A much-needed Chrome update will save more battery and memory



The Google Chrome browser has received a lot of flak for its sluggish, battery-draining performance, but it seems like Google may have a remedy.

Google announced Chrome 45, an update designed increase speed and save battery life, on Friday in a blog post. This is the latest in a series of improvements designed to make Chrome run more smoothly, especially on laptops

In May, an extension called The Great Suspender, which automatically suspends unused (and memory-hogging) tabs in Chrome, found a place in our browsers — and our hearts. After a certain user-specified time, unused tabs would get suspended until clicked on again, a huge improvement to Chrome. Read more…

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You need to check out Japan’s Street View for cats right meow



If you’re a human and you’re plotting out a Sunday stroll, Google Street View is usually just a few clicks away. But what if you’re a cat?

Hiroshima, Japan’s tourism board has created a web app that let’s you peer through the eyes of our feline friends as they navigate the world. It’s essentially the same as Google Street View, but at cat-eye level

The web app lets you explore Hiroshima’s shopping districts and find different stores and other cat friends

It’s really an ad to convince you to go whisk yourself away to Hiroshima, and it might be the purr-fect way to do so. If you click on other cats along the route, the site pulls up little bios for each feline. This isn’t the only weird thing to come out of Japan recently. Remember the alpaca wedding accessory? Read more…

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Google’s Latest Chrome Update Emphasizes Speed And Lower Memory Usage

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.21.32 AM Chrome started out as one of the least memory hungry browsers on the market, but over time, it developed a bit more of an appetite for RAM. Now, however, Google is starting to get back to basics and the latest Chrome release (version 45) focuses on making the browser faster and more efficient. As the company announced in a blog post today, Chrome 45 includes a number of updates that focus… Read More

New Google Street View app lets you add your own 360-degree photos



Street View just got a lot more interactive.

Google unveiled a new Street View app Thursday that adds user generated spherical photos to places in Google Maps.

The new iOS and Android, which replaces Google’s previous Photo Sphere Camera app, allows you to browse 360-degree photos of places in Google Maps or shoot and share your own

The in-app camera is a lot like the spherical camera that is part of the stock Android camera: line up the camera with a central point of the frame and the app guides you as you shoot photos of the space around you. Street View is also compatible with 360-degree cameras, including NCTech’s Iris360 and the new Ricoh Theta S, which also debuted Thursday Read more…

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Google Search Will Now Surface Info On More Health Conditions

health_conditions_update Google says one in 20 searches on Google Search are for health-related information and since February of this year, it’s been using its Knowledge Graph to quickly bring up medical facts when it spots a query about common health conditions. At the time, it was showing these improved results for about 400 conditions, but starting today, it’s rolling out an update that will bring… Read More

Apple, Google, Other Silicon Valley Tech Giants Ordered To Pay $415M In No-Poaching Suit

screen-shot-2014-04-28-at-12-53-25-pm United States District Judge Lucy Koh today approved a $415 million settlement in the Silicon Valley no-poaching case. The dollar figure comes after a previous $324 million settlement was rejected as being too low. More than 64,000 workers are part of the case. The suit stems from a secret agreement among large tech firms like Google, Apple and Intel to not poach employees from one another.… Read More

Technology And Data Are Spurring A Clash Of Travel Titans

globe with arrows There’s no way to put this gently, so here it goes: The rapid advancement in digital technology is transforming the cozy world of travel retail into an all-out war for customers. And that’s a good thing for you and me as travelers, because it will ultimately mean more selection, better customization and, potentially, lower prices. Read More

Google’s New Street View App Lets You Browse 360-Degree Imagery, Share Your Own Panoramic Photos

SVapp (1) It’s no “street view for cats,” but Google’s newly launched Street View mobile app does promise to make it easier to explore Google Map’s immersive, 360-degree imagery as well as contribute your own photos to improve the overall Google Maps experience. The app, which is actually an update and rebrand of Google’s older “Photo Sphere Camera”… Read More

Google’s new logo is friendly, not evil



Google just had its biggest makeover in a decade and a half, trading its iconic rainbow letters for a blockier, serif-free update.

The change threw website visitors a curveball on Tuesday when a small animated arm rose from from the search bar to wipe away the old logo and chalk in a new one. And as the most visited site on Earth, the brand transformation immediately caused a stir.

Overall, the reception has been much more positive than many other high-profile logo changes. A Mashable poll found that 52% of nearly 3,000 respondents agreed that the reinvention was a “much-needed, cleaner change,” while 24% missed the serifs. Read more…

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