NightOwl Launches So You Can Get Drunker Better Faster Stronger

Screenshot 2014-11-20 14.05.18 There’s nothing better than finding that special bar. The one that has your favorite scotch, or makes a mean margarita, or plays the perfect music. Finding that special bar, on the other hand, can be a real pain in the ass.
That’s why NightOwl is launching in NYC. The app works almost exactly like Foursquare, but with an exclusive focus on nightlife, including bars and clubs and… Read More

Blippy Returns With A Brand-New GIF Keyboard For iOS 8

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.57.26 PM Ready for another GIF keyboard for iOS 8? Blippy has returned today with a new app that lets you create, save and discover new GIFs to use when messaging with your friends on your iPhone. The app serves to replace the earlier, also GIF-focused, Blippy iOS app, that was pulled from the App Store back in September. Those with long Internet memories may remember the name Blippy as being… Read More

TheLadders Revamps iPhone App To Focus On Job Referrals, Unveils Job Market Guide

Ladders_Feed_full What good is a job search site or app when you’re not looking for a job? That’s the issue TheLadders is tackling with the launch of a new version of its iOS app and a new feature that it calls the Job Market Guide. CEO Alex Douzet told me that these are the first steps in a new direction for the company, which was founded in 2003. TheLadders was initially aimed at people looking… Read More

Dropbox Drags Its Expensive, Forgotten Photo App Carousel To Web And Tablets

Carousel_Global_Blog-copy_smaller-1 Last year Dropbox threw a glitzy launch event for its new photo storage and viewing app Carousel, and people went right on using the dozen other ways to keep and comb through memories. Despite Dropbox’s 300 million users, it saw less than a half million downloads on Android, and has hovered around #350 on the iOS photo app chart, falling out of the top 1500 apps overall less than two… Read More’s New App Called PriceJump Finds You The Lowest Price, Online, On Amazon Or In-Store

Woman Using Barcode Reader Through Smart Phone Amazon has a reputation for having low prices, but that’s not always the case. recently revealed via its price comparison tool that, half the time, Amazon had higher prices than its online competitors. Today, the company is furthering its price comparison efforts with the launch of an app that helps shoppers figure out where to buy for the lowest price across three… Read More

Jaunt VR Releases Its First Content With App That Puts You On Stage With Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Jaunt wants to give you something to watch on makeshift virtual reality headsets like Google Cardboard, Dodocase, and Mirage. So today the 360-degree camera and VR production software maker launches its free Android app featuring the first of many planned VR content releases: on-stage and front row views of Paul McCartney playing “Live And Let Die” at San Francisco’s… Read More

“Dark Hearts” Is A Horror Series For iOS That Adds New Details Every Time You Watch It

Dark Hearts Haunting Melissa Hooked Digital Media Most shows still rely on the same narrative devices as those produced for traditional television, even ones made for online platforms like “House of Cards” or “Orange Is The New Black.” Hooked Digital Media, a studio based in Santa Monica, California, wants to change that by creating films especially for watching on mobile devices. Read More

Apple Relabels “Free” Download Buttons On iTunes And Mac App Store To “Get” Following Pressure from EC

appstore Across the iTunes and Mac App Stores today, a minor but also notable change is taking place with regard to how Apple is marketing its iOS and Mac applications. Instead of free apps being labeled as “FREE,” the download button now reads “GET.” The change likely has to do with increased pressures from the European Commission, which this summer, succeeded in forcing Google… Read More

Apptopia’s New Service Is A “BuiltWith” For Apps

DROID Turbo Ballistic Nylon Apps Web developers for a long time have used a site called BuiltWith to determine what technologies power top websites, including what hosts, analytics providers, shopping cart systems, and more run behind-the-scenes of top domains. Now app store data provider Apptopia is doing something similar for mobile applications by looking at which SDKs (software development kits) are installed in nearly… Read More

Uber Shows The Privacy Wars Are Revving Up

GodView.png Uber’s latest PR disaster doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know about the company. It is, after all, unabashedly named Uber. Translation: above. Aka: superior. Its brand is absolutely intended to embody and convey all the dastardliness required to get to that lofty perch uber alles. Read More