Chrome To Freeze Flash Ads On Sight From September 1

An anonymous reader writes: Shaun Nichols from the Register reports that unimportant Flash content will be click-to-play by default in Google Chrome from September 1. He writes, “Google is making good on its promise to strangle Adobe Flash’s ability to auto-play in Chrome. The web giant has set September 1, 2015 as the date from which non-important Flash files will be click-to-play in the browser by default – effectively freezing out ‘many’ Flash ads in the process. Netizens can right-click over the security-challenged plugin and select ‘Run this’ if they want to unfreeze an ad. Otherwise, the Flash files will remain suspended in a grey box, unable to cause any harm nor any annoyance.”

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Wait, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer danced onstage together at a Billy Joel concert?



Is this real life? Or is it simply a dream?

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer, who are writing a movie together, made an unusual stage cameo at Billy Joel’s concert at Wrigley Field on Thursday night. Along with a group of friends, the two danced in an impromptu chorus line to “Uptown Girl.” The moment was rounded out when Lawrence and Schumer both climbed on top of the piano and performed the twist

No one can explain this fantastical occurrence, but we certainly hope that the song “Uptown Girl” will feature prominently in the pair’s movie script.

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Thread, The U.K. Online Personal Styling Service For Men, Scores $8M Series A

Thread Using a mixture of algorithms and human stylists, London-based Thread works on the premise that a lot of men hate clothes shopping, however much they like stylish attire. Read More

Vive VR Headset Full Consumer Launch Slips To Q1 2016

HTC-Vive You wait years and years for virtual reality to become a thing, and then suddenly a truck load of VR headsets pile into the tech hype cycle almost at once (thanks Oculus). But if you’re a consumer wanting to get eyes into this next-gen VR hardware you’re likely still waiting to live the daydream. Read More

Study: More Than Half of Psychological Results Can’t Be Reproduced

Bruce66423 writes: A new study trying to replicate results reported in allegedly high quality journals failed to do so in over 50% of cases. Those of us from a hard science background always had our doubts about this sort of stuff — it’s interesting to see it demonstrated — or rather, as the man says: ‘Psychology has nothing to be proud of when it comes to replication,’ Charles Gallistel, president of the Association for Psychological Science. Back in June a crowd-sourced effort to replicate 100 psychology studies had a 39% success rate.

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Private flight apps make chartering a jet as easy as swiping right



Why bother with the hassle of regular air travel — with crowded planes, delayed flights and connection woes — when you could summon an airplane with a couple taps or a swipe on your smartphone? It’s an option — if you’ve got the cash.

More and more concierge flight services are popping up around the country, hoping to serve a clientele that has plenty of disposable income, but not so much they could afford to buy their own jet

Many of these charter services also want to bring the cost of a flight down, by offering empty legs (a return flight to the jet’s base that doesn’t have passengers) and making use of jets otherwise sitting idle at airports. Those with the money to purchase these elite services might begin to consider them a viable alternative to the customary way of flying Read more…

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Ada Lovelace: STEM Jedi and inventor of computer programming



Ada Lovelace was truly The Chosen One of the 19th century tech world.

In this installment of WTF History, we dive into the world of this high society lady who was not only the daughter of famous poet Lord Byron, but was also an accomplished mathematician. The woman invented computer programming. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

It was between 1842 and 1843 when she accomplished her greatest known work: a translation of Luigi Menebrea’s notes on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Machine, which also included her own notes on the invention itself. Read more…

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Novak Djokovic casually bounces ball while fielding questions like a pro



With the 2015 US Open quickly approaching, Novak Djokovic, professional tennis player and global Uniqlo ambassador, speaks with Mashable about his fashion choices both on and off the court.

Djokovic is currently ranked number one for singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals and will play in the US Open starting Aug. 31. He says that Uniqlo helps him find the balance between comfort and fashion – something very important to him as a professional athlete.

To test out his skills, Mashable challenged Djokovic to do the interview while juggling a ping-pong ball. Not too shabby!

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This ‘Game of Thrones’ fan theory about Jon Snow is the wildest one yet



WARNING – This post contains loads of spoilers.

LONDON – If there’s one thing Game of Thrones fans enjoy, it’s a good theory, and the newest one – which concerns the show’s most talked about character as of late, Jon Snow – definitely doesn’t disappoint.

This theory is actually a fairly complicated extension of another much talked about fan theory – the R+L=J theory, explained here in 3 minutes – which suggests that Jon Snow is not actually Ned’s bastard son at all, but is in fact the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark (hence the R+L thing) and therefore the rightful heir to the Iron Throne Read more…

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