Pinterest Acquires Icebergs, The Pinterest For Creatives

icebergs_01 Pinterest has acquired Icebergs, a “Pinterest for creative types,” which offered an online collaboration service that allowed users to organize their projects, including not only images, but also articles, files, videos, and other content, and share that content with others. The Barcelona-based company was founded last year, and had a team of just over a half-dozen in both… Read More

Women Use Pinterest, But They Don’t Run It

2715583000_d3d0c07a8f_o Only 40 percent of Pinterest employees are women, even though the majority of the company’s users are female, according to a report released by Pinterest Thursday. Pinterest’s ratio appears better than other tech companies that have released similar reports — only about 30 percent of employees at Facebook, Google and Twitter are female. But considering Pinterest’s users… Read More

Like Its Peers, Pinterest Releases Mostly Male Employee Demographics



Silicon Valley’s most promising tech companies are proving what everyone already suspected — that tech has a diversity problem

Pinterest is the latest tech company to unveil its employee demographics, which look similar to other companies in the area: mostly white, mostly male.

Pinterest reports that 92% of its workforce is either white or Asian, a ratio similar to other social companies like Twitter (88%) and Google (91%)

Perhaps more indicative of Silicon Valley’s diversity problem: 79% of Pinterest tech jobs, and 81% of its leadership positions are filled by men Read more…

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How to Use the Internet for Foreplay



Calling all couples: The Internet is your new best friend when it comes to foreplay

From secret Pinterest boards to sexy subreddits, there are plenty of sites that can dole out useful relationship tips. If you’re uncomfortable talking about foreplay, these sites will help break the ice

Here are six ways to use the Internet for all your NSFW needs

1. Share a secret Pinterest board.


Search Pinterest tags like “romance” to find flirty images

Image: Pinterest

Sure, when most couples think “Pinterest,” flowery dream weddings and proposals come to mind. But there are additional ways to use the visual social network. Read more…

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Pinterest Makes It Easier to Find What Just What You’re Looking For



Pinterest is building out its discovery tools once again.

The San Francisco-based virtual scrapbooking site announced on Thursday that you can now follow specific interests in addition to following other users.

Pinterest already offered a categories tabs where users could search for pins by more general groupings, but now, those categories include more specific interests that users can subscribe to. For example, you can follow interests like hiking, camping or running under the broader “outdoors” category. Following an interest means those pins will now appear in your feed, saving you the hassle of searching for them. Read more…

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Pinterest Steps Outside Its Walled Garden With New Animated Follow Button For Brands

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 22.12.09 Pinterest, the image-based social network now riding on a $5 billion valuation and 60 million monthly active users (per comScore), has been making a lot of moves to improve how people discover and navigate content on its own site. Today it unveiled an updated, animated Follow pin that it hopes will be used to snag more users when they are somewhere else on the net. Read More

30 Gorgeous Travel Locations: Most-Pinned Places on Earth



As kids we tore breathtaking photos from travel magazines and glued them into scrapbooks or threw them on our walls. Today we share those photos on Pinterest, no glue sticks required. Though the medium has changed, the sentiment is the same— we’ve got serious wanderlust.

Pinterest shared with Mashable the top most-pinned places on Earth. And while some are instantly recognizable (hello, Big Ben!), others, like Canada’s Abraham Lake, are lesser known

See which destinations broke the top 30 based on more than 750 million place pins

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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Pin-vestigation: 11 Debunked DIY Tricks on Pinterest



Pinterest, it’s time to fess up. You’ve been leading us on for far too long.

We love browsing pin boards for life hacks, DIY crafts and recipes. But there’s nothing more disappointing than trying out a project, only to fail miserably.

It’s not always the pinner’s fault. Even when you follow directions to a T, you can still fall victim to Pinterest’s beautifully curated deception.

It’s time to debunk some of these too-good-to-be-true hacks and stop gobbling them up like so much double fudge mug cake. Put down your mason jars, pinners, and start thinking before your pin. Read more…

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15 Pinterest Boards Your Dad Would Actually Be Interested In



This ain’t your momma’s pinboard.

Pinterest may seem like a social network dominated by crafty women and mommy bloggers, but in truth, the website has a thriving community of men who’ve curated boards dedicated to everything from fine wines to children’s art projects

To gain a bit of insight into what dad really wants for Father’s Day, Mashable asked Pinterest to share what’s important to some of the site’s most active dads

1. Housewares


Image: Pinterest kingsley

For modern home inspiration, designer Kingsley Harris shares his streamlined and minimalist taste in furniture. Read more…

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Pinterest Improves Its Search Engine Again With Smarter Place Search

pinterest-ipad1 Yep, Pinterest is becoming a search engine. Following this week’s news regarding the arrival of a feature called “Guided Search” on the web, Pinterest today says it’s now rolling out smarter “Place Search,” too. The changes being introduced will make it easier to map a Pin to a Place Board in just a few clicks on both iOS and web. This is really about making… Read More