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<em>A Beautiful Mind</em> Mathematician John F. Nash Jr. Dies

Rick Zeman writes: John F. Nash Jr. revolutionized the mathematical field of game theory and was given a mind that was unique and deeply troubled. He became known to most people by the movie about his life, A Beautiful Mind. Dr. Nash died, along with his wife, May 24 in a two-car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike. The Washington Post reports: “In 1994, when Dr. Nash received the Nobel Prize in economics, the award marked not only an intellectual triumph but also a personal one. More than four decades earlier, as a Princeton University graduate student, he had produced a 27-page thesis on game theory — in essence, the applied mathematical study of decision-making in situations of conflict — that would become one of the most celebrated works in the field. Before the academic world could fully recognize his achievement, Dr. Nash descended into a condition eventually diagnosed as schizophrenia. For the better part of 20 years, his once supremely rational mind was beset by delusions and hallucinations. By the time Dr. Nash emerged from his disturbed state, his ideas had influenced economics, foreign affairs, politics, biology — virtually every sphere of life fueled by competition. But he been absent from professional life for so long that some scholars assumed he was dead.”

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What to do if you think your car qualifies for the massive air bag recall

Good news and bad news time: I’m average. The average age of a vehicle on the road in the U.S. is 11.4 years, so my 2004 Ford Taurus station wagon is right on the median (or is that mean? I never got those two straight). That’s not good news in …

If cavemen ate Oreos: How to Paleo your favorite junk food



You don’t have to open bag or pop a box of processed snacks to satisfy your midnight cravings

Even the Paleo diet, which nixes any food unavailable to our Paleolithic era ancestors (gluten, grains, dairy, etc.), can satisfy your savory or sweet tooth. Although the main components of the Paleo diet are meats, eggs, seafood and most produce, a few creative minds out there have devised ways to recreate your favorite processed junk foods.

So next time the munchie monster makes an appearance, offer him one of these Paleo snacks: Read more…

1Paleo Raspberry Pop Tarts

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Knights of the road headed for Bangor each spring

Sorting out the deserving from the undeserving poor was a major pastime a century ago, especially when it came to the penniless men who drifted into Bangor and many other cities claiming to be looking for work. In a city flush with money and jobs, which category you fit into …

17 majestic mountains that will have you packing your bags



As the refrain goes, there are two types of people in the world: those who like mountains and those who prefer beaches.

Beach people are extroverts, while mountain people tend to be introverts, one study found. But whichever you are, there’s no denying the beauty of these amazing mountains, as photographed by travelers.

For its April photography contest, Intrepid Travel asked travelers to submit photos of the wilderness, including national parks, jungles and mountains. The mountain shots they received, in particular, look amazing (check them out, below). Read more…

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Who Will Be Hurt Most When The Tech Bubble Burst? Not VCs

bubblepop Do we have a ticking time bomb on hand? The debate over whether Silicon Valley is sitting on another tech bubble rages on. It is being fueled by many celebrated “unicorns” that have attracted billions of investor dollars at sky-high valuations without demonstrating the returns. Read More

State forces Easton to conduct first revaluation since 1992

EASTON, Maine — A revaluation project mandated by the state is under way in Easton, involving all residential and commercial properties, with the exception of McCain Foods and Huber, which are already valued at 100 percent. “Easton’s last revaluation occurred in 1992. State officials came last year and told us …

Gateway Bridge repairs planned in Houlton

HOULTON, Maine — Repairs to the town’s Gateway Crossing Bridge will now happen without impacting local taxpayer dollars. The Houlton Town Council voted May 11 to expand its downtown Tax Increment Finance district to include the Gateway Crossing Bridge so funds from that district could be used to pay for …

Monday, May 25, 2015: Ban backpacks, cellphone cancer dangers, doing the wave

Israel’s dishonest campaign There is growing evidence Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has overplayed Iran’s nuclear capacity and ability to develop nuclear weapons. Still, the Israeli leader addressed the United Nations Security Council famously using an hourglass with a red line to illustrate how little time remained before Iran had …

Hillary Clinton’s strategy so far: controlled events, little interaction

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — Here’s how Hillary Clinton campaigned for president this week: She took a private 15-minute tour of a bike shop that had closed for her visit. She spoke to four small-business owners chosen by her staff in front of an audience of 20, also chosen by her …