Mode Media Combines Its Websites Under A New Social News App

Mode The digital media company formerly known as Glam is launching a new product today for finding curated stories in topics like entertainment, food and fashion. The website (namely, and the mobile app (called Mode Stories) will allow users to follow more than 10,000 “editors, critics journalists, video producers and experts” — based on the topics and users you follow,… Read More

SoundCloud Opens Its Podcasting Features To Everyone

Screen Recording 2015-04-01 at 10.18 AM SoundCloud has been beta testing its podcasting features with a private group since 2011, but today it’s finally letting everyone in. The SoundCloud podcasting features come in multiple tiers, including one free and two paid options, and challenge existing industry leaders including Libsyn, as well as providing the RSS hooks necessary to also publish to iTunes, and get picked up by… Read More

Apple Patents Using iPhones And iPads As Input Devices For Creative Desktop Apps

ipad-air-2-11 Apple has a new patent, granted today by the USPTO, that details how wireless devices like iPhones and iPads might become context-specific remote input gadgets for use with creative desktop apps like Final Cut Pro, Logic, or even Photoshop. Using the tech described, your iPhone 6 Plus could become a touch-screen video scrubber for editing movies, for example, and then easily switch to a… Read More

Maple Launches In NYC With A Fresh Approach To Food Delivery

maple I’ve got a pretty bad addiction to restaurant delivery service Seamless, but even I’ll admit that it’s not perfect — sometimes there’s a long wait for food that shows up cold, and sometimes I get stuck in a rut, wanting to try something different but unwilling to gamble on a new restaurant or weird-sounding dish. And yes, when I indulge that addiction often… Read More

Apple Boasts Over 3,500 Apple Watch Apps Already Available

apple-watch-apps Apple CEO Tim Cook said on today’s company earnings call that there are over 3,500 apps available at launch for the Apple Watch, which is better than the 1,000 total that were ready for iPad when that device launched in April of 2010, and 7 times the 500 apps available when the iPhone’s App Store first debuted in July of 2008. The Apple Watch launched on Friday, and developers… Read More

SwiftKey Debuts “Clarity,” An Experimental Keyboard Featuring Multi-Word Autocorrect

Clarity-BLOG-1024x569 SwiftKey, the makers of one of the more popular third-party keyboard applications for Android, and more recently, iOS, is out today with a new product – an “experimental” mobile keyboard app it’s calling Clarity. While SwiftKey’s flagship product is a predictive keyboard that adapts to the way you type in order to smartly suggest words you can select with a tap,… Read More

Facebook to match your donations to Nepal relief efforts after massive quake



Facebook is urging its members to donate to the emergency response teams responding to the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck near Kathmandu, Nepal, over the weekend — and the social network will match contributions up to $2 million.

Facebook has added a message at the top of the News Feed to encourage its members to donate funds to the International Medical CorpsFacebook’s matching funds will go toward local search and rescue organizations.

Facebook Donate

Image: Facebook

The massive earthquake has devastated Nepal and impacted neighboring populations in India and Bangladesh. The disaster has killed more than 3,617 people, according to the BBC, with the death toll rising and many still missing. Read more…

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Instagram Gets Emoji Hashtags And 3 New Filters, Future Filters To Arrive Faster

instagram Instagram has added three new filters to its app, including Lark, Reyes and Juno. These filters are designed to brighten images and seem generally appropriate for spring time photos. Alongside the new filters, Instagram is also adding support for emoji in hashtags, letting you tag your photos with those tiny pictographs that have come to dominate text conversations, and click on them to find… Read More

Android Surpasses iOS In Revenue, If China’s Android App Stores Are Combined

Android vs iOS 3D battle A new study out this morning upsets the traditional thinking that iOS applications make more money for mobile developers when compared with those that run on Android devices. Instead, after taking into account the large number of non-Google Play Chinese Android app stores in existence, advisory firm Digi-Capital found that not only did Android dominate download volumes in 2014, it also made… Read More

Jay Z goes on tweeting spree to defend his Tidal streaming service



Jay Z fired back at critics of his Tidal music service on Sunday, claiming the site is “doing just fine” and that its subscriber base is growing.

The rapper, who relaunched Tidal after purchasing its parent company Aspiro Group earlier this year for $56 million, urged critics to hold off on dismissing the service too soon.

“The iTunes Store wasn’t built in a day,” he said. “It took Spotify nine years to be successful.”

Jay Z added that 770,000 subscribers have already signed up for Tidal, which he relaunched to compete with platforms such as Pandora and Spotify. Read more…

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