Japan’s SmartNews Raises Another $10M At A $320M Valuation To Expand In The U.S.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 02.40.09 While general sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google stake their claims as news portals, apps focused squarely on reading news continue to duke it out. The latest development comes from SmartNews, a popular app founded in Japan that competes against the likes of Flipboard and Nuzzel in the news recommendation and aggregation space. The startup behind it has raised $10 million to expand… Read More

Facebook’s Messenger Platform Must Be Open And Useful To Realize Full Potential

facebook apps Facebook’s move to turn Messenger into a platform for third-parties has been one of the company’s most important decisions to date. Mobile messaging is a pivotal trend that will shape the way billions of people consumer the internet. It has the potential to overhaul the dynamics of digital distribution, but Facebook’s own embryonic platform must to develop in a more open… Read More

Phhhoto Tops 1 Million Users

Screenshot 2015-03-30 15.54.24 Phhhoto, perhaps the only social network to have first launched as a physical party product aimed at the enterprise, has topped 1 million registered users over the course of the past nine months. Users have posted upwards of 10 million Phhhotos to the platform. Phhhoto started back at SXSW in 2013 with an iPad-based photobooth, but instead of capturing the usual strip of four photos, the iPad… Read More

Gmail For Android Gets A Unified Inbox

attachment preview final Google updated its Gmail app for Android today, and the most important feature is probably the addition of a unified inbox. Most of us probably manage multiple accounts and until now, you had to awkwardly switch between them in the Gmail app. To get started with this new unified inbox, you simply switch to the “All Inboxes” option in the app and you’re done. Read More

Google Now Includes Google+ Photos In Drive

drive_photos_nexus6_animated2 Google has begun showing photos uploaded via Google+ in Google Drive, where they can be managed via a new Google Photos tab, or stored in folders alongside other kinds of files easily. The inclusion of Photos and Videos in Drive is one sign that Google is moving to part out the Google+ social network into its key components, and is good news for mobile photographers. Google+ has one of the… Read More

Andreessen-Backed Teleport Launches A Mobile Search Engine For Globally Nomadic Tech Workers

teleport-results It’s a big hairy vision — knowledge-workers freely migrate around the globe and city and federal governments compete to lure them. Teleport, a startup founded by early Skype employees around the idea of supporting an increasingly global mobile workforce, is taking another step toward that reality today. They are launching a set of iOS and Android apps that help tech workers find… Read More

Testlio Raises $1M To Provide On-Demand QA Testers

Testlio Testlio, a startup that provides development teams with dedicated quality-assurance testers, has recently raised $1 million in seed funding to bring on more experts to fill out its “elastic” on-demand offering. Instead of hiring a team of QA engineers to deal with the bugs produced in new versions of an app or service, Testlio lets you sign up to have a dedicated team of their… Read More

Drifty Grabs $2.6 Million To Turn Web Developers Into Mobile App Makers

ionic-exmaples Drifty, a company that has been making it possible for web developers to build and publish native mobile applications that can then be published to the major app stores, including Apple’s iTunes, Amazon’s Appstore and Google Play, has now raised an additional $2.6 million led by Lightbank in Chicago. The new funding comes after the startup has seen significant uptake of… Read More

Adobe’s New iPad App Lets Designers Quickly Sketch Out Layout Ideas On Mobile

Desktop_Comp CC Adobe is adding another product to its growing family of tightly integrated mobile apps today. Comp CC, which is now available for the iPad, makes it easier for designers to take their design ideas for new websites, mobile apps and print from the back of a napkin (or in this case the iPad) to production. As Adobe principal product manager Will Eisley told me last week, the company believes… Read More

Ventoura App Combines P2P Guiding And Traveler Matching

Ventoura Meet Ventoura: the latest startup seeking its fortune by building a peer-to-peer platform. This one is playing in the travel space, and has just launched an app where travelers can connect with others headed to the same destination so they have some drinking buddies when they land — a la Tinder Passport. Read More