4 things your tech incubator is probably missing



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Incubators were once a niche enterprise — in 1980, there were really only a dozen or so in the entire United States.

Now there are thousands— not just in Silicon Valley, but all over the world. Despite their rapid rise in popularity, incubating is still fairly risky business. By some estimates, the success rate is no better than the companies that they are nurturing — around 10%.

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Quikkly Wants To Be A Better QR Code

Quikkly You’ve all used a QR code, right? Those weird-looking barcodes you’re supposed to scan using a mobile to open a related web link. Nope? I thought not. For one reason or another, the technology, which was originally developed for the automotive industry to track parts in vehicle manufacturing, has never really gained critical mass from a consumer point of view. Enter Quikkly,… Read More

Applause Raises $765K From Salesforce CEO For Its Revamped Weight Loss App

revolution-foods If you’re worried about blowing your diet over the holidays – or perhaps, thinking about making a New Year’s resolution to “eat healthy” (you know, again) – an app called Applause, now seed funded by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, may help. The startup aims to bring to market a more lightweight food and activity tracking service combined with virtual… Read More

Emojiary Is A Mobile Diary App Where You Visualize Your Feelings With Emoji

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Social Marketing Startup Tiger Pistol Raises $3.1M As It Plans For US Growth

tiger pistol Tiger Pistol, a startup offering social marketing tools for small businesses, is announcing that it has raised $3.1 million in Series A funding.
The company started in Melbourne, Australia, and I first covered it in 2012, when it left beta testing. Since then, Tiger Pistol (named after the tiger pistol shrimp) has moved its headquarters to Los Angeles, though it retains an office in Melbourne. Read More

Microsoft-Backed Inlope Is An Interest-Based Local Social Network

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Canopy Brings A Curated Amazon Shopping Experience To The iPhone

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Report: Uber to raise new funding at a monster $40 billion valuation



Uber is close to raising a new round of funding which would bring the company’s valuation to $40 billion, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing insider sources. Uber is reportedly looking to raise at least $1 billion

According to the report, T. Rowe Price Group is looking to invest in the ride-sharing service. The U.S. investment firm was not known for investing in Internet companies until it participated in a $100 million round of funding in Twitter back in September 2009. The company also disclosed in April 2011 it had invested in a number of web companies, including a $190.5 million investment in Facebook Read more…

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7 marketing mistakes that can put your startup at risk



There is most definitely a learning curve when starting a new venture, and if you aren’t making mistakes, you’re not taking enough risks. I’ve seen startups come and startups go. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. When it comes to marketing your start-up, there are a few key items you should avoid.

Here are some of the biggest marketing mistakes startups make:

Mistake 1: Forget about the pre-launch hype

I get it — When you are busy building your startup, marketing is probably the last thing on your mind. That being said, growing hype before a launch is exactly what you need to be doing. Maybe you’re waiting until everything is “just right.” That’s fair, but if you hold off until everything is “perfect” (you will be waiting a very long time) to plan your marketing strategy, you will have wasted a valuable opportunity to gain traction in the early stages. Do not fly under the radar. Get your name out there as soon as possible. Read more…

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Wriggle Lets You Find Last-Minute Offers To Eat, Drink And Experience London

shutterstock_54510604 Is there wriggle-room left in the last-minute offers space? U.K. startup Wriggle obviously thinks there is. The app, which matches you with last-minute availability at independent food, drink and entertainment establishments, is seeing its London launch today. Read More