Product Hunt Adds Direct Messaging To Founders

unnamed There are various ways to get a contact for the stories we write here, but it’s not always easy. The reasons can vary from the wrong contact info listed on a site to simply no contact info listed anywhere on the web. Product Hunt, the product aggregation site, is hoping to make it a bit easier to contact founders and makers of listed products with the roll out of a new direct… Read More

What (Some) Silicon Valley Women Think Of Newsweek

sv-women-newsweek1 Tech has some issues. You read trade pub stories about sexual harassment and assault allegations so often it’s absurd. Newsweek, which just discovered there are only a few women in tech, sent accomplished author Nina Burleigh to investigate tech gender politics. She did an adequate job in her piece, “What Silicon Valley Thinks Of Women.” Read More

Secret Co-Founder Chrys Bader-Wechseler Steps Down Because It’s Not About Design Anymore

IMG_7956 One year after founding anonymish app Secret with fellow Googler David Byttow, Chrys Bader-Wechseler is leaving the company on amicable terms. He cites that Secret isn’t about design and curation as much now since it redesigned recently, dropping the artful photo squares with overlaid text in favor of a sterile text feed that looks just like competitor Yik Yak. Below you can see the… Read More

The Startup Advice You Don’t Hear Inside The Echo Chamber

echochamber When today’s most successful founders are asked why they started their companies, they often give some version of the answer that they were “scratching their own itch.” Airbnb founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky were renting out their floor space to help cover their rent. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook to help Harvard students find one another. Nest co-founder Matt Rogers… Read More

Snapchat Outgrows The Friend Zone

snapchat-ghost Discover is Snapchat’s big new play in the world of media. It’s a special tab in the app powered by content publishers like ESPN, Yahoo, etc., offering daily long-form content with videos, articles and, of course, advertisements.
Brands can buy advertisements against these Discover “Editions,” which play every three or four swipes. It’s really not all that bad. Read More

Tesla’s P85D Will Get Even Faster Thanks To A Software Update

p85d Tesla’s P85D is already fast. Really, really fast. Push the button to put the car into “Insane” mode (really — that’s what it’s called) and it’ll do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Now it’s about to get even faster. And get this: It’s getting faster because of an over the air software update. Musk confirmed the change in a tweet: Tesla P85D 0 to… Read More

Google CFO Calls Glass A Case Where The Company Needed To “Pause” And “Reset”

glass_google_flickr_blue Google’s Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette wasn’t too optimistic about the future of Google Glass on today’s Google earnings call for Q4 2014. The executive took some time to highlight the project as an example of when Google is willing to take a step back and rethink something that isn’t working out, even when they’ve made a considerable investment in… Read More

This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: An Interview With Luis Buenaventura Of Rebit

imgo (1) Welcome back to TCBTC, TechCrunch’s weekly podcast on the cryptocurrency bitcoin. This week Alex is on vacation so I recorded a short interview with Luis Buenaventura Of Rebit, a major Bitcoin remitter in the Philippines. Luis gave us a quick look under the hood of his growing business.
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Google Misses On EPS Of $6.88, Revenue Of $14.5B For Q4 2014

google-earnings2 Google reported its third-quarter earnings after close of market today, offering up gross revenue of $18.10 billion, revenue net of traffic acquisition costs (ex-TAC) of $14.5 billion, and non-GAAP earnings per share (EPS) of $6.88, with GAAP EPS of $6.91.
Wall Street watchers had anticipated $7.13 non-GAAP EPS, with revenue of $14.8 billion. One of the key metrics to watch this quarter was… Read More

Amazon’s Mixed Q4 2014 With $29.33B Revenue, And $0.45 EPS

amazon-earnings-alt Amazon just released its fiscal Q4 2014 earnings, reporting $29.33 billion in revenue, $214 million in net profit representing $0.45 per share. According to CNBC/Thomson Reuters, analysts expected the company to report earnings of $0.17 per share on $29.67 billion in revenue. While the company largely beat the expectations on earnings, it fell a bit short on revenue. For the past two… Read More