Matt Burns

Who Wants A Ticket To The Disrupt NY Hackathon?

8689602336_61672000a2_b Ready. Set. Go. Our events team just released another batch of tickets to the Disrupt NY Hackathon. You can grab one below. Last year using the Foursquare and Plaid APIs, a credit card transaction tracker took home the top prize. Teams are forming now so grab a ticket while they’re still available. Read More

Google Launches Home Try-On Program For Glass

hunter glass Interested in owning Google Glass, but not sure how it will look on your face? Google now has an in-home try-on program that lets prospective buyers try all four colors of Glass and the entire Titanium Collection in different colors, for free. Read More

Hack Siri To Control Spotify, A Nest, A Tesla, And Give Directions Through Google Maps

googolplex A team of University of Pennsylvania freshmen have turned Siri into the useful companion she was always meant to be. Their creation, GoogolPlex, routes Siri commands through a proxy, allowing their system to add custom commands. Ever want Siri to play a certain Spotify song on demand? Or control a Nest Thermostat? Or unlock your Tesla? GoogolPlex can do all of that. Enabling GoogolPlex is a… Read More

BrightContext Acquired By WealthEngine To Bring Big Data To Marketers

brightcontext1 As BrightContext co-founder and CEO John Funge told TechCrunch in 2012, “What Twilio is to telephony, BrightContext is to real-time data streams.” It’s with that hook that WealthEngine scooped up the company to add BrightContext’s real-time analysis capabilities to its chest of marketing and fundraising tools. Read More

Samsung Is Keeping Its Options Open With Android Wear And Tizen

Image (1) Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-Android-tablet-1-million-sales1.jpeg for post 346740 Samsung plans on releasing a smartphone powered by Android competitor Tizen this year. Likewise, Samsung is also working on a smartwatch that runs Android, according to a Reuters report. It’s bizarro world for Samsung. Read More

Google Actually Sells Out Of A Google Glass Model

puppy-glasses Apparently some people still want Google Glass. The white model sold out several hours after Google allowed anyone to purchase the product. Models of the other colors are still available — at least until Google stops selling the product tonight. For today only, Google made Glass available to anyone. This is the first time since the product’s announcement that Google has allowed the general… Read More

Amazon’s Smartphone To Feature Unique But Limited 3D Effects

amazon-smile1 TechCrunch has learned that Amazon’s upcoming flagship smartphone, running a forked version of Android, will have head-tracking capabilities offering up limited 3D effects. This key feature will be reserved to just a few built-in gestures, according to a source with first-hand experience of the company’s mobile ambitions. Read More

100 Tesla Model S Convertibles Are Headed To China

nce-tesla-model-s-convertible-001-1 Hold on to your hat. The Tesla Model S is about to get more breezy thanks to a drop-top conversion by Newport Convertible Engineering. Both hard and soft top conversions are now available — they don’t come cheap, though. A soft-top conversion costs $29K and a hard-top $49K. Plus, the buyer has to supply the Tesla Model S. But, once converted, there’s no question that you’ll have the raddest… Read More

Top Sequoia Capital Partner Roelof Botha To Take The Stage At Disrupt NY 2014

botha-tcflickr When Sequoia Capital partner Roelof Botha talks about a company, people listen. Botha has been the mastermind behind funding rounds of several successful startups, with a specific knack for social services. He’s repeatedly found himself in the top 30 on Forbes’ annual Midas List, which ranks the top individual investors at the major venture capital firms. Which is why we’re excited to… Read More

CarPlay Is Coming To The Third-Party Stereo Market

108205660_alpine-cda-7949jg-car-cd-player-stereo-copper-chassis- iPhone fans will not have to buy a new car to get in on the CarPlay fun if a report from a Japanese business newspaper is correct. Alpine is reportedly planning on releasing an aftermarket stereo sporting CarPlay this Fall. Read More