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Better Than Barbra Streisand on ‘The Tonight Show’: Her Instagram Feed



Barbra Streisand will return to The Tonight Show on Monday after a more than 50-year absence. The last time she appeared on the show was in 1963 — back when Johnny Carson was the host.

Streisand will be Jimmy Fallon’s only guest for “a night of talk, comedy and performance,” that will promote her new album Partners, which debuts Tuesday. The performance will be a song from the album, a collection of duets with stars including Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, Josh Groban, John Mayer and Stevie Wonder. There will also be a “virtual duet” with Elvis Presley.

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15 Sticky Photos of Amsterdam’s Tomato Fest



Food fights are certainly one way to get a point across

Dutch people gathered in Amsterdam for Tomato Fest (or Tomatengevecht) on Sunday to protest Russia’s embargo on foods imported from the European Union, according to CNN. Russia imposed the embargo in response to western sanctions against the country

In Amsterdam’s Dam Square, protestors gathered for an hour to stomp, squish and smear 120,000 tomatoes deemed unfit for human consumption

About 1,000 participants purchased tickets at 15 euros ($19) each, with proceeds from Tomato Fest going toward tomato growers hurt by the Russian sanctions, according to the Associated Press. Read more…

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Golfer Greg Norman Injures Hand in Chainsaw Accident, Lives to Tweet About It



Australian golfer Greg Norman nearly severed his left hand with a chainsaw on Saturday.

Norman, the Hall of Fame golfer and entrepreneur, was cutting back trees in his South Florida home when the weight of a branch pulled his left hand toward the chainsaw. He said the blade hit him just below where a person would be wearing a wrist watch. He said doctors told him it missed his artery by a fraction of an inch.

“Thank God the blade wasn’t running full speed or it would have taken my hand off,” Norman told AP. “I handled everything as calmly as I could. There is no major damage. There is nerve damage, but no muscular damage. They fixed me up and here I am.” Read more…

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What Do You Hope Will Still Exist in 2030?



Humanity will change more in the next 15 years than it did in the past century. Some of us may have our pizzas and packages delivered on flying drones. We could travel in driverless cars, use 3D printers to make our meals and makeup, and wear technology from head to toe

Others may face issues with land degradation and water shortages, which could cause droughts in some areas and floods in others.

It’s crazy what can happen over time. It should get us thinking: What kind of world do we want to be living in by 2030, and how can we make that a reality?

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6 Vines That Bring Stories and Doodles to Life



Last week, we challenged you to give life to something on paper in a Vine. Canadian artist couple Daniel Lynds and Sundi Richard guest-hosted the contest, kicking it off with a few of their own examples.

“Something about the #OffThePage theme may have been a bit daunting at first, but after a few submissions, things picked up,” they said. “Ultimately we had a lot of fun and were blown away by the surprising interpretations of the theme.”

Lynds and Richard, a married couple that shares a film background, frequently collaborate on Vine to create live-action videos. They recently started a joint account as well Read more…

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The 100 Most Influential Books, According to Facebook Data



Facebook has discovered its users 100 most influential books by analyzing data from a viral meme

The year-old meme was a simple request: Ask friends to list, in their status, 10 books that have “stayed with [them] in some way.”

“Don’t take more than a few minutes and don’t think too hard. They do not have to be the ‘right’ books or great works of literature, just ones that have affected you in some way,” the directions specified

Thousands of users participated, giving the social media site access to more than 130,000 status updates from the last two weeks of August 2014 Read more…

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Verizon to Turn Your ‘Fashion Rocks’ Tweets Into an Outfit



A new type of eye-grabbing garment will be created Tuesday night at the star-studded Fashion Rocks concert in New York City, where Verizon is designing a fabric based on tweets during the telecast on CBS.

It’s a real-time garment, of sorts, with the online conversation about the night’s music and fashion influencing the pattern and color of Verizon’s final product

You can watch the #SocialImprint garment evolving on the backstage live stream at 9 p.m. ET, with each genre of music and certain fashion words changing the ultimate look.


The live stream is set to display two screens detailing how the music buzz is changing the color and how the fashion conversation is influencing the pattern. A third screen, behind DJs Questlove and SoSuperSam, will show a digital model wearing the fabric. Read more…

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13 Questions People Still Have About the iPhone 6



While most of our questions about the iPhone 6 were answered at the Apple event, there are still a few confused potential owners out there.

Utilizing the hashtag #iPhone6questions, these users are asking the tough questions, the curveballs, the ones Apple really needs to address.

We’ve compiled some of the hard-hitting questions below, in hopes to bring more attention to these important issues. Read more…

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Apple Finally Gets Social With Its Own ‘Live Hub’ for iPhone Event



Want more proof that Tuesday’s Apple event is a big deal? Even Apple is getting in on the fun.

For the first time, the company has rolled out a Pinterest-style social hub to accompany its live stream page at

In addition to the live stream, Apple will be publishing photos, behind-the-scenes tidbits, play-by-play commentary and real-time reactions from attendees and the web. (Even the live stream itself is a rarity for an iPhone event.)

Plus, Apple is getting social. The notoriously closed-off company has added share buttons to each tidbit on the page to allow easy posting to Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter, all under the hashtag #AppleLive. Read more…

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This Is Your Brain on Social Media



Social media has had a profound and growing effect on the way companies, governments and advertisers operate. But it’s having a pretty substantial effect on our brains as well.

Here, AsapSCIENCE breaks down five fascinating ways our brains react to our activities on social media.

For example, which do you prefer, sex or retweets? Turns out that both of these activities result in the release of dopamine.

Hopefully that doesn’t mean social media has doomed the future of humanity. Read more…

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