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What’s this Safari favicon fix about?



In the recent slew of updates brought by OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, which included a new Photos app and more than 300 new emoji, one tiny but very important fix is easily overlooked: Safari no longer saves website favicon URLs while in Private Browsing mode

Until now, even if you were browsing privately in Safari — which should leave absolutely no traces of your browsing history — Safari kept records of all the favicons from the sites you visited

The favicon is the tiny icon that sometimes appears in front of an URL field in your web browser, and it’s mostly a cosmetic feature. However, knowing which site it came from is very often the same as knowing which sites you were browsing, rendering the entire private browsing session very vulnerable to someone who knows where to look Read more…

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The latest Mac mini is low-priced, but doesn’t skimp on power



Desktop computers aren’t dead. Plenty of people use those anchored computers day in and day out, and for good reason: They’re more powerful and less expensive than their mobile counterparts.  

The Mac mini has been Apple’s on-again off-again de facto low-budget desktop, but recently it hasn’t received the love many have hoped for. Then for the holiday season Apple upgraded the processor, chipset, hard drive, and everything else. That includes the price. The Mac mini now starts at $499. Full stop.

There are only a handful of very low-end PCs less expensive than the Mac mini with current components. It’s $400 less than the newest MacBook Air. If you’re a school looking to buy new computers, a parent interested in growing an already existing Mac family, or just interested in starting up iOS/OS X development, there is nothing lighter on your wallet. Read more…

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Hands on with Apple’s new Photos app for OS X Yosemite



Apple released a developer preview of its new Photos app for OS X Yosemite on Thursday. The app is part of the new OS X 10.10.3 beta now available to members of Apple’s Developer Program.

First previewed at WWDC 2014, Photos is a replacement for both iPhoto and Aperture.

Photos works in conjunction with iCloud Photo Library to help keep all your photos on all of your Apple devices accessible, manageable and in-sync.

We’ve had a day or so to play with Photos, and although it is definitely still in beta, the app has been promising so far Read more…

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This Mac app makes saving space on your iOS device a snap



What can we say, 16GB of storage just isn’t enough. When Apple released iOS 8 last fall, plenty of iOS owners got to experience that first hand.

When iOS 8 was released, scores of users were told they didn’t have enough free space on their devices to upgrade without deleting files first or resorting to using iTunes.

And because this is America, there’s even a class action lawsuit being filed against Apple by users who claim being forced to use iTunes for an OS upgrade is just too much.

But even if you aren’t running out of space to do iOS 8 upgrades, it’s easy to find yourself running out of space on an iOS device. That’s where a new Mac app, currently in beta, called Phone Expander, comes into play Read more…

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Apple updates iTunes with OS X Notification Center widget



Apple updated iTunes to version 12.1 Thursday, giving it a handy widget in the Notification Center

The widget lets you see what’s currently playing, pause or skip to the next track and, if you’re listening to iTunes radio, buy the track with a click. To install the new widget, click on the Notification Center icon (top right corner of the screen in OS X) and click Edit at the bottom

itunes widget

The new version also brings improved performance during syncing with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

To get the 212MB-heavy iTunes update, check the Updates tab in your Mac App Store

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Apple’s Photos for OS X is delayed



The desktop version of Apple’s new Photos app has apparently hit a roadblock

The desktop app, originally slated to roll out around the beginning of 2015, is set to replace iPhoto and Aperture as the new photo management software for Mac users. But Apple has mysteriously removed references to it from its website.

The updated iOS version of the app rolled out with iOS 8 last year, but the promised Mac counterpart has yet to make an appearance

Previously, Apple’s website had preview pages for the software, which said the Photos app would be coming to OS X in early 2015. Those pages have since been removed from Apple’s website. Meanwhile, 9to5Mac reports the app is still “on track” to be released by the end of April — the same month in which the company is set to release the Apple Watch Read more…

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Apple’s First Automatic Security Update Protects Your Mac In the Background

apple-security Apple has pushed its first ever automatic security fix for OS X, with a new update signed to thwart a vulnerability associated with the use of the network time protocol that allows your Mac to automatically sync its clocks. The update had already installed for me when I woke up this morning, with a notification letting me know what was up, but required no intervention on my part and also… Read More

Mac Achieves Highest U.S. PC Market Share Ever In Q3 2014 According To IDC

os-x-yosemite-macs Apple’s Mac marketshare hit record highs during the third calendar quarter of 2014, according to research firm IDC. Official numbers from the firm’s quarterly PC tracker show that Apple’s Q3 shipments topped 2.34 million Macs moved during the quarter in the U.S., giving it 13.4 percent market share and putting it in third place behind HP and Dell. That’s the best… Read More

OS X Yosemite Is Now Available To Download

os-x-yosemite-macs Apple’s new OS X Yosemite operating system is now available, as a free download from the Mac App Store, and you can grab it right here. The new version of OS X should work on any Mac that was running OS X Mavericks, and provides a host of new features, like Continuity, which lets you start activities on your iOS 8 devices and pick them up on your Mac, or vice versa.
The new update was… Read More

OS X Yosemite Review: Apple’s Mac OS Gets A New Look And Killer Mobile Crossover Features

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.35.52 PM Apple’s new desktop operating system is out today, and the final version of the major software update includes lots of changes for your Mac. It’s still OS X, though – Yosemite hasn’t gone so far afield that people used to Mavericks or Mountain Lion will feel adrift, but it comes with some impressive new additions and feature tweaks that make the overall experience of… Read More