Google Photos Breaks Free Of Google+, Now Offers Free, Unlimited Storage

google-io-20150182 Google’s long-rumored revamp of its photo-sharing service, Google Photos, has finally been officially announced. The killer feature? Users can now backup up full resolution photos and videos – up to 16MP for photos and 1080p for videos – to Google’s cloud for free. The service will roll out to Android, iOS and web users starting today, the company says. The free… Read More

Google Brings Turn-By-Turn Directions To Offline Maps

google-io-20150229 Google announced that Maps will soon provide turn-by-turn navigation for routes saved for offline use (or when you completely lose your connection in the middle of nowhere). Read More

Google’s Quest To Bring The Internet To The Next Billion People

google connected world For Google to continue to expand its global ambitions, it’s going to have to get more people on the Internet. And it’s going to have to make sure its products work in areas with spotty service and low-bandwidth connections. Around 2.8 billion people currently have access to the Internet of the roughly 7 billion people on the planet. Read More

Google Play Store Now Lets Developers A/B Test Their App Listing Pages, Customize Their Catalog Page

IMG_9984 Google today at its I/O developer conference in San Francisco announced a number of new features for developers who want to sell their apps in the Google Play Store. Developers who have a number of apps in the store can now customize their app catalog page that shows all of their apps in the Store, for example, and in addition, they can now A/B test their app listing pages to try out… Read More

Google: We have more than 4,000 Android Wear apps



The big question when considering a smartwatch: What can it do for you? Like on smartphones, apps will play a huge part in defining the smartwatch experience.

At Google I/O developers conference on Thursday, Google announced there are currently more than 4,000 Android Wear apps available — with many of them getting updated to support Android Wear 5.1‘s always-on feature.

Google showed off new apps with always-on features like Foursquare and City Mapper. With Uber, you can speak into your smartwatch and say “OK Google, call a car” and even track its location without needing to open up the app on your smartphone. Read more…

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Google Launches Android M Preview With Fingerprint Scanner Support, Android Pay, Improved Permissions And Battery Life

google-io-20150113 As expected, Google today announced the developer preview release of the next version of Android at its I/O developer conference in San Francisco. With Android M (which will get its full name once it’s released to users), Google focuses mostly on fit and finish, but the company also added a number of new features to its mobile operating system.
It’s no surprise that Android M… Read More

Google Debuts New AdMob Tools For Ad Targeting, Native Ads, Scaling Apps And More

admob-pic In addition to new products and media partnerships aimed to help app developers grow and manage their businesses, Google today also announced a new set of AdMob tools to help developers better target ads, serve native ads, and scale their apps more quickly with support from app sales teams. The company also noted it has expanded AdMob mediation – a tool that lets developers maximize… Read More

Google launches Internet of Things platform Project Brillo



Google announced a new smart home platform called Brillo on stage at its annual Google I/O developers conference on Thursday. The platform is Google’s first big move into the Internet of Things space.

Google executive Suchar Pichai revealed that the platform is derived from Android and will provide “immediate scale.” A developer preview of Brillo will launch in the third quarter.

Google said it pulled employees from some of its top teams to reimagine how the Internet of Things will work. Brillo will work with its smart thermostat Nest and allow certain devices like refrigerators and lights to be controlled in one spot. Read more…

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Android Wear Puts More Information A Single Glance Away

google-io-20150127 Google just demonstrated the next evolution of Android Wear, its operating system for smart watches. The focus of the updates shown here at Google IO (which will roll out over the next few weeks) is putting more information a single glance away. Google’s implementation has information stay on your screen as long as you need it — if you’ve got a shopping list, it’ll stay… Read More

Google Takes Another Shot At Mobile Payments With Android Pay

google-io-20150092 At its I/O developer conference today, Google announced Android Pay, a new payments solution native to its mobile operating system. In addition to making it easier to pay at a merchant’s point of sale via NFC, the new system lets merchants integrate payments directly into their apps for selling physical goods and services using an Android Pay API rather than integrating a third-party… Read More