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Proscutors Raid LG Offices Over Alleged Vandalism of Samsung Dishwashers

As reported by Reuters, Korean manufacturing giant LG’s Seoul headquarters have been raided over allegations that LG employees sabotaged dishwashers made by rival Samsung. The Samsung machines were “on display at two stores in September ahead of the IFA electronics show in Berlin.” From the article: On Friday, investigators searched the Seoul offices of LG Elec’s home appliance head, Jo Seong-jin, and others and secured documents and computer hard disks related to the IFA fair, Yonhap News Agency said. They also combed through LG Electronics’ home appliance factory in the southeastern city of Changwon, the report said. … Samsung sued LG Electronics employees after the incident in Germany, and LG said the company has counter-sued Samsung employees on Dec. 12. Media reports have earlier said prosecutors banned LG’s Seong-jin from leaving the country ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be held January 6-9.

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Apparently The Bitcoin Bowl Is A Real Thing That’s Happening Right Now

bitcoin bowl When I first heard about the Bitcoin Bowl, I assumed it was a joke, or maybe a weird startup publicity stunt. It turns out that yes, the Bitcoin Bowl is promoting Bitpay, a Bitcoin-processign startup — but it’s also real college football game that’s underway as I write this on Friday evening.
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‘Exodus’ won’t play in Egypt over ‘historical inaccuracies’



The whitewashed cast of Exodus: Gods and Kings isn’t the only inaccuracy plaguing Ridley Scott’s revision — “historical mistakes” cited by Egypt’s state censorship and minister of culture made it all but impossible for the film to push through the traditional ban on depicting religious figures.

Deadline writer Ali Jaafar reported Friday that Abdul Sattar Fathi, head of the Egyptian state censorship board, and Egypt’s minister of culture have openly criticized Exodus‘ accuracy, a sure sign that any hope of playing in the very country it depicts is gone.

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Santa hats and spray paint spruce up Ebola gear for Christmas



The traditionally yellow and white protective gear that has become a symbol of Ebola treatment in West Africa got a makeover on Christmas Eve as four medical workers in Liberia transformed into Santa, elves and Frosty the Snowman with the help of a little spray paint.

Workers at the International Medical Corps treatment unit in Bong County used what they could to bring Christmas cheer to the sick. Santa, played by Paul, a logistician from Florida, painted his gear red and used inflated plastic bags to add some chunk to his waist, Maia Baldauf, an emergency program officer for International Medical Corps wrote for Quartz Read more…

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Mouthguards, Magnets And Smart Helmets Are Putting The Brakes On Traumatic Brain Injuries

brainxray On beautiful green fields around the U.S., college and professional football players are facing up to 100Gs of rapid deceleration from helmet-to-helmet collisions each week. The result? Concussions and, sometimes, permanent brain injury. Read More

What you need to know about Tor and the hackers targeting it



There are a lot of tools online that claim to offer you total privacy. But when dealing with something like Internet anonymity, it’s hard to be sure

One that’s widely agreed to be among the best available is Tor. If used correctly, the Tor browser and network cloaks online activity in anonymity; your online traffic isn’t traceable back to you. It’s less about keeping credit card numbers secure and more about allowing you to browse the web and communicate with others without revealing who and where you are.

But Tor was attacked on Friday. The hacker group known as Lizard Squad — or at least a Twitter account claiming to be involved with the collective — said that it was going after Tor. According to Tor, which has confirmed the attack, but not the perpetrator, there should be no effects on anonymity or performance. But some experts have speculated that the hackers could track the network’s users.
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Pakistani forces kill an alleged organizer of school massacre

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Security forces on Friday killed an alleged organizer of last week’s school massacre, the latest sign that the government and military are stepping up their assault on the Pakistani Taliban and other Islamist militant groups. The slaying of the Taliban commander, known as Saddam, comes as Pakistani …

Mayor Bill de Blasio under scrutiny as city honors murdered NYPD officer



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio can’t win with the New York Police Department.

Amid criticism that he was not supporting police, de Blasio plans to attend funeral services for slain Officer Rafael Ramos on Saturday. Ramos was killed, along with his partner, in an ambush shooting on Dec. 20.

But the New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, the largest police union in the city, has encouraged officers to sign a request to keep the mayor from attending their funeral if they are killed in the line of duty. The union was circulating the form before the two officers were killed. Read more…

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Build Your Own DIY Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server

raspberry pi CC As we approach the doldrums of winter what could be more cheerful than hours of incessant Minecrafting with you and your loved ones? While you can easily run a server on any computer (the program requires a server app to run in conjunction with a client “game” app), why not use your newly acquired Raspberry Pi? I don’t know! This Instructable essentially tells you how to make… Read More

Mexico selectmen, town manager plan fix for leaky roofs

MEXICO — Several town buildings have been leaking because of an accumulation of slush on their roofs, Town Manager John Madigan told the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday. Madigan said that he had sent some town employees onto the r…