9 Nearly Worthless Gadgets You’re Hanging Onto for Dear Life



You can’t put a price on childhood memories, which explains why most of your favorite toys and gadgets from childhood aren’t worth squat.

Now, you can still make a nice profit off unopened, exceedingly well-maintained or rare items from your younger days, but the majority of your prized possessions are too new to be artifacts and too old to be useful.

Before you try to sell your childhood dreams away, check out the nine items that have much more sentimental value than market value. And if you decide to junk them, think about donating or recycling. Read more…

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5 Robots Booking It to a Classroom Near You



Robots are the new kids in school

The technological creations are taking on serious roles in the classroom. With the accelerating rate of robotic technology, school administrators all over the world are plotting how to implement them in education, from elementary through high school

In South Korea, robots are replacing English teachers entirely, entrusted with leading and teaching entire classrooms. In Alaska, some robots are replacing the need for teachers to physically be present at all

Robotics 101 is now in session. Here are five ways robots are being introduced into schools Read more…

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7 Tech Upgrades to the Old-School Science Class



Long gone are the days of science fair poster boards and paper quizzes, at least not exclusively

Technological breakthroughs have flooded into classrooms, changing the face of K-12 education. From smart boards to smartphones, these digital trends have become useful educational tools in the teaching process. While today’s kids are learning the same lessons and concepts, they are absorbing in different ways

With new apps and interactive sites, science class, in particular, has received a few upgrades. We took a look at how science technology has evolved over time, and what adjustments have been made. Read more…

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The 10 Most Valuable ‘Antiques Roadshow’ Items



Digging up forgotten treasure in grandma’s dusty attic sounds like a tale too good to be true

But for some, that dream has become a reality. The popular PBS television series Antiques Roadshow has earned some local antique owners a small fortune. From art to toys to clothes, people bring in all sorts of goodies to be professionally appraised by experts. Most leave in disappointment, but a lucky bunch have walked away with more than expected

Here’s a look at the 10 most valuable finds on America’s Antiques Roadshow

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The 7 Most Worthless Things at Your Garage Sale



When it comes to garage sales, one person’s trash is…still another person’s trash

Garage sales are a popular way to clean the house of unwanted items. However, because most items are used, they have to sell for incredibly cheap

Lynda Hammond, the Garage Sale Gal, is a secondhand expert, selling and buying items all across the country

“Almost anything and everything will sell at a garage sale,” she tells Mashable. No matter how farfetched the item, there is someone who might be willing to scoop it up. However, that might mean charging only $1 or 10 measly cents. Read more…

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Confessions of a Frat Boy Turned Feminist



Andrew Lohse is annoyed that his brand-new Bass Weejun penny loafers might not fit. This dilemma, he jokes, is his biggest concern of the day—along with picking up clothes from the dry cleaner

So one might be forgiven for thinking that Lohse, a 24-year-old former Dartmouth College student whose exploits as a fraternity member brought him national notoriety and a Rolling Stone feature in 2012, is still a bro at heart

But Lohse, on the phone from Brattleboro, Vermont, is discussing his new book, Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy, and he sounds decidedly not like a bro. In fact, if this conversation took place at a frat house, there’s almost no doubt Lohse would be relentlessly mocked. Read more…

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Diabetes Is Already Psychologically Demanding, So Cut the Stigma Too



When Rachel Kerstetter woke up the morning of Aug. 11, 2011, she knew something was wrong. She had risen multiple times during the night. She was extremely thirsty and her vision was blurry. She needed to go to the bathroom more often than usual.

She could trace some of the symptoms back a couple of weeks, but she thought it was just stress. She and her husband, Brad, had just married that May, and were adjusting to life as newlyweds; they were both searching for jobs right out of college; and Kerstetter was dealing with family drama, all while her father was hospitalized with cancer

But after she experienced nausea and vomiting that particular night, Brad made her go to the doctor — and it ended up saving her life. Read more…

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6 Entertaining Games Made Entirely in Microsoft Excel



Excel — your friendly (and perhaps most dreaded) office tool. But it’s not just for spreadsheets anymore.

Believe it or not, you can turn the data-analyzing, number-cruncher into one unbelievably cool game. The Microsoft software has a few secrets up its sleeve; many people have managed to design new games or recreate classics like Monopoly from its offerings.

Below, we’ve highlighted six games made entirely in Microsoft Excel

Note: For most of these games, you’ll need to enable macros. To do so, open up the game and click “Enable Macros.” Read more…


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9 Incredible Science Projects by Brilliant Kids



Science projects are no longer just about poster boards and papier-mâché volcanoes

With prestigious competitions like the Google Science Fair and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, millions of entrepreneurial students are showcasing their talents and gaining national recognition for their work. From bioplastics made from banana peels to new treatments against influenza, today’s science projects by children and teenagers have turned into life-changing ideas.

Below, we’ve compiled nine recent award-winning science projects from some of the brightest and youngest minds out there. Read more…

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9 Valuable Things You Didn’t Know Are Lying Around Your House



Without even knowing it, you may be sitting on a shiny goldmine.

Don’t be so quick to toss out those worn-out books and dusty toys. Your basement of junk may be a treasure trove of items worth a fortune. After all, no one wants to throw out a Pokémon card, only to later learn that it was worth $5,000 on eBay.

Here are nine things in your home that could be more valuable than you think

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