Samsung Electronics Sells Assets In Defense, Chemical Units, Plans To Reinvest Capital In Core Business

Samsung Samsung Electronics has announced that it will sell stakes in Samsung Techwin and Samsung General Chemicals to Hanhwa Corp. in order to raise money for new investments. Read More

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 comes crashing down to Earth



Hammered by falling smartphone profits, Samsung is reportedly eyeing major changes for its senior leadership.

Samsung‘s sales for its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone came in well below expectations, moving 12 million units compared to 16 million for the Galaxy S4. So far, the Galaxy S5 has sold 40% fewer units than the company had anticipated. The shortfall was especially pronounced in non-U.S. markets and the company is scrambling to sell inventory that languished in warehouses, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

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Samsung Ponders Executive Shakeup As Galaxy S5 Sales Fall 40% Short Of Expectations

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-2 Samsung is looking long and hard at its top executive team with changes in mind, the Wall Street Journal reports, following Galaxy S5 devices sales that have underperformed company expectations by as much as 40 percent. The total sales for the S5, this year’s Samsung flagship device, are at around 12 million, compared to 16 million for the Galaxy S4.
As a result of the lacklustre… Read More

These are the tablets to put on your Black Friday hit list



The retail sales battle lines have been drawn: Black Friday is upon us. Some deals will be genuinely rare and valuable, while others will simply be normal discounts dressed up in Black Friday camouflage

Distinguishing between the two will be fairly difficult, but you can cut through some of the false signals by properly establishing your targets early on. If you’re thinking of snagging the latest and greatest tablet, we’ve devised a short list to make composing your battle plan a little easier

GOOD: Amazon Fire HDX (8.9-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi version $379)

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Samsung launches ad-free YouTube competitor Milk Video



You can now add video to the growing list of areas Samsung is stepping into.

The company launched Milk Video on Wednesday, a new social video app for owners of Galaxy devices.

A followup to the company’s Internet radio service Milk Music, Samsung is positioning Milk Video as a way for Samsung’s users to easily discover new videos, while capitalizing on the company’s larger screened devices, according to Samsung’s vice president of content and services Kevin Swint.

“Discovery happens in very haphazard and random way,” said Swint. “This experience leaves a lot of people feeling like they’re always the last one to see the video that everybody is talking about. We thought we could solve that.” Read more…

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Samsung’s health ambitions go way beyond wearables



Samsung is probably not the first company that comes to mind when you think of healthcare.

Seeing the electronics giant release an experimental health-centric wearable took many by surprise. But as Samsung continues to push into the health market, there’s a lot more to its plan than fitness trackers and smartwatches

The Simband and the Sami platform behind it signal a bigger shift within the company as it looks to broaden the reach of its hardware beyond day-to-day convenience.

Among the slew of announcements made during its developer conference in San Francisco this week was a new digital health platform — an overarching effort to help developers create new ways to track health information using the company’s sensors and devices. Read more…

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The Samsung Gear S Is A Smartphone On Your Wrist

Samsung Gear S Announced back in September, the Samsung Gear S is the South Korean electronics company’s sixth attempt at making a smartwatch. It’s got the specs of a mid-range phone from a few years back and runs Tizen, Samsung’s own operating system. Read More

Samsung and BlackBerry team up for better Android security



Samsung is tapping an unlikely source to tighten up its security offerings for enterprises: BlackBerry.

The two companies announced a new security-focused partnership Thursday that will bring BlackBerry’s encryption system to businesses using Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones

Beginning early next year, Samsung will integrate BlackBerry’s BES12 end-to-end encryption service, into its own Knox software. Knox, which Samsung licenses to enterprise customers, adds an extra layer of security to Android devices— though the service has been criticized for weak encryption Read more…

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DirecTV now showing movies in 4K, as long as you buy Samsung



DirecTV just became the first TV service to offer 4K programming; the satellite TV provider will begin delivering select movies on demand in 4K, starting Friday

Here’s the catch: You need a Samsung TV to watch it.

4K, along with its close cousin Ultra HD, doubles the pixel count of full HD video in both directions, resulting in four times the resolution of 1080p video. With that sharper picture, however, comes an increase in needed bandwidth, the biggest factor limiting the rollout of 4K content.

YouTube and Netflix offer some 4K video, and manufacturers like Sony and Samsung sell 4K movies via hard drive or downloaded directly to the TVs. However, in all those cases, the video is delivered via stream or DRM-protected digital file. Read more…

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BlackBerry Teams With Samsung To Beef Up Android Security With Knox And BES12

knox BlackBerry is partnering with Samsung to make Android security more robust, using its own Knox solution for Galaxy devices, as well as BES12, BlackBerry’s enterprise device management and enterprise mobility solution. The partnership is significant on both sides, and gives Samsung and BlackBerry a way to dig in and protect market position as Apple and IBM move to own greater share of… Read More