How to Use the Internet for Foreplay



Calling all couples: The Internet is your new best friend when it comes to foreplay

From secret Pinterest boards to sexy subreddits, there are plenty of sites that can dole out useful relationship tips. If you’re uncomfortable talking about foreplay, these sites will help break the ice

Here are six ways to use the Internet for all your NSFW needs

1. Share a secret Pinterest board.


Search Pinterest tags like “romance” to find flirty images

Image: Pinterest

Sure, when most couples think “Pinterest,” flowery dream weddings and proposals come to mind. But there are additional ways to use the visual social network. Read more…

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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Agreed to via Terms of Service



The terms of service, also known as the document you’re supposed to read before signing up for a site or platform, is a treasure trove of legal guidelines, rules and permissions that few people really care about.

But there are a few things you’re agreeing to, hidden within the jargon, that might change the way you use the web. Some permissions, like keeping personal information, protecting copyrights and preventing impersonation, are well-known and relatively innocuous. That said, there’s a chance you’re violating a term of service without even realizing it.

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20 Nintendo Facts to Blow Your 8-Bit Mind



You know it’s a bad day when you learn that adult love shacks and porn stars have deep, historical roots in your childhood icons

Or maybe it’s just a sign you’re getting older

Take Nintendo: On the surface, it’s an 8-bit, fun-loving universe packed with colorful heroes and affable villains. But behind the scenes? Let’s just say there’s more to the plumber than a little butt crack.

In the latest episode of 5acts, we take a look at the funniest (and dirtiest) facts behind the world’s most beloved gaming franchise

Subscribe to 5facts on YouTube to catch more trivia and jokes like this each week. And special thanks to Smooth McGroove for providing the soundtrack for the show Read more…

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10 Apps That Will Help You Sleep Better



We’ve all heard it before — the general rule of thumb is that a good night’s sleep consists of about seven to eight hours. But with late-night work, stress or Netflix binges, achieving the perfect amount of shut-eye can be difficult

From guided meditations to nature sound playlists, there are a handful of apps out there to help you get the sleep you need and want. You probably already sleep next to your smartphone, so why not take advantage of what these apps have to offer?

We rounded up a list of 10 apps to help you prepare for a restful night and turn off your brain. Check them out below Read more…

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8 Weird Wikis Lurking on the Web



Not all wikis are created equal.

Beyond the organized world of Wikipedia are an infinite number of wiki pages on a myriad of topics. Users have created wikis for everything, from popular TV shows to historical events.

Since the Internet is a virtual Wild West, there are quite a few weird wikis that slip through the cracks. From celebrity feet to unconventional sandwiches, here are eight wikis that’ll make you scratch your head

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6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Replace Your Entertainment Center



They can text, tweet and take pictures — but can smartphones replace an entertainment center?

Sure, you can download Netflix or the HBO Go app, but it’s not always ideal to watch Game of Thrones on your tiny phone screen.

Naturally, plenty of people have figured out numerous ways to tackle that challenge.

From DIY projectors to adaptable tripods, there are plenty of ways you can upgrade your smartphone viewing experience. Get your mobile movie marathon going with these six products and tips.

BONUS: 5 Phone Charging Myths

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Who Cares How Dorky These 10 Summer Accessories Are? It’s Frickin’ Hot



Dorky accessories to keep you cool

Image: Isar Chang

As summer temperatures soar, we break out into fashionable floppy hats and stylish sunglasses. But when it gets really hot, our favorite summer accessories don’t actually do the best job of keeping us cool — and that’s when we turn to other resources.

There are heaps of useful accessories to protect us from the scorching sun. The downside: They look ridiculous. But at the end of the day, who really cares?

We rounded up a list of 10 dorky accessories to keep you cool this summer. Takes notes, ladies and gents. You may find yourself wanting to sport some of this gear. Read more…

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Is It Really Possible to Trick Someone’s Memory, Like Crazy Eyes in ‘OITNB’?



It’s disturbing, but true: a mind divided between fact and fiction

Take an example from Netflix’s hit show, Orange Is the New Black, which follows female inmates in a New York prison. (Spoilers ahead.) In the final episode of season two, the character Suzanne, better known as Crazy Eyes, is tricked into “remembering” the time she brutally attacked a character named Red. In reality, it was a different character named Vee who did it. So how did she manipulate Crazy Eyes into becoming her scapegoat?

Though the show never explicitly states Suzanne’s condition, her character behaves erratically, is prone to mood swings and has a history of violence. We know she spent time in a psych ward Read more…

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The Black Entrepreneur Trying to End Startup Racism Is Almost Out of Cash



Bill Cunningham is wearing the requisite hipster uniform of thick black-framed glasses, a spring-tone plaid shirt and blue jeans. He’s sitting in a conference room at the Wonder Bread Factory, a four-story, century-old brick building redeveloped into a workspace for entrepreneurs

It’s your stereotypical startup environment, but Cunningham doesn’t fit in with his surroundings

At 57, he’s at least 30 years older than the dozens of young, beanie-wearing 20-somethings running various media and tech companies around him. His clothes are a little too ironed. His enthusiasm, a little too studied. Like a professorial salesman, Cunningham is verbose and formal; his conversational style contrasts with the casual confidence his younger counterparts give off Read more…

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Here Comes the Social Networking Bride



Today’s bride is leveraging her social networking skills to make her dream day come true. A quick scroll through your Facebook News Feed and you’ll probably spot her recording every step of the way.

It all starts with the engagement status. Within hours of saying “yes,” 28% of brides-to-be update their social media statuses, while 24% do so the next day

Mashable partnered up with TheKnot.com to conduct a social and tech wedding survey in which we asked couples about their digital habits during the wedding process. Our results show that brides are digitizing their big day in a big way

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