Pinterest Starts Rolling Out Buyable Pins On Android Phones

The Pinterest Shop Pinterest is starting to roll out Buyable Pins on Android phones today, the company said. Buyable Pins let some retailers who are partners with Pinterest and retailers use Shopify and Demandware. The company unveiled Buyable Pins earlier in June earlier this year, with the iPhone getting access to them later that month. The tool lets retailers add a buy button to pins that let users… Read More

Nasdaq Acquires SecondMarket to Help Startups Sell Shares

nasdaq Nasdaq has agreed to buy SecondMarket Solutions to combine forces with the Nasdaq Private Market. The group will facilitate the exchange of shares for private companies including DocuSign, Pinterest, Shazam and Tango. Bill Siegel, present CEO of SecondMarket, will lead the expanded Nasdaq Private Market business, which will be headquartered in both San Francisco and New York. The businesses… Read More

16 pumpkin fails that will make you feel better about your carving skills



Carving a pumpkin a is a great way to jumpstart Halloween.

However, expectations for your pumpkin carvings don’t always align with reality, and you may find yourself with something that looks more like a hollow piece of fruit illuminated by a tea candle than a skillfully crafted and original jack-o’-lantern.

Hopefully your pumpkin skills are better than these ambitious souls’.

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Leaked Pinterest Documents Show Revenue, Growth Forecasts

Pinterest Dollar TechCrunch has obtained documents that show Pinterest has been forecasting $169 million in revenue this year and $2.8 billion in annual revenue by 2018. Pinterest was also expecting to grow its monthly active users to 151 million by the end of 2015 and 329 million by 2018. Andreessen Horowitz used this information to solicit limited partners to invest in its special investment fund for… Read More

Pinterest Will Automatically Add Venue Information, Like Phone Numbers, To Place Pins

Pinterest_PlacePins Pinterest is adding new features to its Place Pins that not only make it easier for people to plan trips, but may also open new revenue streams for the company. In a blog post today, Pinterest said that location information—including a map preview, address, phone number, and opening hours—will be automatically added to every Place Pin. This means that “pinners” can call… Read More

Pinterest updates its place pins to help you map out your wanderlust



Pinterest is shaking up the idea of plotting out your dream destinations on a map.

The visual bookmarking tool is launching several updates to place pins on Tuesday, a feature first introduced in 2013 that lets you mark the location of a pinned place on the board’s map

The update expands the details associated with each pin — previously just address and phone number. Now, you can get directions to your place pin through Google Maps and Apple Maps, view the location’s hours of operation and read top reviews from others who have visited. You can also see nearby places to visit and other pins saved by people who have the same sense of wanderlust Read more…

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Pinterest Engineer Launches /dev/color To Support Communities of Black Engineers

Makinde Adeagbo, founder of /dev/color Credit: /dev/color Black students are earning four percent of computer science Bachelor degrees but make up less than two percent of the tech industry, according to the Computer Research Association and company reports. Makinde Adeagbo, an engineer at Pinterest, has founded a non-profit organization, /dev/color, in order to provide Black engineers with the connections and skills to start their careers and stay… Read More

Pinterest Expands Buyable Pins To More E-commerce Platforms, Reaching Thousands Of Merchants

pinterest-buyit Pinterest announced this morning it’s expanding the reach of its “Buyable Pins” – meaning those pins that allow you to make purchases directly on Pinterest – to several more e-commerce platforms, including Bigcommerce, Magento, and IBM Commerce. The company previously supported¬†Buyable Pins with Shopify and Demandware, when the feature first launched earlier… Read More

Beyond Tech IPOs

ticker Technology darlings like Uber, Pinterest and Airbnb may be taking their time on the way to exit, but that doesn’t mean IPOs aren’t happening. They’re alive and well in the consumer space — from food brands to premium pet food and retail establishments. So why are these companies pursuing IPOs — and finding success in the markets — while tech companies are… Read More

Pinterest hits 100 million users, proving the addiction is real



Pinterest addicts, you’re not alone.

Pinterest reached 100 million monthly users, the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday, a big milestone for the visual bookmarking treasure chest. In March, the company was valued at $11 billion, which put it right behind Snapchat — but ahead of Dropbox and Airbnb — at the time

Additionally, 70% of those 100 million monthly users aren’t just on Pinterest for the pins; they’re saving links or clicking through to learn more. The number of Pinterest searches also grown 81% in the last year, according to the company Read more…

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