Spot.IM Turns Any Site Into A Social Network

Spot.IM_Web_MostPopular02 Facebook and Twitter are essential tools for social marketing, but user engagement on those networks doesn’t necessarily translate into more visitors to a site. Created by the founder of a former TechCrunch Disrupt winner, Spot.IM wants to solve that problem by making it possible to turn any site into a social network with two lines of code. The company says that this gives site owners… Read More

Product Hunt Gets Social With Twitter-Like User Profiles, Following Features And Notifications

Product hunt Product Hunt, the Andreessen Horowitz-backed aggregation site currently focused on surfacing new tech products and startups, is now turning itself into something of a social network this morning with the launch of redesigned user profiles, following features and notifications. The new profiles offer a variety of information about the poster, including a bio, Twitter handle, and tabs for… Read More

Life360 Acquires Two-Month-Old HelloWorld

helloworld Today, location-sharing startup Hello World is announcing that it has been acquired by Life360 for an undisclosed seven-figure sum. Read More

Vine’s Stars Are The Best Part, And Now You Can Follow Whole Channels Of Them

T2 Vine has just released a minor update to the app that not only beautifies the platform for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but adds some new functionality in terms of sharing videos and consuming them.
The Twitter-owned video sharing app now takes advantage of the share extensions functionality in iOS 8, meaning that users can share directly to Vine from the video itself. Read More

In Oakland, A Sign of Some Very High Times

oaksterdam-gift-shop How bad is the commercial real estate crunch in San Francisco and Silicon Valley?
Uh, bad?
So bad that that prices per square foot are roughly where they were around the first dot-com boom.
So bad that Uber decided to go in, buy its own piece of land and build its own headquarters from scratch.
So bad that Doug Shorenstein, part of the storied multi-generational family of San Francisco… Read More

CareZapp Is Building A Support Platform For Home Healthcare

carezapp If you’re hoping to provide home care for a sick or elderly family member, startup CareZapp is building a technology platform to help.
The company just took the stage as part of the Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Europe. Co-founder and CEO Andrew Macfarlane told me that his interest in the field began with his mother’s death from cancer more than two decades ago, and the… Read More

IO Feels Like A Human Friend Who Gives Great Restaurant Recommendations Siri sucks. We’re all aware of this. Which works out well for IO, the Russian company behind a social concierge app that can answer any question you have about restaurants.
The product is called TalkTo, and if I wasn’t here to tell you that TalkTo is a machine, you might mistake it for a real-life, brilliant human being. Read More

Inside The Spotify – Echo Nest Skunkworks

spotify-experiment done Truffle Pig is just one of the new musical inventions dreamed up at the sonic skunkworks born from Spotify’s $100 million acquisition of The Echo Nest. Deep inside Spotify’s New York headquarters, the team gave me a peek how the combined company plans to nail recommendations, hook other apps up with legal music, and meld human DJs with algorithms to surface the best songs from… Read More

Movie Nights Lets You And Your Friends Find And Agree On A Film To Watch

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 12.42.25 Trying to figure out what film I want to watch at home from the thousands I can pick on various VOD services is a pain. The only thing more annoying is trying to find one that my husband and I can both agree we want to watch (love you, Marc). A app presented today at TC’s Disrupt Hackathon called Movie Nights has created a way to solve that problem: it lets two parties enter either… Read More

#Gamergate Shows Tech Needs Far Better Algorithms

pipes If Gamergate teaches us anything — beyond, of course, vastly obvious observations about the toxicity of certain Internet demographics (which is hardly new news) — it’s that algorithms and formulaic behaviour can and are being gamed. Read More