Oculus Connect 2 Will Give Developers What They Need For Consumer Rift Launch

oculus-connect-2 Oculus is hosting its second annual primary developer conference between September 23 and 25, the company announced today. The big show, called ‘Connect 2′ in keeping with the original event last September, will feature keynote presentations from Oculus execs Michael Abrash, John Carmack and Brendan Iribe, and will also provide “everything developers need to know to launch on… Read More

Samsung introduces its version of Apple’s Continuity with Flow app



Almost exactly a year after Apple first introduced its new Continuity features with iOS 8, Samsung is unveiling its own version of the features with a new app that makes it easier to switch between multiple devices.

The Korea-based smartphone manufacturer just released Flow, a new Android app that allows people with certain Samsung devices to switch between the same apps on their tablets and smartphone. The app is still in beta, but eventually Samsung says it will bring the capability to other devices like televisions and smartwatches.

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Vivint Launches A New Home Automation System Complete With A Tiny Doorbell Camera

vivint1 Home security and automation starts and ends with the front door. It needs to keep the bad guys out yet let the good guys in without hassle. Either a system gets it right or it doesn’t, and, until now, I had yet to see a system that’s truly impressive. Meet the Vivint Sky Smart Home — a home security and automation system that offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future but… Read More

Court chops $382 million off landmark Apple vs. Samsung verdict



A U.S. appeals court has reversed part of the $930 million verdict Apple won in 2012 against Samsung. The new ruling effectively means Apple will not receive some monetary damages tied to the look and presentation of Samsung devices.

The U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals reviewed the jury’s August 2012 finding, which stated Samsung had violated Apple patents or trademarks in 23 devices, including its Galaxy S II smartphones.

But on Monday, the court deviated from the jury’s finding regarding trade dress protections, a series of laws focused on protecting a product’s unique looks and packaging. Read more…

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Apple Gets Partial Win In Patent Battle With Samsung

apple-samsung-bling2 The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling that Samsung copied specific Apple design patents related to the iPhone. However, the court also threw out part of the ruling and asked a lower court to reduce the amount Samsung is to pay Apple. Read More

Samsung is releasing an Iron Man edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge



Avengers fans, assemble: Samsung is tapping its Marvel partnership to give its newest flagship an Iron Man-themed makeover.

The company will be releasing an Iron Man-themed version of its Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung confirmed Friday.

The tweet, sent during the early hours of Friday morning, revealed frustratingly little about the phone, other than it’s “coming soon,” and may only be available in certain regions

A Samsung executive previously said the Iron Man-branded phones would be red and roll out in late May or early June, according to an earlier report in the Korea Times. Read more…

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You may be able to control Samsung’s next smartwatch by rotating its bezel



The next Samsung smartwatch will reportedly be a big departure from previous designs.

According to SamMobile, Samsung’s next smartwatch, codenamed Project Orbis, will have a round display instead of a rectangular one and feature an innovative new rotating bezel that functions similarly to the Apple Watch’s digital crown.

SamMobile’s report claims the smartwatch will have a metal design and crown. The screen measures 1.18-inches with a 360 x 360 resolution — smaller than the LG G Watch R/Watch Urbane’s 1.3-inch screen and the Moto 360’s 1.56-inch screen. Read more…

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Samsung launches Artik platform to power future drones and wearables



SAN FRANCISCO — Samsung just revealed the next piece of its sweeping Internet of Things strategy: a family of processors that can power everything from servers and smartphones to drones and wearables.

Speaking at the Internet of Things World conference in San Francisco Tuesday, Samsung’s president, Young Sohn, showed off the company’s new Artik platform, three new processors backed by custom software, to help developers create new sensor-enabled devices.

Central to the Artik platform are the three processors: the ARTIK 1, ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10 modules, which are able to power a range of connected devices Read more…

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Apple Top In China As Smartphone Market Dips For First Time Since 2009

china iphone apple Analysts have warned us for some time that China’s smartphone market is shrinking, and today we have the most compelling evidence that buyer dynamics are shifting in the country. A new report from IDC claims that smartphone shipments in the last quarter decreased for the first time in nine years. Read More

Can’t wait for Oculus Rift? You can get the Samsung Gear VR right now



The consumer version of the Oculus Rift is finally coming — next year.

But if you want to experience all the wonders of a near polished virtual reality experience right now, the Samsung Gear VR is your best option.

Samsung announced on Friday its Gear VR virtual reality headset that’s compatible with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is now available for $199.99.

The Gear VR Innovator Edition for S6 works exactly the same way the version for the Galaxy Note 4 does. Pop either S6 smartphones into the headset and it’ll automatically transport you into the world of virtual reality. Read more…

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