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A brief guide to screengrabbing etiquette



When someone sends you a ridiculous text or you see a hilarious Facebook conversation, it’s always tempting to share it with the world

However, just in case it does go viral, it’s important to protect the privacy of the people involved.

Below, we provide a brief etiquette of screengrabbing, including a peek at a free online tool that will help you blur out identifying information and images

Common sense rules

It’s not rocket science to know what you should and shouldn’t share. You know the person, or people, involved and can presumably gauge what their reaction might be if you shared something they thought was private. Read more…

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Kelly Clarkson’s Twitter listening party takes you inside her new album



LOS ANGELES — Kelly Clarkson helped fans decipher her new studio album during a Twitter listening party on Tuesday, at one point comparing one track to a David Bowie-ABBA mashup and explaining that “all hell breaks loose” on her duet with John Legend.

The original American Idol winner provided commentary about her Piece by Piece album but not about the extra songs on the deluxe version. She was exhausted from promoting the album — her seventh since 2003 — and needed to put her baby girl to bed

Everybody ready to #ListenWithKelly?!?! 8 PM ET hit play on your copy of #PieceByPiece and tweet along! – Team KC

— Kelly Clarkson (@kelly_clarkson) March 4, 2015 Read more…

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Initiate a creative collaboration for our Vine challenge



We’re thrilled to be working with Unpopular Now for this week’s Vine challenge. The theme is collaboration, and we know that creative magic happens when bright minds come together

Give traditional illustration a kick of motion, and you’ve got animation. When a song gains a visual element, there’s a music video. So much can be done when you pair up with another artist. We encourage you to reach out to someone — whether a friend or stranger — and brainstorm a clever idea for a Vine.

Sylvio Bernardi kickstarted the campaign with his ultimate collaboration video: Read more…

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BriefMe Launches Socially-Ranked News App In Latest Entrant In Front Page Revolution

8573457815_cde872eb32_o Primacy is the most important decision facing news editors on a daily basis. What stories do they want to bring attention to? Newspapers can showcase their best content by placing it on the front page, above the fold. Television news programs can place it on the chyron at the bottom of the screen, boldly demanding the attention of viewers. And websites showcase their important stories with… Read More

Six seconds of symmetry: watch these perfectly-balanced Vines



Last week, we challenged our Vine community to shoot six-second videos exploring the idea of symmetry — and the results were harmonious.

It’s easy enough to find mirrored images in architecture and nature, but as always, the Vines we saw went above and beyond to create artistic symmetry from scratch.

From psychedelic strobes to paper cutouts and paint on mirrors, these are our favorite #CreateSymmetry submissions:

1. Handmade symmetry

2. 3D printing a person

3. Stripes and a mirror

4. Faces in symmetry

5. Dimes on dimes

Read more…

6. Cars on parade

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Join us for the first-ever Vine #MashMeet at our HQ



Mashable is teaming up with creative community Unpopular Now for a Vine #MashMeet at our New York headquarters.

Two years after its launch, Vine has become one of the largest and most powerful communities of creators. Artists, comedians, animators and musicians post creative content on the daily — and we’re blown away by what we see for our weekly challenges.

In an effort to foster a community that is just as strong offline as it is in the app, we’ve planned a get-together for these creators to meet and shoot under one roof.


Read more…

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Oculus poaches key Google X executive



Oculus, the virtual reality company owned by Facebook, has a new hire: Google X’s Mary Lou Jepsen.

Jepsen, a respected computer scientist who ran the the research lab’s Display Division for three years, joins the Oculus team this month although, at this time, it’s unclear what her new role will be.

“We can confirm Mary Lou has joined the team,” an Oculus spokesman said in a statement. “We continue to seek out the best and brightest from around the world to help push VR to the next level.”

The hire is a big one for Oculus, regardless. Ranked by the Anita Borg Institute as one of the top 50 female computer scientists of all time, Jepsen remains best known as CTO of One Laptop per Child, the non-profit she cofounded with Nicholas Negroponte that developed a low-cost laptop for children in developing countries. Read more…

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Podo’s Camera Turns Any Surface Into A Photo Booth

Podo camera Since smartphones put a decent camera in nearly everyone’s pocket, it’s become the norm to take pictures with friends when going out, because you might as well capture the memory. In some settings, that might mean asking a stranger to take a photo, stretching your arm out to capture several people at once or (gasp!) using a selfie stick. If you’re at a corporate event, you… Read More

Cloze Debuts A Smart, Personal Assistant App For Managing Your Professional Relationships

iPad and iPhone Aimed at business professionals, Cloze today is rolling out a new application which promises a smarter view of your contacts, by allowing you to automatically track email messages, phone calls, meetings, notes, social updates, and more in a single application on iPhone, iPad and the web. The idea is to offer individuals whose business requires them to maintain relationships an easy way to… Read More

Wisemetrics Optimizes Facebook Ad Campaigns To Make You Pay Less

awhCbhLqRceCdjcPQUnn_IMG_0249 Meet Wisemetrics, a social media campaign optimization tool to make your posts as efficient as possible. A few weeks ago, Facebook launched the relevance score, meaning that good advertisers now pay less than others. This way, Facebook can increase the average quality of ads on its social network. Wisemetrics quickly realized that there was a big opportunity. Its new advertising… Read More