Mophie Powerstation Plus Review: Integrated Cable Is Both Blessing And Curse

mophie3 Mophie has a new Powerstation Plus backup battery, and it aims for compact, all-in-one design that should reduce bulk and complication when you’re searching for supplementary power. The new design builds a cable right into the power pack, which holds a battery powerful enough to charge your iPhone up to eight extra times, depending on the capacity you choose. Our review unit has enough… Read More

The E-Label Act Will Remove Those Silly FCC Symbols From The Back Of Future Gadgets

You know all that crap that’s listed on the back of your smartphone and tablet? It looks something like this: A jumble of letters and words, an FCC symbol, and instructions to not throw your electronic equipment into the trash. It’s ugly, and generally a waste of space. But luckily for us, it’s time to say goodbye to that mess. In what feels a bit like a holiday gift,… Read More

Here, Star Wars, I Fixed Your ‘Force Awakens’ Lightsaber Crossguard For You

crossblad The first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer features all kinds of things that make my diehard Star Wars soul quiver and dance, but the crossguard on the dark side lightsaber spotted in the teaser, while initially cool, increasingly isn’t one of them. It looks ultimately very impractical, and I couldn’t help but to offer some engineering tips for the weapon’s designer. Read More

Nintendo Patents Game Boy Emulation For Use In Mobile Devices, In-Flight Entertainment

4972254414_b1dd09053f_o A new patent published by the USPTO yesterday details an invention by Nintendo that would allow it to emulate its mobile game consoles, including the Game Boy line of devices specifically, in other settings, including on seat-back displays in airplanes and trains, and on mobile devices including cell phones. The patent is an updated take on an older piece of IP, so it’s not an entirely… Read More

Sony E-ink Watch Aims To Make Low–Power Screens The Next Big Thing In Fashion Fabric

fes-watch Almost every tech hardware maker is basically racing smart watches out the door, but Sony is looking at how it can re-invent the basic timekeeping device itself with a new special project that was only just now revealed to be associated with the Japanese electronics giant, despite popping up on a crowdfunding site months ago. The so-called FES Watch, which uses e-paper for both the face and… Read More

Google slashes price of LG G Watch to $99 for Black Friday



Looking to buy a smartwatch? Google has two Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers which sweeten the deal considerably, especially if you don’t mind getting a slightly older device.

The first one is very straightforward: Google slashed $130 of the price of LG G Watch, bringing it to $99. Though that device, originally unveiled in March, is showing signs of aging (LG launched a new smartwatch, the LG G Watch R, in September), it’s still a nice entry into the fast-growing smartwatch world.

Those looking to buy a different smartwatch, a Nest thermostat or a Nexus 9 (the Nexus 6 is included as well, but it’s out of stock) will get a good deal also — every purchase will yield a $50 credit to buy apps, music, books, movies or magazines from Google Play. Read more…

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Apple Store unveils Black Friday gift card offers



At the stroke of midnight, Apple went live with its Black Friday deals in the Apple Store

These deals will balance your guilt of spending too much money on consumer goods with doing something positive for the world

With a splash of the color red, Apple is offering gift cards up to $100 when you purchase your new, shiny product. The good bit? The company will make a donation to an AIDS charity organization, Red.

The Apple Store update, which was unveiled after a few hours of downtime and speculation, came with the following note:

“Let’s make today more than the start of the shopping season. When you purchase select Apple products, you’ll receive a (PRODUCT)RED™ iTunes Gift Card to use toward anything at the iTunes Store. And we’ll automatically make a donation to the Global Fund to support the fight against AIDS.” Read more…

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MOCAheart Makes Keeping Track Of Your Heart’s Vital Signs Easy

Mocaheart MOCAheart wants to make keeping track of your cardiovascular health as easy as pressing a button. The device, which is currently on Kickstarter, was developed by a team led by Naama Stauber and Dr. Daniel Hong, who was a physician at National Taiwan University Hospital, one of the country’s top teaching hospitals, before becoming an entrepreneur. Read More

A Gift Guide For Watch-Loving Ladies

giftguide-splash-womenswatches While almost anyone can wear any watch – some watch companies aim traditionally female watches at men with small wrists – a dedicated woman’s watch is beautiful, well-made, and timeless. Here are some of my favorites for the past year. Read More

Stop-motion toy cars race in high-octane video



There is nothing more exciting than a high-octane car race — even if those cars can fit in the palm of your hand.

YouTube stop-motion artist ForrestFire101 created video of a thrilling, deadly race that hearkens back to Speed Racer or Death Race 2000, complete with stunts, gadgets and plenty of explosions. The artist got attention earlier this year for his Lego Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

The video features Anki Drive cars, which are app-controlled vehicles that players can race against each other. Each car has its own personality, perks and virtual weapons, and players can customize them as they level up. Anki Drive works with both iOS and Android devices; the company launched at an Apple keynote in 2013. Read more…

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