Pinterest’s Web Search Is About to Get Much More Powerful



Pinterest‘s new Guided Search feature, which the company first unveiled on mobile in April, is coming to the web.

Pinterest users will soon see a new search bar when they visit, and just as it works on mobile, the search features will surface recommended keywords intended to help generate more specific queries and better search results.

For example, searching for “BBQ” on Pinterest might surface other keywords like “wings,” “recipes,” or “chicken.” The keywords serve as filters, and the goal is to help users find exactly what they’re looking for. Read more…

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Pinterest Becomes More Search Engine-Like With The Launch Of Guided Search On The Web

pinterest-guidedsearch In April, Pinterest introduced a new way to narrow down what you’re looking for on mobile with the addition of a feature called “Guided Search,” which pops up related terms at the top of the screen after you enter in a keyword to start a search. Today, Guided Search is making its way to the web, with a few improvements in store as well. Read More

Pinterest Hires Former Apple Online Store Execs for Key Roles



Pinterest is pinning its vision for the future on a couple of Apple employees with ecommerce backgrounds

The social bookmarking service announced Tuesday that it has hired Bob Baxley, a longtime design director at Apple, and Michael Lopp, who worked at Apple for nine years before moving on to Palantir Technologies in 2010. Baxley will take over as Pinterest’s head of product design and Lopp will be the company’s head of engineering

Baxley joined Apple in 2006 from Yahoo and helped spearhead the effort to bring Apple’s online store up to modern web standards and later led the design of the Apple Store app. While at Apple, Lopp led part of the engineering team that worked on the Mac OS X Server, before leading engineering efforts for the online store. Read more…

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Pinterest Snags Longtime Apple Alums To Head Up Engineering And Design

pinterest Social pinboarding site Pinterest today announced that it has picked up two notable new hires, both longtime Apple alums, to head up its Engineering and Design departments. All that funding is not going to waste, it seems. Michael Lopp, who was previously a director of engineering at Palantir, will head Engineering; Bob Baxley, the former Director of Design for the Apple Online Store, will… Read More

Congressman’s Twitter and Pinterest Hacked — and It’s NSFW



Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) had one of the most unfortunate Twitter and Pinterest hacks in recent memory, where pictures of young women in bikini’s (and in some cases lingerie) encouraging weight loss flooded his social media accounts

Most of the tweets and Pinterest posts were deleted, but that didn’t stop us from catching the trend… yikes.

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Pinterest Tests Do-It-Yourself Promoted Pins For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

Pinterest_Promoted_Nicole Miller_1200x798 (1) Pinterest is exploring new ways to make money from the huge audience that it’s amassed over the last few years. That includes new “Promoted Pins” from large national brands, but now it will also include paid placement for small and medium-sized businesses as well, with a new self-serve product it’s announcing today. Read More

Fauxsumerism: Cyber Window Shopping Is a Millennial Habit



Ever since there were shops, people have enjoyed window shopping. But a new phenomenon is emerging that takes the habit to the extreme.

If you save things to your Amazon wishlist without ever actually buying them, browse gadgets, clothes and offers online as a pastime or fill your shopping cart without going through with the payment, you may be a fauxsumer.

This “false consumerism”, particularly prevalent among millenials, is the process of discovering products online without purchasing anything. Shopping without having the goal of actually buying.

The rise of fauxsumerism was revealed in a recent study of 1,300 14-to-34-year olds in the US. These millenials, born between 1980 and 2000 are browsers rather than buyers. The report found they create wishlists, both to engage with brands and for fun, with no intention of actually buying. Sometimes they don’t have the money to make the purchase but save the item anyway. There is even the suggestion that these fauxsumers get the same kick out of saving an item as they would if they had bought it. Read more…

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Facebook Commerce Leader Ecwid Picks Up $5M As It Passes 500K Users

ecwid Ecwid, an e-commerce platform originally founded in Russia that lets merchants create online stores on social networks like Facebook, their own websites and on mobile, is today announcing a $5 million round of funding. The Series B investment was led by Russian VC iTech Capital, with participation also from Runa Capital, which led its last round.
Jim O’Hara, Ecwid’s US-based… Read More

How to Survive Armageddon With Pinterest



Think Pinterest is just for sharing photos of cute knitted sweaters? Wrong, the popular thingie-sharing network can help you prepare for the apocalypse. In today’s installment of Mashable Minute, Elliott Morgan wades through the weird world of doomsday Pinteresting

In the last episode, Elliott shares the ultimate guide to the best summer ever. EVER.

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10 Creative DIY Projects for the Unartistic



Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for creative DIY projects — but for some, it only offers a sad reminder of their lack of artistic abilities

Don’t worry, there are some crafts out there even you couldn’t mess up. These pin-worthy projects can help brighten up your day without making you break out in a nervous sweat.

All you need is a hot glue gun, maybe some Mod Podge and a little imagination to make your DIY dreams come true.

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