Amidst growing political support for LGTB rights, Delhi holds its 8th Queer Pride Parade



On Sunday, hundreds of people came together to celebrate LGBT pride at the eighth anniversary of Delhi Queer Pride. They waved rainbow flags, held colourful balloons and marched to drum beats. The Indian capital’s pride parade is held on the last week of every November to celebrate the diversity of gender and sexuality, but this year it was also held in support of the writers, artists, scientists and filmmakers who are criticising the growing intolerance in the country.

“This year, we assert that queer freedoms are inseparable from a broader culture of respect for dissent and difference. Many movements have stood by the queer struggle in the past, we stand by them in return today,” the organisers said in a statement Read more…

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Australian Financial Tech Company Tyro Payments Raises $72M Led By Tiger Global

australian currency shutterstock Australian financial tech company Tyro Payments plans to challenge the country’s leading retail banks after scoring AUD $100 million (about $72 million) in funding from Tiger Global, TDM Asset Management, and Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes. Read More

Partygoers go wild for mini-tornado after it appears at Aussie music festival



This could be the best unexpected party guest ever.

A mini-sand tornado formed in the middle of Earthcore, a dance music festival in Victoria, Australia on the weekend — an event best thought of as Australia’s answer to Burning Man, but with a lot less Silicon Valley cash and more sunburnt Aussies — sending the crowd absolutely mental.

It was captured and uploaded to YouTube by user SynapticTV, with the superb title “DOOFNADO.” So you know, a “doof” is what Australians call outdoor techno parties in rural areas.

It would not be surprising if some Earthcore partygoers thought this “DOOFNADO” was a hallucination. It’s 100% real, folks. Read more…

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Telstra increases its international roaming rates and no one’s happy



UPDATED: Monday, Nov. 30, 2015 at 4.40 p.m. AEDT with Telstra’s statement.

Australians planning a trip this holiday season will need to keep a close eye on their phone bill. Customers with Telstra, the country’s biggest telecommunications provider, have been stung with a price increase just in time for Christmas.

From Thursday, along with offering a number of new countries, a fresh set of prices for Telstra’s International Travel Passes will be issued by the telco, and they are pretty damn pricey.

Where before, travellers to Thailand and Indonesia could pay a one-off fee of A$35 (US$25) for a seven day trip, they’ll now have to pay A$70 (US$50). Read more…

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Rocket Internet’s Latest Company Is ZenRooms, A Budget Hotel Platform For Southeast Asia

ZenRooms ZenRooms, a hotel booking platform for price-conscious travelers, is the newest startup from Rocket Internet. Like other Rocket Internet companies, ZenRooms replicates a proven business model—in this case, OYO’s—in new marketplaces. Read More

‘The Walking Dead’ capped off fall with an anxiety-inducing finale



Warning: This story contains spoilers about The Walking Dead fall finale.

Going into The Walking Dead fall finale, we knew there’d be a death. Why? Because there always is. The question was, who would it be? And what else would come with it

Well, the death square on The Walking Dead fall finale bingo card was filled by Alexandria’s once fearless leader Deanna, who was injured early on in the episode while running away from walkers

At first, the gang believed Deanna had been simply sliced by someone’s ill-placed saw, but upon further inspection, it was discovered she’s also been bitten as well Read more…

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This Bulgarian Toyota Hilux 6×6 is rugged on the outside, plush on the inside



The global market for 6×6 pickup trucks just got a bit bigger … and a lot more rugged.

Just when you thought that only the Germans were mental enough to make rugged but luxurious six-wheel drive trucks with the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6, here come the Bulgarians with a Toyota Hilux 6×6 of their very own.

Vromos Toyota Hilux 6x6

Image: Vromos

For those unfamiliar with the nameplate, the Toyota Hilux is essentially the global go-to vehicle for simple and rugged pickups

This one, though, is a bit more burly than stock. It was modified by a Bulgarian company called Vromos that normally customizes golf carts into off-roading buggies. The company blessed the Hilux 6×6 with an extra axle, custom pickup bed, fender flares and a generous lift kit that makes the BF Goodrich all-terrain tires underneath it appear simply puny. Read more…

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VW Officials Knew Since Last Year of Misleading Fuel Economy Claims

It’s not just CO2 levels that Volkswagen manipulated; according to a wire story, Volkswagen officials knew at least a year ago that some of the company’s officially-reported fuel-efficiency claims were overstated. From the linked article:

Volkswagen’s top executives knew a year ago that some of the company’s cars were markedly less fuel efficient than had been officially stated, Sunday paper Bild am Sonntag reported, without specifying its sources. … Months after becoming aware of excessive fuel consumption, former Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn decided this spring to pull one model off the market where the discrepancy was particularly pronounced, the Polo TDI BlueMotion, the paper cited sources close to Winterkorn as saying.

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7 Christmas decorations you need for a true blue Australian holiday season



As the 2015 holiday season approaches, it’s officially time to deck the halls. Rather than sprigs of holly or plastic snowmen, this year consider making it a very Aussie Christmas.

Seasonal differences mean that Australians celebrate the occasion at the beach rather than in the snow — an excuse to wear ugly rashies and sunscreen instead of knitted sweaters.

If you’re Australian or just a fan of Down Under, here’s a list of ornaments, decorations and cute knick-knacks that will give your Christmas that certain Australian “je ne sais quoi.” Read more…

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