty OK.

Contrary to popular reports, Peach isn’t dead. The app has received regular updates; a recent one smartly moved the friend requests from the top of your post feed. Now you can instantly see what people are posting instead of all those requests. Read more…

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Here are all the cool things you can do with Peach’s ‘Magic Words’



Peach, a new social app, is a new hotness. At least for today.

Dubbed “a fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself,” the app is kind of like a cross between Twitter and Slack. After you create an account and a handle and add some friends, you view a stream of updates from the people you’re connected with. From the home screen, it looks like a slew of tweets or status updates, though tapping into a friend’s post reveals much more.

The ingenious part of the app is that it has built in “Magic Words” that let you add in fun information. Read more…

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