Matt Burns

Twitter Is Suspending Accounts For Sharing Beheading Images And Videos

twitter Tweet a graphic image relating to a video allegedly showing the beheading of photojournalist James Wright Foley and risk having your account suspended. The word comes from Twitter CEO Dick Costolo who announced the company’s actions in a tweet on Wednesday morning, several hours after the shocking video appeared on YouTube and suddenly went viral. Read More

Swing Copters Is The Latest Game From The Creator Of Flappy Bird

swingcopters Take Flappy Bird, make the bird fly vertically and avoid swinging things, and you have Swing Copters, the next mobile game from Dong Nguyen. Because let’s burn more of our time on this earth with mindless games. Read More

The Saleen FourSixteen Is A Faster, Louder And More Slippery Tesla Model S

SALEEN_FOURSIXTEEN_Lizstick-Red (5) The Tesla Model S is already a shockingly quick car. The electric drive train will propel the car to 60 miles per hour in just over five seconds. But that’s not fast enough for Steve Saleen, owner of Saleen Automotive, who recently said his company’s upgraded example of the Model S, called the FourSixteen, will sprint to 60 mph in the mid- to low four-second range. Because why not. Read More

I’ve Become The Embarrassing Parent With The Camcorder

camera (1 of 1) Everyone had a dad, mom or uncle who was addicted to the VHS camcorder. Large and hoisted on a shoulder, it captured every birthday party and canoe trip on its massive tape. Our family’s official cameraman was Uncle Brian. Some 15 years and several rolls of duct tape later, he finally let the old machine rest and enlisted his BlackBerry to enshrine the memories. Read More

Pure Storage’s Scott Dietzen And Sutter Hill’s Mike Speiser To Talk About Building For The Long Term At Disrupt SF

speiser-dietzen Pure Storage is upending the enterprise storage industry by fully utilizing flash memory technology into their product. Scott Dietzen, the current CEO of Pure Storage, and Mike Speiser, managing director at Sutter Hill Ventures, are working together to grow Pure Storage into an industry leader in flash-based enterprise data storage and they’ll be joining us onstage at Disrupt SF 2014. Read More

Xiaomi’s One More Thing

lei-jobs (1) The young electronics company Xiaomi is exploding in China and seems posed to take over the world. In the four short years since its founding, Xiaomi has become the electronics brand to watch in the most populous nation on earth. Xiaomi is the now the real deal — thanks in part to its unabashed appropriation of design cues from companies like Apple. Read More

Eventbrite’s Power Duo Julia And Kevin Hartz Will Speak At Disrupt SF

eventbrite We’re thrilled to announce that Eventbrite co-founders Julia and Kevin Hartz will be joining us for an on-stage interview at Disrupt SF 2014 — the tickets for which are sold by Eventbrite, natch. Julia and Kevin Hartz are married now, but they weren’t when they paired up with Renaud Visage to start the incredibly popular self-service ticketing company that lets users… Read More

Please Join Us For The 9th Annual August Capital Party In Silicon Valley

9393142521_3dbc3b4d80_k TechCrunch’s annual summer soirée is almost here. As in years past, August Capital will host TechCrunch and hundreds of local investors, founders and developers at its sunny office on Sand Hill Road. All are welcome to the August 1 event, but space is very limited. Read More

Powermat Wireless Phone Charging Comes To Cadillac Vehicles

2015-cadillac-escalade-front-three-quarters-view-03 Wireless inductive charging is coming to Cadillacs. Starting with the 2015 ATS and later hitting the CTS and Escalade, the vehicles can be equipped with a Powermat charging pad. Sadly, most devices with wireless charging use a competing standard and are not compatible with this system. The Powermat charging pad will be located behind the Caddy’s motorized CUE infotainment screen. Hit… Read More

Microsoft Is Back To Bashing Apple In Latest Advertisment

Microsoft-Cortana-Build-2014-000 In Microsoft’s latest TV spot, the company stacks its voice assistant against Apple’s. Spoiler: Microsoft’s wins. Read More