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Police searching for man who was married to 6 women at the same time

BALTIMORE — Baltimore County police are searching for a convicted bigamist they say was married to at least six women in different areas of Maryland at the same time. The man was convicted in January under the name Deshawn Grant Valentine — but legally changed his name to Deshawn Walter …

Stark choice: Emily Cain, Bruce Poliquin race to win in 2nd District

HOLDEN, Maine — Between campaign events earlier this month, Bruce Poliquin, the Republican candidate for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, and his campaign manager, Matthew Hutson, stopped at Pat’s Pizza here for lunch. The restaurant was nearly empty, but Poliquin nevertheless jumped up to introduce himself to everyone he saw. “My …

“All politics is local” no longer true

“All politics is local.” Though he didn’t create that saying, the late U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neill of Massachusetts made it not only popular but a law of politics, at least when it comes to congressional campaigns. In the past, local concerns were practical concerns. Would a member of Congress …

Manager Joe Maddon opts out, leaves Rays

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon exercised an opt-out clause in his contract Friday and is leaving the organization immediately. Maddon had a year left on his contract at $2 million but now becomes a free agent. Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg issued a statement regarding Maddon’s contract situation. “Joe …

A frightful drive on Route 182

Even if there was no local folklore or incidents of car crashes both major and minor, the winding stretch of Route 182 that bridges Hancock and Washington counties between Franklin and Cherryfield would be creepy. There’s a reason they call it the Black’s Woods Road. Even the name sounds haunted. …

The story of Catherine’s Hill

The story of Catherine’s Hill is about a woman who was in a vehicle accident with her boyfriend and was decapitated. People say her spirit haunts Black’s Woods between Franklin and Cherryfield on Route 182.

Google Search Finally Adds Information About Video Games

An anonymous reader writes Google has expanded its search engine with the capability to recognize video games. If your query references a game, a new Knowledge Graph panel on the right-hand side of Google’s search results page will offer more information, including the series it belongs to, initial release date, supported platforms, developers, publishers, designers, and even review scores. Google spokesperson: “With today’s update, you can ask questions about video games, and (while there will be ones we don’t cover) you’ll get answers for console and PC games as well as the most popular mobile apps.”

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Vine Personality Curtis Lepore Dropped From Rainn Wilson TV Project After Backlash



Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake has severed ties with well-known Vine personality Curtis Lepore after backlash surrounding Leopre’s casting in an upcoming TV project from the Office alum’s production company.

Earlier this week, Wilson announced plans for the first scripted TV comedy featuring an ensemble cast of Vine stars. The half-hour show, titled Hollywood and Vine, was set to star Jerry Purpdrank, Lele Pons, Simone Shepherd, Christian DelGrosso, and Lepore as social media stars who are struggling to break into mainstream Hollywood

Lepore’s casting, however, caused an uproar

In January, Lepore pled not guilty to charges of rape after his ex girlfriend, fellow Vine star Jessi Smiles, brought accusations against him Read more…

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Fall TV’s First Cancelled Show Is…



It turns out love was not in the air between ABC and the fall TV season’s first axed show, Manhattan Love Story

The network’s decision to ax the show, of course, comes as no surprise

In just four airings, Love Story, starring former America’s Next Top Model contestant Analeigh Tipton and Jake McDorman, shed nearly half of its 4.7 million premiere audience, with the most recent episode pulling an anemic 2.7 million viewers. Combine that number with a general lack of buzz for the rom-com and a sad DVR ratings boost and you have a bonafide TV bust

The show shouldn’t sulk, though. Someone had to be first, and four weeks into the new fall TV season, everyone was wondering when the first freshman series would fall Read more…

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Peter Kuran:Visual Effects Artist and Atomic Bomb Archivist

Lasrick links to this interview with Peter Kuran, an animator of the original Star Wars and legendary visual effects artist, writing If you saw the recent remake of Godzilla, you saw stock footage from Atom Central, known on YouTube as ‘the atomic bomb channel.’ Atom Central is the brainchild of Kuran, who among his many talents is an expert on archival films of the atmospheric testing era of 1945 to 1963. Combining his film restoration and photography expertise with his interest in nuclear history, he has also produced and directed five documentaries. He is currently working with Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories to preserve and catalog images from the bomb-testing era, and to produce a technical handbook that will help people understand these images and the techniques used to create them.

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