Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to help DIY your Mother’s Day



She’s already slayed vampires. Now Sarah Michelle Gellar has her sights set on conquering Pinterest.

On Tuesday, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress joined the crafty social network, launching a variety of lifestyle and DIY boards in preparation for Mother’s Day. Crafts, snack ideas and home decor inspiration — SMG has got you covered!

“One of my favorite activities to do with my kids is crafting. But so often I think we see things, but then think we could never make them,” Gellar recently said in a statement to Mashable. “So I created this [DIY Mother’s Day Gifts] board, to guide from aspiration to actual creation. These are not only doable projects, but useful items like picture frames (and the art to put in them), wine glasses and even edible arrangements.” Read more…

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Pinterest’s Head Of Partnerships Hints At Company’s “Aggressive Roadmap” For 2015

joanne-bradford22 Pinterest’s Head of Partnerships Joanne Bradford, spoke in more detail about the social network’s recently announced plans to open up to third-party developers at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY conference this morning and how it aims to make good on its multi-billion dollar valuation through a number of product launches, enhancements, and an expansion to new markets. The company has… Read More

At Long Last, Pinterest Is Opening Up To Developers

pinterest-male-app Pinterest is finally opening the doors for developers to access its information — a little bit, at least. The company is rolling out a beta version of its development platform that will allow developers to tap into data of Pinterest users who connect their accounts to external applications. The company doesn’t plan to open the floodgates, but methodically bring in developers as part… Read More

Pinterest’s Evan Sharp: Guys are on here, too



Pinterest has gotten the same rap for years: it’s a great looking service used far more by women than men.

Evan Sharp, Pinterest’s cofounder and Chief Creative Officer, doesn’t contest the fact (nor does he say anything is particularly wrong with it), but Sharp maintains the ratio of women to men is gradually shifting.

Earlier this year, the five-year-old San Francisco startup announced that men are actually its fastest-growing user demographic, with the number of men pinning and re-pinning doubling in 2014 to an unspecified number.

Data from comScore, the web analytics firm, bears that out. From March 2014 to March 2015, Pinterest’s user base climbed 25% year-over-year to 72.8 million monthly active users. And during the same period, male users grew 2.2% to make up 21.9 million of its overall user base. That’s a small, but significant uptick. Read more…

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Dave Morin And Kevin Colleran’s Slow Ventures Raises A New $65 Million Fund

kevincollerandavemorin Slow Ventures, a fund run by early Facebook employees Dave Morin and Kevin Colleran, has raised a new $65 million fourth fund. Sam Lessin, another former Facebook employee who left in August last year, will also be joining as a partner. The fund has made investments in many of the closest-watched startups in Silicon  Valley, including Pinterest, Meerkat, Postmates, Airbnb and… Read More

10 photo collage templates to make your Pinterest posts pop



Whether you want to showcase your cats, kids, crafts or cookery, photo collages make for a fab way to spice up your Pinterest posts.

We’ve taken a look at few sites that offer fantastic free designs to inspire you.

Check out our 10 collage choices below. Have we missed a site you swear by? Then shout it out in the comments

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

Kitten image courtesy of Flickr, meliha tunckanat Read more…

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GamesGrabr Snags $665k To Level Up Its ‘Pinterest For Gamers’

gamesGRABR U.K.-based serial gaming entrepreneur Tony Pearce has pulled in another tranche of equity crowdfunding for gamesGRABR, his Pinterest style social network for gamers, bagging £450,000 in seed funding from 220 investors. Read More

How to add a Pinterest button to your iOS sharing options



If you’re one of Pinterest‘s many users, 80% of whom access the service via a mobile device, you might be interested in getting a ‘Pin it’ button onto your iOS 8 device’s built-in sharing options

It’s simple to do, but you do have to actively set it up yourself, even if you’ve already downloaded the Pinterest app

Take a look through our simple walkthrough below for a much smoother mobile Pinterest experience

Activate the Pin it button.

If you’ve downloaded the Pinterest app for iOS, you already have the tools for better mobile pinning — you just need to activate them Read more…

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Even The Rock could use some Pinterest inspiration



When you eat cod four times a day like The Rock, it’s good to know how to mix it up a little, and that’s what Pinterest was invented for.

It’s a great tool for people who eat seven meals a day to keep it fresh and stay organized. But, of course, Pinterest isn’t just for bacon donut recipes — it’s a great resource for home design ideas, fitness tips and inspiration. People pin sports cars, too

Check out The Rock’s totally real Pinterest boards and smell what he would like to be cooking once he finally gets around to it Read more…

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You win, Pinterest: 4 eyeliner fails that just can’t even



Eyeliner — how hard can it be to trace your eyes? The answer is very.

Long gone are the days of classic cat eyes, as people are getting more creative with decorating these windows to our souls

Makeup blogs, video tutorials and Pinterest pins provide inspiration for at-home makeup mavens to promote their skills — and possibly make it big, (hello Michelle Phan). Interesting makeup has even made its way onto runways, proving that something as simple as eyeliner has boundless possibilities.

Well, simple is relative.

In the above video, we tried to recreate some Pinterest-inspired eyeliner looks — and learned that it takes some serious skill and an impossibly steady hand Read more…

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