Pinterest’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” Could Be A Travel Product

Pinterest_travel.jpg Pinterest’s upcoming news event, dubbed “Choose Your Own Adventure,” may not be directly related to the company’s efforts in the personalization space, but rather the announcement of a consumer-facing travel product, we’re hearing. The launch will be aimed at attracting more men to Pinterest’s service, which is today overwhelmingly female. Read More

Pinterest Plans “Choose Your Own Adventure” Product Announcement For April 24

You're Invited-1 A more personalized way to pin may be on the way as Pinterest has announced a big press event in San Francisco on April 24th with the teaser image above. We’ve confirmed with the company that this will be a product announcement and CEO Ben Silbermann will speak. So what will Pinterest unveil? Read More

Multiple Pinterest Accounts Hacked, Flooded With Butt Pics

If you log onto Pinterest and see that one of your friends has suddenly developed a fixation with weight loss ads and butt pics like the ones below, don’t click on the pins. Multiple accounts have been hacked over the last hour and flooded with spam. We’ve emailed Pinterest for comment. Read More

Pinterest Debuts A “Gifts Feed” Featuring Only Things You Can Buy

Pinterest publicly introduced a new Gifts feed on Wednesday that only displays “Product Pins” – pins that are enhanced with additional details, including pricing, availability and where the item can be purchased online. The announcement was made on Pinterest’s Business blog, aimed at advertisers, instead of on the company’s more widely read, consumer-facing main… Read More

Pinterest Joins Other Social Giants, Provides First Transparency Report



Pinterest on Friday unveiled the company’s first transparency report, a document detailing the number of information requests Pinterest received in the past six months from both state and federal government agencies

Unlike other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the report confirms the government doesn’t often turn to Pinterest to gather user information

In the six months from July to December in 2013, there were only 12 government requests, including none from agencies outside the United States. Only one of the requests was from a federal agency, and Pinterest produced information for 11 of the 12 requests Read more…

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Who Runs The (Social Media) World? Girls.

Behind every great social media platform stands millions of great women. And boy do they love their smartphones! According to research compiled by FinanceOnline, which was taken from PEW, Nielsen, and Burst Media, women use social media more often and in more ways then men do. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter all have more women on the platform than men. Pinterest, not… Read More

Pinterest Announces Unlimited Secret Boards



Pinterest announced Friday that users can now have an unlimited amount of secret boards

Previously, a user could only have six secret boards. But users loved the feature so much that the company finally gave in to the frequent requests for an unlimited option

“While people are increasingly using secret boards to pin, they’re also continuing to be active with public boards,” a Pinterest spokesperson told Mashable

First unveiled in 2012, Pinterest secret boards allowed a user to have three secret boards in order to hide their secret events or surprise parties from friends and family. In November, Pinterest increased the number of secret boards to six Read more…

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Pinterest Brings Place Pins to iPad, GIFs to Mobile



Pinterest updated both its mobile and iPad apps on Friday, offering some of its most recent product updates to mobile users

Updates to the iOS and Android apps now support GIFs, a feature that Pinterest unveiled in late January. Pinterest said at the time that there are “tens of millions” of GIFs on the platform, and those will now be playable on mobile devices

Pinterest also rolled out a new version of the company’s iPad app on Friday, meaning users can now interact with Place Pins through the app

Place Pins are another relatively new feature for Pinterest. The company unveiled Place Pins, or pins that contain geo-location information, back in November. At the time, Pinterest highlighted trip planning as a major use of Place Pins. For example, users could map out the locations of sights and restaurants in a city they are planning to visit, or keep a map of their favorite food joints from their hometown Read more…

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Rosanne Cash Revisits Her Roots in ‘A Feather’s Not a Bird’ Video



Rosanne Cash’s new album, The River and the Thread, references a series of visits she recently made to the Deep South, where she and her husband John Levanthal, who produced the album, explored her family’s roots and the region’s history.

Mashable spoke with Cash — daughter of Johnny — last week about how those visits formed the spine of the record

“We started to go down to the South more often to see my friend Natalie, who was teaching me how to sew, and we’d go to Memphis and then back to Arkansas,” Cash said. “We took this trip down Highway 61, which is where all the pieces fell into place. Highway 61 was mythic. We went to the Tallahatchie Bridge. We went to Robert Johnson’s grave. We went to Money, Miss. Once we got away from it and started processing what we had seen and felt, we started writing songs.” Read more…

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Of Course the Mall of America Has a Giant 5-Story Pinterest Board



Caribou Coffee has created a five-story Pinterest board at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Why? In part, because it could.

The brand, which recently introduced the Pinterest-created Real Inspiration Blend, has launched the giant board to celebrate the release. Fans can get their photos on the interactive board by tagging their Instagram and Twitter photos with #CaribouInspires. In addition, the brand is hosting demos for cooking for your Valentine and spring make-up tips. The board will be up until Feb. 13.

The display dwarfs a 2012 life-size Pinterest board at a mall in La Jolla, Calif. Read more…

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