Xiaomi Now The World’s Third Biggest Smartphone Maker, Says IDC

Xiaomi MIUI 6 Xiaomi is now the world’s third largest smartphone maker, due in large part to the success of its high-end Mi4, says new research by IDC. This is also the first time that Xiaomi has broken into the research firm’s list of the top 5 smartphone makers in the world. Samsung remains at the lead despite declining shipment volume, followed by Apple, Xiaomi, and Lenovo and LG, which tied… Read More

Hackers can use the Samsung Find My Mobile feature to attack phones



Most smartphones now come with built-in tracking systems that allow users to remotely lock or wipe their phones if they’re misplaced or stolen

The feature intends to offer an extra bit of security to your handheld device, but hackers can exploit a flaw in Samsung’s Find My Mobile system to execute denial-of-service attacks, according to the National Cyber Security Division, which is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

If Find My Mobile is turned on, hackers can remotely lock the device and change its unlock code, rendering it useless. It isn’t quite clear what the hackers have to gain from this sort of attack, other than the misery of others Read more…

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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Preorders Outpace Galaxy Note 4 on Samsung’s Home Turf



The fact that Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been monster hits in all of their launch countries thus far isn’t a surprise. What is surprising, however, are reports that preorders for the new Apple smartphones are outpacing orders for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 in South Korea, where Samsung is headquartered.

Analysts are predicting that preorders for the new iPhones have topped 100,000 units since Friday, according to The Wall Street Journal. In comparison, the Galaxy Note 4 had 30,000 preorders over a similar time frame.

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Samsung Galaxy Phones Have a Hidden Test Menu



There’s a cool feature on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone that will render your user’s manual useless.

A hidden menu, which you can access by dialing a specific string of characters, lets you troubleshoot hardware issues and check your phone’s functionality. The tool was first spotted by Android Central months ago, but now, more Samsung Galaxy owners are uncovering it. The menu contains a host of service checks.

To find the hidden menu, open the dial pad and enter *#0*# — with no spaces, just like you would any phone number.

Then wait a moment, and this screen should pop up: Read more…

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New iPhones Selling Faster Than Galaxy Note 4 In Korea

hotcakes01 In an interesting turn of events, the WSJ is reporting that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are outselling the Galaxy Note 4 in Korea, a bit of news that should give Samsung pause. Pre-orders for the new phones hit 100,000 on the first day of pre-orders compared to 30,000 units for the Galaxy Note 4. Analyst Lee Seung-woo, an analyst with IBK Securities said that he expected the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus… Read More

Myriam Joire AKA tnkgrl Is Out At Pebble

tnkgrl Myriam Joire, evangelist for the wearables company Pebble, has been fired from her position. She was Tech Evangelist at the company and spoke at a number of events, including an event in Amsterdam and another in London this week.
“Wow! I just found out that I’m no longer with Pebble,” she said in a tweet. Read More

Bango Inks Global Samsung Deal To Power Carrier Billing In Galaxy Apps Store

samsung-AP-sm One more deal in the bag for Bango, the UK-based startup that enables carrier billing services for mobile users: it has signed an agreement with Samsung for the handset giant to preload its services on to all Samsung devices running the Samsung Galaxy Apps store — letting consumers charge games, e-books, music and videos directly to their mobile phone bills or deduct them from their… Read More

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Is A Nearly Perfect Mini Tablet

IMG_4792 Like the great zeppelins of old, nobody expected the Galaxy Note to fly. The phones were too big, the embedded stylus too silly. I reminded us all of the bad old days when PIMs were black and white and bulky. But Samsung persevered and Apple followed suit and now we enter the era of the phablet, a time of strange portents and weird UIs. A time where a phone that makes all other phones seem… Read More

What Will It Take for Apple to Rejuvenate iPad Sales?



Apple is still, by a wide margin, No. 1 in U.S. tablet sales, but its growth in the market has stagnated while the fortunes of Amazon and Samsung have flourished, according to a recent study by research firm Parks Associates. Analysts there, though, think Apple could still turn things around and see significant room for market growth.

They even think adding the new Apple Pay mobile wallet technology to the new iPads, which Apple is expected to launch Thursday, could be the key.

In a survey of 10,000 U.S. broadband users, Parks Associates found that 37% own iPads (including the mini), which is down from 46% in 2012. In the meantime, Amazon and Samsung market shares have grown, respectively, to 16% and 14%. Read more…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Is the Best Android Phone Money Can Buy



If large-screen phones have a royal bloodline, it’s Samsung’s Galaxy Note brand. The Note was the first real “phablet” — a smartphone with a big enough screen that it was almost a tabletSamsung has greatly improved the line over the last three years, culminating in the impressive Galaxy Note 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ($299.99 with a contract from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint; 24 monthly payments of $31.24 from T-Mobile) isn’t just a state-of-the-art phablet. It’s also Samsung’s flagship smartphone, technically superior to even the Galaxy S5. The transfer of the crown from Galaxy S to Galaxy Note makes sense given how consumers have responded to large-screen phones. Everyone wants a bigger screen, it seems — so much so that even Apple jumped into the fray with the iPhone 6 Plus. Read more…

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