Your social media cheat sheet for perfectly sized images



Images are a vital element of social media. Set a photo with screwy dimensions as your profile pic or cover photo, and you’ve immediately set the tone all wrong

But don’t worry — we took a look at the optimum image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, so you can make sure your profiles and content look as good as they possibly can

Bookmark our convenient graphics now, and you’ll have the sizes handy next time you want to redesign your profile

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Inside an underground Colorado cannabis club



DENVER — Marijuana may be legal in the state of Colorado; however, plumes of smoke aren’t exactly clouding the streets. That’s because smoking or ingesting any form of cannabis in a public place is illegal in the state.

You can’t vape in the park; you can’t smoke a joint outside of a bar where patrons are smoking cigarettes; you can’t eat a pot cookie while walking down the street

It’s no wonder people are coming up with creative solutions just outside the immediate eye of the law.

“Tourists are coming, spending their money, spending tax dollars and there’s nowhere for them to smoke,” Damian Riniker, manager of Grassroots Break Room, a private cannabis club in Denver, told Mashable. Read more…

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The cookstove that could save 4 million lives per year



Growing up, Phil Ferranto never thought about how people cooked around the world. He took it for granted, like many of us do, thinking most people had access to some type of stove to feed their families.

“I was really ignorant to the fact that billions of people around the world were cooking on an open fire,” Ferranto says, adding how dangerous and inefficient such a setup can be.

But in April 2011, he cofounded EcoZoom, a social enterprise dedicated to bringing sustainable products into homes in developing countries. Its flagship products are clean cookstoves, which burn fuel more efficiently, saving users money on energy costs. Even more importantly, they reduce the unsafe amounts of smoke that open fires drive into people’s homes, and make them less vulnerable to burns. Read more…

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13 beautiful pieces of weed paraphernalia you won’t want to hide



Not only do modern bongs get the job done, but some of them also make great centerpieces

From handheld pipes to water pipes, people are getting increasingly creative in the industry of glassmaking for weed — we’re talking designs featuring animals, plants and straight-up trippy colors. In fact, there’s a major exhibition in Denver, Colorado, called the BIG Galleria Glass Art Exhibition — the sole purpose of which is for artists to converge and showcase their work.

Check out some beautiful glass pieces below that would be a real shame to hide.

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10 chic fanny packs because that’s a thing that exists



What’s the biggest style trend for any music festival other than male cleavage, ethnic misappropriation and really stupid tees? Fanny packs, a.k.a. “belt bags.” (The latter is a chicer term coined by fashion folks.)

No longer for the dad set, these ’90s throwbacks are highly functional staples, used to store small items when hands are busy doing the nae nae. I mean, who has room to dance with a backpack or a crossbody bag over their shoulders?

Good thing these fanny packs translate far beyond the deserts of Indio, California, having been worn by street style stars and recreated by luxury brands. It’s a prime example of how fashion from Coachella can have a real impact on the masses, and proves that haute hippie isn’t only for music festivals Read more…

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7 ways ‘Mad Men’ obsessed over historic details



Mad Men will soon be a thing of the past

The deliciously retro drama series on AMC is in its seventh and final season. Soon, the onscreen antics of Don Draper and company will all be over, as fans stand by for the ultimate episode.

The show about ad men and women in the 1960s is revered for its taut drama, a slow-burning meditation on life in a bygone era. One of the reasons it’s so lauded is because creator Matthew Weiner pays a huge amount of attention to every little onscreen detail. Seriously — an insane amount of detail

Every inch of the series replicates the ’60s as much as humanly possible. That means Weiner’s team analyzes every little thing onscreen, from the types of outfits worn to the dialogue to the size of fruit the characters eat Read more…

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7 weedless ways to celebrate 4/20



This headline might seem like an oxymoron, but hear us out.

April 20 is the stoner holiday, designated as the perfect date to spark up and smoke marijuana. But hey, maybe you just aren’t feeling it this year. Maybe you have a drug test coming up. Maybe your parents don’t approve. Maybe you just want to enjoy stoner culture without actually smoking

This is a no-judgment zone. For those of you who want to celebrate the day but can’t grab a joint, here are seven easy ways to get in the stoner spirit


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1940s nightclub served a side of horror with its martinis



A lady standing above an underground skeleton.

Image: Ralph Morse/Pix Inc./The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

America’s Most Unique Night Club.

Thrills and Spills for Jacks and Jills
Be Insulted and Like It.

A view showing the brightly light exterior of the Catacombs nightclub

Image: Ralph Morse/Pix Inc./The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Catacombs nightclub was a delightful pocket of horrors. Opened in August 1940 by hotelier Albert Pick, the venue was presented as 300 feet underground. Guests entered by an “elevator” which, while not moving at all, was shaken about so as to appear to descend that distance.  Read more…

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6 types of glasses that do more than correct your blurry vision



The days of being called “four-eyes” are long gone. There are some new cool kids on the glasses scene

Eyeglasses are an old invention — we can trace the simple but vital accessory back as early as the 13th century in Italy, according to the Museum of Vision. The true inventor of glasses is unknown, and early models were held by hand or balanced on noses by monks and scholars

But we’ve come a long way in terms of eyewear technology (cough, Google Glass). Eyeglasses have evolved from their original function into totally new and innovative ones, and we don’t mean high-tech virtual reality glasses. Read more…

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12 gorgeous record stores worth raiding on Record Store Day



It’s Record Store Day, which means you have an excuse to obsess over beautiful record stores

Since 2007, Record Store Day has been a widely celebrated event for lovers of vinyl. Shops all around the world participate, while hundreds of musicians release limited-edition vinyl for the occasion. Some of the most coveted highlights include releases from MC Lyte, The Doors, Bob Dylan and Chet Atkins, Record Store Day founder Chris Brown tells Mashable. Quirkier releases include drops from the Residents, A-Ha and GWAR.

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