App Store Downloads Top 85 Billion, Revenue Up 36 Percent Year-Over-Year

app-store Apple CEO Tim Cook announced today during the company’s FY Q4 2014 earnings call that Apple’s cumulative App Store downloads have now topped 85 billion up from 60 billion around a year ago. The number was announced alongside news of Apple’s massive quarter, and its record-breaking sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. For additional context, at Apple’s… Read More

Deeplink Rolls Out Developer Tools That Make Apps More Interoperable

iPhone Apps Mobile deeplinking company, Deeplink is focused on making native applications on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices function more like the web, in the sense that you should be able tap your way in between apps similar to the way you can tap on hyperlinks to navigate the web. Today, the company is taking a major step forward in making this functionality more widespread with the… Read More

Giftgaming Gives You Power-Ups In Exchange For…Giving You Real-World Discounts

giftgaming-4 Giftgaming is a win-win-win that helps you win. Advertisers get exposure, developers get paid, and you get free virtual goods in mobile games plus coupons for discounts on meatspace purchases. Today, Giftgaming launched its service onstage at the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in London. When you’re playing a mobile game like Fluid Football, you’ll be able to tap a Giftgaming icon for… Read More

IO Feels Like A Human Friend Who Gives Great Restaurant Recommendations Siri sucks. We’re all aware of this. Which works out well for IO, the Russian company behind a social concierge app that can answer any question you have about restaurants.
The product is called TalkTo, and if I wasn’t here to tell you that TalkTo is a machine, you might mistake it for a real-life, brilliant human being. Read More

CosmEthics Is An App To Analyze The Make Up Of Your Make-Up

Cosmethics-2 The cosmetics industry is massive. It’s also massively secretive when it comes to the ingredients contained in its expensive lotions and potions. That’s something CosmEthics — a startup launching its app today at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe — is determined to change. Read More

Dropbox Updated For iPhone 6 And 6 Plus, Gains Touch ID Support

dropbox-screen A week after popular file-sharing site Dropbox confirmed user accounts were compromised but denied claims of its own servers being breached, the company has rolled out an update to its iOS application which introduces support for Apple’s Touch ID. With this change, iOS 8 users will now have the option to unlock and access their Dropbox accounts using their own fingerprints. Dropbox is… Read More

Gmail For Android Will Soon Support Yahoo Mail, Outlook And Other Email Services

gmail Use email? Own an Android device? Not a fan of Gmail? There’s good news coming your way.
Google is preparing a major update for Gmail for Android that will, among many things, finally handle email accounts from other service providers, such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo and AOL [mandatory disclaimer: AOL is, of course, the owner of TechCrunch]. That’s according to the sleuths at… Read More

Android Lollipop Easter Egg Casts Andy The Android As Flappy Bird

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.12.12 AM Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming soon, and shipping on Google’s new Nexus hardware, but a newly discovered Easter Egg in the build is already available in the developer preview. The hidden, fun feature in Android 5 is accessible via the Settings menu, with repeated tapping on the Android version number listing, and gives users the chance to play through an Android Lollipop-themed version… Read More

Uber’s Nonprofit Ridesharing Service People’s Uber Expands To More Chinese Cities

uberrush2 Uber has expanded People’s Uber, its ridesharing pilot program, to more cities in China today, following its August launch in Beijing. People’s Uber is now available in Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Read More

Secure Messaging App Wickr Adds 22 Languages To Give More People A Private Voice

1117583140_4b7b1fa0ec_b Wickr, one of the wave of secure messaging apps that have risen to prominence in the last year as people question how private their data and communications really are these days (even among “private” apps), is expanding its sights globally. From today, the app — which has had “well over 3 million downloads” says CEO and co-founder Nico Sell — is… Read More