Xiaomi’s One More Thing

lei-jobs (1) The young electronic’s company Xiaomi is exploding in China and seems posed to take over the world. In the four short years since its founding, Xiaomi has become the electronics brand to watch in the most populous nation on earth. Xiaomi is the now the real deal — thanks in part to its unabashed appropriation of design cues from companies like Apple. Read More

The Vocca Light Switch Is A Modern-Day Clapper

Screenshot 2014-07-30 12.13.27 Smart bulbs, like the ones that come with the Philips Hue lighting system, are pretty cool… until you realize that physically flipping the switch is sometimes faster than unlocking your phone, opening the right app, and controlling the light through your mobile device.
But what if you could achieve the same connectivity-based cool factor with the speed and ease of simply flipping a switch? Read More

PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” Service Becomes “PayPal Credit,” As Company Expands Credit Products Globally

paypal-credit Touting its increasing focus on credit products for both consumers and small businesses, PayPal today announced it is rebranding its Bill Me Later service as “PayPal Credit,” while that and its PayPal Working Capital business loans service are now destined for international expansions. PayPal Credit is soon being rolled out to the U.K. and Germany, while PayPal Working Capital… Read More

Hangouts Now Works Without Google+ Account, Becomes Part Of Google Apps For Business And Gets SLA

parallax3 Say what you want about Google+, but it incubated two great products at Google: Hangouts for video meetings and Google+ Photos. While Photos is still deeply integrated with Google+, Hangouts is starting to grow up and it’s shedding some of its Google+ past today. Until now, for example, you had to have a Google+ account to use Hangouts. Starting today, that requirement is gone. Anybody… Read More

The SBrick Expands Your Lego Universe

da335563644e79c2c187b01d905c8bd9_large Lego (or, if you’re pedantic, LEGO) is lots of fun. Lego Mindstorms is more fun. But what if you want to go to maximum fun? That’s where the Brick comes in. This $70 brick works with regular Lego and allows you to add unique features to your models including motor controls and light handling. The device is very similar to the actual Mindstorms brain but won’t take up most of… Read More

Sony RX-100 Mark III Review: The Best Compact Camera Gets A Lot Better

IMG_9988 Sony built the best compact camera in the world with the original RX-100 – now it’s on the third-generation, and it isn’t resting on its laurels. The latest edition has a pop-up electronic viewfinder, a vastly improved lens, sensor improvements and more, and the result is a camera that, even at $800, delivers amazing value for the price.

20.1 megapixel 1-inch image… Read More

With New Filters, SocialRank Makes It Easier To Understand Who’s Following You On Twitter

socialrank filters SocialRank, the startup that helps users find their most valuable Twitter followers, is launching version 2.0 today, which significantly expands what you can learn on the service. The company started out in 2012 as a side project for co-founders Alex Taub and Michael Schonfeld, but they recently left payment startup Dwolla to resurrect the product and focus on it full-time. (They also raised… Read More

Andrew Mason’s Audio Tour App Detour Steers You Away From The Typical Tourist Traps

Detour-1 Detour is basically the SF tech version of your typical walking tour. It’s an iPhone app designed to guide you through different parts of a city and introduce you to new places and people that live there. The app takes a very content-centric approach to that process, and the people you’re listening to are more like storytellers than they are guides. Read More

Snapchat, In Talks With Alibaba, Joins The $10 Billion Valuation Club

snapchat-money2 Snapchat’s decision to reportedly rebuff Facebook’s $3 billion acquisition offer doesn’t look as silly today: according to a new report from Bloomberg out this morning, the ephemeral messaging application may now be valued at $10 billion dollars, as it continues talking with investors, including Alibaba, about a new round of financing for its growing business. This is not… Read More

Ad Analytics And Targeting Company Dstillery Raises $24M More For Mobile Growth

dstillery Dstillery, the marketing company formerly known as Media6Degrees, is announcing that it has raised $24 million in Series C funding. This basically doubles Dstillery’s total funding. It raised a Series B almost four years ago — in fact, CEO Tom Phillips told me that the company was approaching profitability and hadn’t intended to raise more money at all. However, he said… Read More