The Dictionary Has Been Wrong About Siphons for 99 Years



Dictionaries are pretty solid authorities about what words mean, but they overextended themselves when reaching a bit in the definition for the word siphon. The Oxford English Dictionary and many others have erroneously claimed that atmospheric pressure makes siphons work for 99 years, so Dr. Stephen Hughes did some research to set them straight.

Dr. Hughes noticed that the OED misidentified atmospheric pressure as the thing that makes siphons work back in 2010. Really, it’s gravity that causes liquid to flow up the short side of a siphon and down the long side, but the original definition for a siphon read, Read more…

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Apple Working On New Environmental Sensors For Mobile Devices

iPhone-5s-upper-rear Apple potentially wants your next iPhone (or maybe an iWatch) to be able to detect humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature data according to a couple of new patents spotted by AppleInsider today. One of the patents describes a sensor package that could detect temperature, pressure, humidity and sound and that features a partial opening for sound input, or that could use existing microphone… Read More

Adyen Global Payments Index Shows Transactions Creeping Up On Android Tablets

scaled.KindleFireHDX89HorizontalAngleLeft Payments company Adyen has published its latest quarterly mobile payments index, and it shows mobile web payments accounted for a fifth (20.1%) of all payments transactions on its network globally in March — with smartphones accounting for around half (10.9%) of total transactions vs 9.3% being generated by tablets. Read More

Apple Patents A 3D Hologram Display System With Gesture Input

Image (1) apple_store_3d_stereo.jpg for post 369641 Apple has patented a 3D display system (via AppleInsider) that uses a familiar mirror box-type design, but that works with digital images instead of physical objects like those you might find in novelty stores, and that also incorporates 3D gesture-based input from a user for control. The 3D display would project a sort of hologram image above a light source using a UFO-shaped combination of two… Read More

Rumoured Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet Crops Up In Amazon Listings

Surface Mini leaked Amazon listing Here’s the latest heavy hint that Microsoft is getting ready to launch a smaller Surface tablet: an over-eager consumer electronics vendor has posted two listings on Amazon which suggest an 8-inch Surface Mini is arriving in the not too distant future. Read More

Cochlear Implant Shocks Can Help Regrow Auditory Nerves



Electrical pulses delivered from a cochlear implant to the inner ear can be used to regrow auditory nerves to both enhance hearing and deliver gene therapy that could treat everything from Parkinson’s disease to depression, according to new research published today in Science Translational Medicine.

“Our work has implications far beyond hearing disorders,” said study co-author Matthias Klugmann from the University of New South Wales Translational Neuroscience Facility research team. “Gene therapy has been suggested as a treatment concept even for devastating neurological conditions and our technology provides a novel platform for safe and efficient gene transfer into tissues as delicate as the brain.” Read more…

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Siri Could Be Coming to Apple TV



“Siri, play Game of Thrones.”

This could soon be a reality, according to recent reports that suggest Apple may be bringing its digital assistant to the Apple TV.

A line of code found in Apple’s iOS 7.1 software development kit indicates Apple may have plans to add Siri functionality to its set-top box.

The code, which was first reported by 9to5Mac includes references to an “assistant,” Apple’s code name for Siri, according to 9to5, under features listed for the Apple TV.

Screen caps of the code, which is reportedly in files for both iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1, list ‘assistant’ as one of the properties that will be included in device family “3,” which is Apple’s designation for the Apple TV line Read more…

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Apple Sold 20 Million Apple TVs, Which Are Now Far From A Hobby

Image (1) apple-tv.jpg for post 175473 The Apple TV continues to gain traction despite little effort from Apple. On today’s financial earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple has sold 20 million Apple TV boxes. By the end of 2013, the company had sold approximately 10 million Apple TV units. The product is clearly on-pace for a killer year even with new offerings from Amazon and Roku. Read More

Apple’s Greater China Revenue Grew Sequentially In Q2 As iPhone Growth Impresses

sanlitun-apple-store-china Apple’s earnings are out, and the iPhone’s 17 percent growth was likely the most noteworthy number in its hardware results. That’s a big increase for a device that analysts expected to perform pretty much on par in terms of Q2 last year. One probable reason: growth in Greater China, where Apple saw 5 percent increase in revenue sequentially between Q1 and Q2, versus a pretty… Read More

Apple Sold 44M iPhones, 16M iPads And 4M Macs In Q2 2014

ipod-iphone-ipad-family Apple shared its quarterly earnings results today, and for fiscal Q2 2014, the company moved 43.7 million iPhones, 16.3 million iPads and 4.1 million Macs. That compares to 51 million iPhones sold during the first fiscal quarter, along with 26 million iPads and 4.8 million Macs, but that was a holiday quarter, so a dip is to be expected. Last year during the same quarter, Apple sold 37.4 million… Read More