What that scary new red Gmail unlocked symbol means



In recent days, some Gmail users have been wondering and worrying about new emails popping up in their inboxes with a new unlocked icon

Have no fear. As we mentioned on Tuesday, this is just Google’s way of telling you that an email you’ve received isn’t as secure as it should be

Emails that have not been authenticated by TLS encryption (transport layer security) will show this red unlocked icon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the sender is an evil spammer sneaking into your inbox

The red unlocked icon on an email message from Fiverr.

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Google Is Shutting Down Picasa In Favor of Photos

Google has been steadily migrating its resources towards the Photos ecosystem since the company first announced it at last years I/O developers conference. Today, Google announced that it will shut down Picasa. Starting May 1st, Google will start phasing out Picasa from its product lineup, moving over to Google Photos.

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Google Is Finally Killing Picasa

picasa-google-photos It hasn’t made sense for Google to continue to invest in two separate photo storage and sharing applications, as it has been doing with the newer Google Photos and the dated software Picasa. And now the company is finally going to do something about that: Google announced this morning that it will no longer support the Picasa desktop application as of March 16, 2016. In addition, it… Read More

Want to help manufacture self-driving cars? Google is hiring.



How long are we going to believe Google when it says it doesn’t want to be a car manufacturer?

The tech giant has posted dozens of jobs for its self-driving Google X car project with an emphasis in manufacturing, Reuters reports.

For a company that insists it won’t build its own car, the job listings are very manufacturing specific. For example, the process engineer position duties include “designing factory assembly stations, optimizing production floor layout, automating critical manufacturing processes and approving fixture designs used in the assembly of electronic modules for the self-driving car.” Read more…

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Report: Google’s VR headset won’t need a phone, PC or game console



The current state of virtual reality isn’t elegant. There are headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard that require a smartphone. Then there are the beefier VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which connect to an expensive PC, and the PlayStation VR, which connects to a PlayStation 4.

A new report from the Wall Street Journal says Google is developing a VR headset that is entirely self-contained and doesn’t need a smartphone, computer or a game console to work — it’s reportedly a true all-in-one device that would simplify the VR experience.

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UK High Court Rules In Google’s Favor In Anticompetitive Maps Case

Google Maps While Google continues facing multiple antitrust probes at the European level, the company will be cheered today by a U.K. High Court decision that has ruled in its favor on a specific anticompetitive complaint. Read More

Pandora is reportedly looking for a buyer, and its stock goes wild



Music streaming service Pandora had a bizarre day Thursday just before announcing its latest earnings report. 

Its stock moved up and down so wildly — suddenly jumping from $8.35 a share to $11.20 a share  —  that the New York Stock Exchange forced trading in Pandora stock to come to a sudden halt. 

Image: Google finance

The sudden jump in Pandora shares just after 2 pm appears related to the publication of story from The New York Times, based on anonymous sources, that the company hired investment bank Morgan Stanley to explore a sale

The NYSE eventually allowed trading in Pandora shares to resume, and they stayed pretty high, in the range of $9.  Read more…

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Chrome Will Drop SPDY Support On May 15

home_3 With SPDY, Google laid much of the groundwork for what later become HTTP/2, the next-gen version of the HTTP protocol that is responsible for sending websites to your browser. Now that HTTP/2 is an official standard, Google is getting ready to deprecate support for SPDY in its Chrome browser and as the company today announced, starting May 15, Chrome will no longer support SPDY. That… Read More

Google Partners With National Park Service To Bring Imagery From 40 Parks To Street View

2016-02-11_0849 The National Park Service is celebrating its one-hundredth birthday later this year and as a part of its celebration, the agency has teamed up with Google to bring more of its parks into Google Street View and digitize many of the artifacts in its vast collections. Google is launching Street View imagery for 40 national parks today, including Alcatraz, Santa Cruz Channel Island… Read More

Google Finally Expands Europe’s Search Delisting To Google.com Domain

Google right to be forgotten It’s taken well over a year for Google to shift its position but the search giant is finally buckling to European data protection regulators’ demands to apply granted search delisting requests on the Google.com domain, as well as European subdomains as it currently does. Read More