Uber Chases The Perfect Ride With Back-To-Back Trips

shutterstock_6701266 There’s a secret equation Uber is constantly trying to optimize, where Uber and the driver earn the most money possible while the passenger pays the least. Internally, I’ve heard Uber refers to this as “the perfect ride”. It might seem like the two halves of the equation fundamentally clash, and in a way they do, but the trick is in maximizing efficiency of every part… Read More

Slack Preps For IPO, Even If It Doesn’t Want Or Need One Soon

Slack IPO Image When Slack’s IPO window opens, it wants to be able to quickly spring into the public markets. Otherwise it could see sour conditions or botched IPOs by other tech companies shut the window before it rings the opening bell. That’s why Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says its already getting its ducks in a row so its poised to IPO when the time comes. Today, Butterfield The Australian… Read More

You can now use Vine on your Apple Watch



Just weeks after updating Vine with new Audio Remix and search features, the app has delivered another refresh that offers more functionality on the Apple Watch

The addition of Apple’s smartwatch to Vine’s mobile device options is, however, limited to viewing just Featured Vines and Favorite Vines

Of course, viewing Vines on your tiny Apple Watch screen is about as practical as viewing photos on the device — not very. But by adding the smartwatch to the fold indicates that Twitter (Vine’s parent company) is committed to making sure the app has as broad a reach as possible Read more…

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Tango, Chat App Unicorn, Lays Off 9% Of Staff Following Failed Move Into E-Commerce

Photo 25-11-2015, 03 39 12 Tango, the mobile messaging unicorn that reached a billion dollar valuation when Alibaba invested $280 million in it early last year, has laid off around nine percent of its workforce after it shuttered a brief effort at e-commerce. Read More

YouTube Kids Faces Further FTC Complaints Related To Junk Food Ads Targeting Young Children

ios-junk Consumer watchdog groups announced today they’ve filed additional complaints with the FTC over the advertising content in the YouTube Kids application, this time focused on how the app allows food and drink advertisers to violate their self-regulatory pledges they made as members of the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI), a program whose aim is to shift… Read More

Robinhood Gives Zero-Fee Stock Trading To Other Apps

Robinhood Feature What Stripe did for easy payments, Robinhood is doing for free stock trading. This week the brokerage startup launched its platform so developer can bake its zero-commission stock trading into their products. Stop for a second and think about how big a deal this is. Before now, there were two types of stock apps. Ones that actually let you make trades but charged you a fee of around $7,… Read More

Vine Lets You Swipe Left To Find Similar Vines, Launches On Apple Watch

similarvines Fresh on the heels of Snapchat announcing Story Explorer, Vine has today announced a new way to discover Vines following a similar theme. When browsing in a channel or through your own feed, simply swipe left on a Vine to see other content that is of a similar nature. In the example provided as part of Vine’s blog post, you can see Vines of Justin Bieber across multiple accounts,… Read More

UK Mobile-Only Atom Bank Picks Up $128M Led By BBVA, Owner Of Simple In The U.S.

atom bank All major banks today offer a way for customers to bank online, but this is not stopping a rush of startups emerging to build new, mobile and online-only banks from the ground up. In one of the latest developments, Atom Bank, a UK mobile banking startup and app aimed at hip, youthful consumers that has yet to launch its commercial service, is today announcing that it has closed an £82… Read More

Contextual Search Platform Atlas Is Ivy Softworks’ First Spinoff

Atlas remembering flowers Ivy Softworks — a so-called “innovation studio” founded by Napster’s Jordan Ritter in Seattle — is taking the wraps off its first products today. It is launching a contextual information search platform called Atlas; and it’s also unveiling Recall, the first app for the Atlas platform. The launch marks Ivy Softworks’ long-anticipated departure from… Read More

The Star Wars Virtual Reality Experience Drops On December 2nd

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 7.41.15 PM We’ve been waiting for an official Star Wars virtual reality experience for some time. With the movie coming out next month, that time is almost now. In an announcement today on StarWars.com, we got some updates on what to expect.
Here’s what they had to say:
Coming on December 2 is a new virtual reality experience developed along with Google and Verizon. This will feature the… Read More