Optimizely Brings Its A/B Testing Platform To iOS Apps

Optimizely, the popular service for testing out different variations of your website, today announced the launch of Optimizely for iOS. The company says its new mobile tools allow customers to try out different interface and content changes to their iOS apps in real-time, without going through App Store approval. Thanks to the Optimizely Visual Editor, no coding is required to make these… Read More

Snowden Asks Putin About Surveillance On Russian TV, Everyone Promptly Loses Their Minds

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.57.58 AM Earlier today on a call-in program on Russian television, infamous NSA leaker Edward Snowden questioned the country’s President Vladimir Putin about his government’s surveillance activities. Snowden, after the United States revoked his passport, kept house in a Russian airport for weeks until he was granted temporary asylum in the country where he currently resides. It’s… Read More

Dropbox Acquires Cloud Photos Startup Loom And Document Collaboration Service Hackpad

dropbox-loom Only days after revealing its first dedicated photo management and sharing application Carousel, Dropbox is announcing it has acquired cloud photo storage and sync service Loom, a favorite among iOS users. The company, which currently offers apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, as well as an online experience, says it will no longer be enrolling new users, and will work to transition existing customers… Read More

Facebook Launches “Nearby Friends” With Opt-In Real-Time Location Sharing To Help You Meet Up

nearby-friends-press-3 Today Facebook begins rolling out a new opt-in feature called Nearby Friends. It lets friends see approximately how far away you are from them, and you can share your exact, on-going location with them for a limited time. While it’s sure to stir privacy concerns, Nearby Friends could get people spending more time with friends in the real-world instead of online as it hits iOS and Android. Read More

Digital Display Startup Enplug Raises $2.5 Million Seed Round

Enplug in Bun Shop Digital signage is increasingly being used by businesses as a way to promote new products, engage with customers, and serve up ads. Los Angeles-based Enplug thinks it has a better way to do digital displays, with a software-driven offering that allows businesses to download and customize a wide range of social apps that customers can interact with. Read More

Linode Invests $45M To Switch To SSDs, Double RAM

11189803153_88f2af5302_o Thanks to new entrants like Digital Ocean, the competition in the hosting space has been heating up for the last few months and for the most part, it’s the users who are reaping the benefits of this. In what is surely a reaction to pressure from its competitors, Linode, the established cloud VPS provider, today announced that it has invested $45 million to improve the hardware and networking… Read More

A Million Little Facebook Pieces

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.54.04 AM Facebook, massive and successful as it is, is no longer a company that defines new social experiences. It either copies them outright or it just buys them. (See also: $19 billion for WhatsApp). Read More

Data Analytics Startup Beckon Raises $8M As Marketers Look Beyond Generic Tools

beckon4 Beckon, a California-based startup that helps marketers track their spend using data analytics, has raised $8 million in Series A funding from August Capital and Canaan Partners. The latest funding brings total capital raised by Beckon to $10 million to date (including $2 million seed round from August). As we wrote earlier this year, Beckon helps marketers consolidate all data and insights… Read More

Health Startup Healthberry Soft Launches Beta To Measure Patient Feedback

UK-based health startup HealthBerry has soft launched its beta. Pitched as a “better way to engage with patients” the startup uses social media as a way for national health services to measure patient feedback and thus inform improvements to services. It’s trailing with the UK’s National Health Service. The platform engages with patients, monitors programmes, syndicates… Read More

Airbnb Offers To Pay Hotel Taxes In NY, Hotel Lobby Says ‘No Thanks’

Airbnb After years of complaining about how Airbnb doesn’t compete on a level playing field, apparently the hotel lobby in New York now wants to ensure that the peer-to-peer hospitality startup isn’t held to the same standards, especially as it relates to taxes. Airbnb has taken steps to ensure that it will be able to begin collecting hotel occupancy taxes, possibly as soon as this summer. It’s just… Read More