Hands on with the Surface Book, Microsoft’s ‘ultimate laptop’



Steve Jobs used to talk about the “post-PC world” a lot, but if Microsoft has anything to say about it, we’re now in the post-post-PC world, exemplified by the Surface Book.

The Surface Book is meant to show just how much we still need laptops in this era of handhelds and touchscreens, as well as what they can deliver. At least, that is, when they’re given enough design and performance chops.

The Surface Book has that in spades

I got a chance to use what Microsoft calls “the ultimate laptop” just after its huge devices event here in New York City. At a distance, it doesn’t look like anything more than any sleek laptop made by the likes of HP, Dell or others. Read more…

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Makerarm Is An All-In-One Robotic Laser Cutter, 3D Printer, Painter, Fabricator And Assembler

Makerarm Makerarm is a robotic 3D printer, laser cutter, drawing and ink printer, fabricator and assembly machine all rolled into one that fits on a desktop and promises to make pretty much anything – including an entire laptop (It milled us the TechCrunch logo into a block of wood instead). Glowforge, a 3D laser cutter comes close but only offers laser cutting. Makerbot brings quality 3D printing… Read More

Microsoft HoloLens is amazing tech, but gaming demos are misleading



Aliens bursting through walls. Minecraft on your table. HoloLens gaming seems really magical, right?

Well, it is, and it isn’t

Microsoft showed off the HoloLens (and announced its augmented reality headset’s price for developers) at its New York City event on Tuesday. A demonstrator onstage played a demo called “X-Ray,” where aliens burst through walls of the room to attack him. To fend them off, he used a weapon on his hand so he could short circuit these robots

I played a version of “X-Ray” at E3 in June. Robots do burst through every wall of a blank room, and it was exhilarating to dodge and fight them off using my head movement to shoot back. But it doesn’t look nearly as immersive as it did in the above stage demo Read more…

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Voodoo Manufacturing Taps The Power Of 3D Printing To Make Things On Demand

3dp_voodoo_printers-e1444123547683 Four ex-Makerbot employees, Max Freifeld, Oliver Ortlieb, Patrick Deem, and Jonathan Schwartz, have come together to create a Brooklyn-based rapid manufacturing system using – what else? – Makerbots. The group, called Voodoo Manufacturing raised $300,000 to build their 3D printing shop and are currently profitable, a testament to the power of making things quickly. The company has… Read More

The Microsoft Display Dock lets you use your Windows 10 phone as a PC



At Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 event Tuesday, the company announced a new gadget alongside the Lumia 950: the Microsoft Display Dock.

With this device, you can use your Windows 10 phone as a PC. It has an HDMI and DisplayPort, as well as three USB ports for accessories.

Plug your phone into your desktop, and use the keyboard and mouse to control your Windows 10 universal apps on the computer screen. There’s a task bar and task switcher so you can easily switch apps. Access your mail or even edit a PowerPoint on your computer screen like you would on a PC, all while your phone is driving the whole operation. Keyboard shortcuts still work on the PC, too. You can copy and paste like you normally would, and you’ll see the results on your phone. Read more…

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Microsoft Announces The Surface Pro 4

6F9A9966 Today at an event in New York City, Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 4, a widely-expected device that follows the unsurprisingly named Surface Pro 3. Microsoft noted that its Surface business is now at a $3.5 billion annual run rate. The device is the thinnest Surface yet, according to Microsoft. The company expanded the Surface Pro’s screen to 12.3 inches, from 12 inches. The device… Read More

Surface Team Used Surface To Build Next Surface

6F9A9962 Today during Microsoft’s Windows 10 hardware briefing, the next Surface was shown off. I mean, there’s a lot of things here to dissect, so read up on all of the details here. The most interesting bit of information that perked my ears up is that the Surface was used during the building of this new Surface Pro 4. Talk about ultimate dawgfooding. Yo dawg… There is quite a bit… Read More

Microsoft reveals its first laptop ever, the Surface Book



Microsoft added a surprise to the end of its big event in New York City on Tuesday with a new device: a 13″ Surface Book

“We made the ultimate laptop. We made the Surface Book.” Read more…

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Microsoft Throws Shade On The Apple Pencil

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.20.11 AM “It’s kind of funny, there’s a Pencil out there without an eraser,” said Microsoft’s Panos Panay moments ago when announcing the upgraded Surface Pro 4 stylus. Because, you know, the Apple Pencil doesn’t have an eraser and the Surface Pen does and Microsoft had to take the opportunity to make a joke. Read More

Microsoft’s sleek new Surface Pro 4 is 50% lighter than the last one



Microsoft unveiled the follow-up to its hybrid tablet/ultrabook on Tuesday: the Surface Pro 4, a lightweight alternative to a traditional laptop.

The company showed off the Surface Pro 4 at a press event held in New York City, a device that is 50% lighter and 30% faster than the previous model. Not surprisingly, Microsoft compared its new device to the MacBook Air, claiming it runs 50% faster than the competing product

The device, which is priced at $899, will be available for pre-orders starting Oct. 7 and hit stores on Oct. 26.

In a surprise move, the company also introduced the Surface Book laptop. It also announced two Lumia 950 smartphones — one with a 5.2-inch display (the Lumia 950) and a larger one at 5.7 inches (the Lumia 950 XL) — and announced more details related to its augmented reality HoloLens device. The HoloLens for developers starts shipping in the first quarter of 2016 and will be available for $3,000. Read more…

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