Samsung Level Headphone Series Review: Galaxy Owners Only Need Apply

IMG_9161 Samsung is trying to add some additional cachet to its brand with a self-produced line of high-end audio accessories, dubbed “Level” by the Korean electronics giant. The Level series includes three different types of headphones, including an in-ear model, an on-ear version and an over-ear variety. The Level In, Level On and Level Over each offer a different experience, but they… Read More

Tocomail For Gmail Offers Parental Controls And Monitoring For Teens’ First Gmail Account

tocomail-gmail A company called Tocomail earlier this year launched a mobile application designed to be kids’ first email service, built with the parental controls and protections such an app would require, while allowing kids to write simple messages and send drawings to pre-approved family and friends. Now Tocomail is targeting a slightly older crowd with the debut of another app called Tocomail… Read More

Reddit Rolls Out AMA App, in Very Un-Reddit Fashion



Reddit has launched a new app for its popular “Ask Me Anything” series, as the front page of the Internet works to expand beyond its desktop dominance.

The release, first reported by Variety, marks Reddit’s re-entry into the mobile app market following an ill-fated 2011 effort. The site said in April on its job board that it had started to explore developing mobile apps.

The app is currently available on iOS in Apple’s App Store, and will be coming soon to Android.

Reddit’s interest in mobile comes as no surprise, as the site’s massive desktop popularity has not quite carried over to mobileReddit’s mobile presence is dominated by third-party apps including Alien Blue and BaconReader for Android. Read more…

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Location-Based Video Editing App Clinch Heads To The Deadpool

clinch Mobile video app Clinch (not to be confused with Klout’s Cinch) is heading to the deadpool, but the company itself lives on, developing products for the digital advertising space. First introduced in 2012, Clinch’s app automatically threaded together video clips and photos based on location, allowing users to then customize the resulting mobile video further by selecting their… Read More

Android Wear Is Getting GPS And The Ability To Talk To Other Bluetooth Accessories

android-wear-hero Google’s Android Wear platform is going to gain more powers on a continuing basis, thanks to frequent significant updates, the Android team has revealed. Upcoming features planned for Android Wear in the immediate future include support for GPS on devices, instead of having to rely on connected smartphones, and the ability to work with other Bluetooth wearables in potentially… Read More

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Comes To iOS As A Standalone App

linkedin-logo LinkedIn over the weekend launched a standalone version of its “Sales Navigator” service, which is now available on iOS only. The addition of the new, native application follows a recent overhaul for Sales Navigator that saw it split off as its own product, rather than a set of features within the main LinkedIn website. At that time, the company promised mobile apps would soon… Read More

Sony’s QX1 Looks To Bring Interchangeable Pro Lenses To Your Smartphone

image3_zpsa1f737a7 Sony’s QX series of cameras is an oddity, but one that the company is apparently still committed to – a new leak from Sony Alpha Rumors reveals a treasure trove of press images depicting a so-called “QX1″ model, which takes the basic concept of the QX10 and QX100 smartphone camera accessories and adds interchangeable lenses. The QX10 and QX100, for those unfamiliar… Read More

Reddit Launches An Official App For AMAs

IMG_9158 The so-called “front page of the Internet” has launched a new dedicated AMA app for iOS, with an Android version arriving later this week. Reddit users have long sought an official mobile app from the network after an original version launched in January 2011 ended up failing due to poor design user complaints. This AMA app is the first part of a new collection of mobile software… Read More

What to Expect at IFA 2014: Smartwatches, TVs and More



BERLIN — It’s September, which means the gadgets are coming.

IFA 2014, which stands for Internationale Funkausstellung (and translates to the international radio exhibition), kicks off this week in Berlin and will usher in collections of new smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, giant TVs and home appliances. The trade show is one of the longest-running technology expos — with roots dating back to the 1920s — and it gets bigger each year.

While the Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas) and Mobile World Congress (Barcelona) are arguably the two biggest tech conferences of the year — front-loaded in the earlier months to set the stage for what will hit stores later — IFA is becoming an increasingly important launching ground for tech giants. It serves as an annual hub for Eastern and Western manufacturers to show off their goods to the world and is the only major show right before the holiday shopping season. Read more…

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Tables, Tablets, Data And Eating

shutterstock_93996670 Restaurants as we know them have remained the same for over two hundred years, and fables about amazing restaurant tech have inevitably leapt to futuristic ideas: robot waiters, food printers, talking refrigerators. Today’s reality is far more interesting and complex than those sweeping visions. A tsunami of technology, both from established industry providers such as POS and IT… Read More