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As 9/11 Museum Opens, Visitors Reflect and Pay Respects



Visitors came from New York, Michigan, Tennessee, Chile, England and France, to see the National September 11 Memorial and Museum on the first day the facility opened to the general public.

Attendees arrived to pay respects to those who died and to reflect on what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. The memorial is free of charge to all comers, as was the museum on its opening day — at least for the first 7,000 to get tickets. Starting Thursday, it will cost $24 to get in, and officials will try to allow 5,000 to 8,000 visitors in per day. Family members of Sept. 11 victims and anyone who helped in the recovery efforts after the towers fell will always be able to get in for free. Read more…

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Stunning 10-Year Time-Lapse Shows Construction of 9/11 Memorial Museum



Within days of the 9/11 attacks in New York City, Brian Cury installed a webcam at the site. He wanted the families of victims — and the world, he says — to witness the brave determination of first responders working at what became known as Ground Zero.

In the weeks, months and years that followed, Cury, the founder and CEO of EarthCam, added more cameras that documented the rebuilding of the site and construction of the National 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Ten years and one million images later, Cury’s team released a video on Thursday that shows a stunning time-lapse of the site’s construction. Read more…

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The Final Resting Place for the Stories of 9/11



Chances are you remember exactly where you were on Sept. 11, 2001. It was a day of tragedy that left behind wounds that are still fresh nearly 13 years later.

New York City’s National September 11 Memorial Museum was formally dedicated Thursday morning in an emotional ceremony that featured stirring remarks from President Barack Obama and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, among numerous other public officials, survivors, rescuers and relatives of victims that perished in the attacks.

The museum, a project eight years in the making, is located seven stories below ground, adjacent to the two reflecting pools on Memorial Plaza. Described as a heart-wrenching — but fitting — tribute by many news outlets, it tells the story of 9/11 in conjunction with the events that the lead up to the historic day. It also explores the impact — immediate and long-term — the attacks had. Read more…

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9/11 Memorial Museum Launches Online Collection of Survivor Stories



Survivors and witnesses of the Sept. 11 attacks and the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 now have a digital venue to share their stories, thanks to a new initiative the National September 11 Memorial and Museum launched on Wednesday.

The 9/11 Memorial Registries collect and share the personal experiences of survivors and rescue workers, as well as information about existing Sept. 11 memorials around the world. The interactive site, which technology and design company Infusion engineered and Microsoft sponsored, also invites the public to share firsthand testimonials from the attacks.

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