Why Money and Inexperience Are Escalating Sexism at Startups



It’s a story we’ve come to know well: A freewheeling, young startup founder captures the zeitgeist with a smart idea and attracts investors who are willing to stake him with millions of dollars. Then one day, his private views about gender and sexuality become public, go viral and bring a new kind of scrutiny to his company and career

This might sound familiar to Justin Mateen, the 28-year-old cofounder and chief marketing officer of dating app Tinder. Mateen stands accused of sexual harassment and sex discrimination, according to a lawsuit filed recently in California by Whitney Wolfe, a former Tinder employee Read more…

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Save Battery Life With These 7 Lite Versions of Your Favorite Apps



Apps help you stay connected and can improve your daily efficiency — that is, as long as they don’t drain your phone’s battery first.

As apps become more sophisticated, they tend to become battery hogs, tooSocial media, email and other applications eat up power and memory much faster than we’d like. But there are plenty of free “lite” versions you can use as alternatives to your favorites. They may not have all the bells and whistles you’re used to, but they will help extend your battery life

We’ve compiled a list of seven simpler versions of our favorite apps so you don’t have to worry about your battery or memory. Check them out below Read more…

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7 Things We’d Change About LinkedIn



You didn’t really think sending the recruiter at your dream company a Facebook message would work, right?

That’s why you have LinkedIn, the definitive online platform for networking and finding new career opportunities. The website has effectively cornered the market on adapting social networking to the professional space, but it can use a few upgrades to make the most of its unique place in the virtual world.

While one of its most frustrating defaults — allowing other people to see that you’ve visited their profiles — is easily fixed, there are still a few things the company can do to streamline the experience for the average user. Read more…

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7 iPad Apps to Help Students With Dyslexia



Dyslexia is a language-based disorder that makes reading, recognizing words, spelling and decoding especially difficultMore than 20% of the U.S. population is dyslexic, according to the National Institutes of Health, yet stigma and misconceptions often prevent dyslexic people from seeking help.

It’s something you’re born with, but while dyslexia is a lifelong learning disability, early and effective methods can decrease its impact and help dyslexic students maintain the same learning level as their peers.

We rounded up a list of seven apps that students — as well as parents and teachers — may find particularly useful. As with non-dyslexics, each person’s strengths and weaknesses differ; these apps are meant to cover a range of issues and ages. Read more…

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10 Rising Social Networks You Should Explore



Had enough of Facebook and Twitter? It may be time to switch up your go-to social network

With the daily explosion of startups, there are plenty of new social media tools popping up. These newer platforms could be working on the next big thing, so you’ll want to keep an eye out.

Here’s a look at 10 up-and-coming social networks you should know.

Editor’s note: Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore’s personal investment in Shots and Secrets in no way influences the decisions of editorial coverage or analysis.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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4 Chic Ways to Make an Enviable Fashion Set



It’s time to embrace your inner Anna Wintour.

Getting in touch with your chic side is easy with the help of online fashion sets. You know those breezy style collages of mixed and matched outfits, the kind you find in glossy magazines? You can make them on your own with online fashion templates.

Polyvore, the shopping and style community, is one of these sites. It gives users a simple template for creating delectable fashion plates. It boasts more than 20 million monthly users, who have created nearly 100 million photo sets, according to Polyvore’s director of community, Nadia Hussain Read more…

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7 Pieces of Connected Sports Gear to Give Your Game a Virtual Edge



Before technology, only hard work and harder coaching could help you tighten up your baseball swing or quicken your crossover. But now, sports equipment companies are giving athletes of all ages the tools to track and improve their performance in unprecedented ways

There are a slew of sensors and connected equipment that will let you match your experience on the field with the metric and measurements you need to figure out what went right or wrong. When you can figure out why your free kicks are failing, or why your right hook isn’t hitting hard enough, these tools will come in clutch.

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5 Amazon Sex Toy Reviews That Will Tickle You Pink [NSFW]



Let’s talk about sex toys, baby.

Specifically, let’s talk about sex toys for sale on Amazon. As with other products on the site, users can leave thoughtful, detailed reviews. However, some users view the template as a chance to get in touch with their comedic sides and write something weird and funny.

For example, reviewers had a field day writing a critique of a 55-gallon keg of lube available on Amazon for $1,433. The same applies to other sexual products, like dildos and fleshlights

Check out these silly reviews for five other NSFW adult products Read more…

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How to Use the Internet for Foreplay



Calling all couples: The Internet is your new best friend when it comes to foreplay

From secret Pinterest boards to sexy subreddits, there are plenty of sites that can dole out useful relationship tips. If you’re uncomfortable talking about foreplay, these sites will help break the ice

Here are six ways to use the Internet for all your NSFW needs

1. Share a secret Pinterest board.


Search Pinterest tags like “romance” to find flirty images

Image: Pinterest

Sure, when most couples think “Pinterest,” flowery dream weddings and proposals come to mind. But there are additional ways to use the visual social network. Read more…

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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Agreed to via Terms of Service



The terms of service, also known as the document you’re supposed to read before signing up for a site or platform, is a treasure trove of legal guidelines, rules and permissions that few people really care about.

But there are a few things you’re agreeing to, hidden within the jargon, that might change the way you use the web. Some permissions, like keeping personal information, protecting copyrights and preventing impersonation, are well-known and relatively innocuous. That said, there’s a chance you’re violating a term of service without even realizing it.

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