Google to launch Time Square’s largest interactive billboard ever



There is only one Times Square, New York, the place where the world rings in the new year, and now Google is set to take over the largest electronic billboard ever installed on the iconic, neon-laced strip

The billboard, which covers an entire city block, is powered by a Mitsubishi Electric large-scale display (the Diamond Vision AVL-ODT10) that delivers a pixel density of 2,368 x 10,048, exceeding 4K display resolution by 15 million pixels

Located at 1535 Broadway, between 45th and 46th streets, about a mile and a half from Google’s New York headquarters, the record-setting billboard measures 77.69 feet by 329.65 feet Read more…

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Whatever happens to Google Glass, it’s been a boon to smart glasses



Wearable technology took a hit this past week after many began proclaiming the apparent demise of Google Glass. Once the “hot new thing,” Glass has had a tough time ever since Reuters reported many developers had stopped building software for the gadget. Even my colleague, Lance Ulanoff, decided it was time to break up with Glass.

Google quickly tried to get in front of the hearse, insisting it hadn’t abandoned Glass

“Google remains committed to Glass and is energized by the opportunity that wearables, and Glass in particular, represent,” spokesperson Anna Richardson White told Mashable, adding that Google would launch Glass officially “when the product is fully ready.” Read more…

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Google’s Nexus 6 Might Be Too Big For Right Now, But Right-Sized For The Future

Nexus 6-3 As Greg Kumparak noted in the TechCrunch review of the Nexus 6, the phone is very large. Too large, in fact, for most humans. Back when it was just a rumor that Google would be picking Motorola to provide the Nexus 6 hardware, and that it would indeed be a monster with a 6-inch display, I lamented the phabletization of the Nexus line before it was even a real thing. Now, I’ve had some… Read More

5 simple ways to organize your Google Drive



Google Drive is like your closet — you stash all your stuff there, but it’s not exactly organized

The storage service lets users save files like documents, forms and photos. Depending on your storage space, you have a lot of room to play with, which makes it infinitely easy to create clutter

However, there are dozens of little things you can do to clean up your virtual closet. From color-coding to using the “Starred” folder, here are five painless ways to organize your Google Drive

1. See what’s eating up your space.

google space

You only have so much free space in Google Drive before that gratis 15 GB is used up. Before you shell out for extra space, make sure you’re actually using the available room wisely. Much like any device we own, our Drive can quickly fill up with forgotten files, photos or documents that we might not need anymore Read more…

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Google’s LTE-enabled balloons take 5 minutes to inflate, can last 100 days



It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s..Google

The search giant shared some new details on Project Loon, the company’s network of LTE-enabled balloons that deliver Internet access to connect people in rural and remote areas

The balloons, which travel through the stratosphere and can raise or lower into the wind, have travelled 1.86 million miles since the start of the project in June 2013. The company equates that to almost four trips to the moon and back

Google has refined its balloon manufacturing process to increase the life of the balloons, an average of about 100 days — which is 10 times longer than they lasted a year ago. Read more…

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Google Maps Crunches Data, Tells You When To Drive On Thanksgiving

Nerval’s Lobster writes Whatever your plans for Thanksgiving, Google can offer some advice: try to avoid driving anywhere the day before. Analysts from the search-engine giant’s Google Maps division crunched traffic data from 21 U.S. cities over the past two years and found that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is by far the worst traffic day that week, with some notable exceptions. (In Honolulu, Providence, and San Francisco, the worst traffic is always on Saturday; in Boston, it’s Tuesday.) Unfortunately, Wednesday is often the only available travel day for many Americans—but Google thinks they can beat the worst of the traffic if they leave before 2 P.M. or after 7 P.M. on that day. Traffic on Thanksgiving itself is also light, according to the data. When it comes to driving back home, Sunday beats Saturday from a traffic perspective. According to Google Maps’ aggregated trends, Americans also seek out “ham shop,” “pie shop,” and “liquor store” on the day before Thanksgiving, as they rush to secure last-minute items.

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Developers In China Can Now Make Money Via Google Play Apps (But Not In China)

china Google has announced that developers based in China can now make money from the Google Play Store, but the news covers 130 international markets and not China. Read More

YouTube Adds Netflix Content Chief And Ad Exchange Architect To VP Ranks

youtube YouTube is continuing the spate of recent executive-level hires begun under CEO Susan Wojcicki with two new additions to the top-level team today, according to sources familiar with the matter and confirmed by YouTube. The new hires include Netflix VP of Content Acquisition Kelly Merryman, who takes on the VP of Content Partnerships role at YouTube; and Eyal Manor, who was most recently in… Read More

Google Tests Android TV App Submissions, But Has No Plans For An “Apple-Style” Review Process

android-tv Earlier this week, news that Google was implementing an Apple-like app review process began to spread. According to a report from Android Police, the company was now screening and approving apps for Android TV before they were allowed into the Play Store. Of course, any sort of review process like this, at first glance, seems like a big strategy shift for the company, which famously –… Read More

Music mogul wants YouTube to remove Pharrell, Eagles



Irving Azoff, founder of Global Music Rights, wants YouTube to remove songs from his clients, including Pharrell Williams, John Lennon and the Eagles, Bloomberg reports

Azoff and his partner Randy Grimmett claim YouTube does not have permission to use the work of 41 artists represented by Global Music Rights. “There’s no evidence there’s a license,” said Grimmett.

In all, Global Music Rights wants YouTube to remove some 20,000 songs from its site

Google, however, seems to disagree with the accusation. The Wall Street Journal says Google insists “it has struck deals with labels, publishers, license-collection groups and others.” Read more…

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