A Conversation With Michael Lopp, Pinterest’s Head Of Engineering

lopp2 About a year ago, Michael Lopp joined Pinterest as the company’s head of engineering — filling in the leadership of the engineering side next to co-founder Evan Sharp and CEO Ben Silbermann. Much of his role, since joining, has been to help teams at Pinterest, which consist of units of engineers, designers and product managers, mesh and work well together. Lopp comes from both… Read More

Pinterest hires Macintosh icon pioneer Susan Kare



Pinterest is about to get a boost with the hiring of Macintosh icon designer Susan Kare.

Kare, 61, is joining the social network as a product design lead, where she will influence the way Pinterest looks — much in the same way she helped shape the original Macintosh software experience

You’ll likely recognize many of Kare’s iconic designs. She began working for Apple as a contractor in the early 1980s; many of her designs for the Macintosh’s graphic user interface (GUI) have remained the cornerstones for decades, including the cut-and-paste, save and volume iconsHer Chicago typeface was Apple’s font of choice for the first four generations of the iPod. Read more…

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Early Apple Designer Susan Kare Joins Pinterest’s Creative Team

susan kare pinterest Susan Kare, an early Apple designer behind some of the company’s early typefaces and icons, has joined Pinterest. She’ll be part of Pinterest’s creative team as a product design lead, according to the company. Kare designed many of Apple’s famous original icons, like the Lasso and Paint Bucket, and worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT as creative director. She’s… Read More

Pinterest Is Working With A Startup Called Paradigm To Foster Diversity

8469730170_d5b8252741_k Diversity is a hot-button issue, and an issue that many tech companies can’t seem to figure out how to solve. That’s where Paradigm comes in. Paradigm works with fast-growing companies like Slack and Pinterest to help them identify where the biggest barriers to diversity are coming into play, Paradigm Founder and CEO Joelle Emerson tells me. It does this through both quantitative… Read More

Michael Lopp And The Future Of Engineering At Pinterest

michael lopp pinterest Michael Lopp’s job at Pinterest is to basically make sure he doesn’t have anything to do all day. As head of the company’s engineering efforts, Lopp, a compulsive counter who has been at Pinterest for a year and 30 days, has to ensure like the rest of the leadership that all of the teams building Pinterest are meshing and that he can effectively delegate certain tasks. Read More

It’s Time For “The Visual Internet”

shutterstock_112362494 One of the amazing accomplishments of the smartphone is how it’s inspired us to take photos and share them — tons of them, with everyone. It’s estimated we have already taken more than a trillion photos in 2015. That would be more snapshots than have been taken in all of photographic history till now. We should be proud. But it isn’t enough to take a photo. We need to… Read More

8 luxurious rooms that prove there’s truly no place like home



Aaahhh! The great indoors!

With summer upon us, many people are planning vacation getaways. But with the right design, you can transform your home into the ultimate, luxury relaxation spot.

To help with home inspiration, designer Tyler Wisler recently brought his expertise to Mashable on Pinterest by sharing some of his favorite interiors

Featuring modern designs with playful twists, these luxurious rooms prove that there’s truly no place like home.

Be sure to check out more incredible interior designs on our “There’s No Place Like Home” board.
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Polyvore and IFTTT are first to use Pinterest Developers Platform



Pinterest announced in May that it would let third-party developers tap into its data to create new apps and integrations. Now two months later, we finally know who the first two developers are: Internet-automation site IFTTT and fashion-discovery site Polyvore.

Think of IFTTT — short for “If This Then That” — as a simple way to create notifications and triggers that optimize our everyday activities. The service is available on web, and enables a slew of different scenarios, called “recipes,” like getting texts when the shipping status of your Amazon service changes or back up paintings of Kim Kardashian to your SkyDrive. (Yep, seriously.) Read more…

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Pinterest Rolls Out Its First Development Platform Integrations

pinterest-male-app Pinterest’s first partners for its developer platform, which began opening up in May this year, are starting to roll out — with Polyvore and If This Then That (IFTTT) being among the first. Pinterest plans to slowly open up its developer platform, requiring developers for the time being to sign up for access and then adding the partners they want to work with to what is essentially… Read More

12 modern kitchen designs that’ll ignite your love of cooking



Your kitchen is a lot more than just the place where you cook.

“The kitchen is the heart of the home,” advises interior designer Tyler Wisler. “Make it into something you love, and forget trends.”

Wisler, whose work has been showcased on HGTV’s Design Star and NBC’s George To The Rescue frequently mixes classic and contemporary influences to create fun and unique homes.

Last week, Wisler brought his expertise to Mashable on Pinterest, sharing his favorite interior designs, which included many, many beautiful, modern kitchens.

From gold and shiny to sleek and minimalist, these designs are the perfect source of inspiration for your next kitchen upgrade. Read more…

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