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People-Powered Publishing Is Changing All the Rules



After a long day at work as a personal assistant, 28-year-old Nikki Kelly was commuting home on the London Underground’s Central Line when she received an eagerly anticipated email. “I’m not going to read it on the train in case it’s a ‘no,’” she thought. She was expecting a rejection.

Kelly got off the train two stops early. On the platform, she looked at her iPad and tentatively read the first couple of lines of the message.

The email was from the editor in chief at a prominent children’s publisher. They liked her manuscript

“I burst into tears,” she says. “I was literally standing on the platform sobbing and people were looking at me like I was very strange.” Read more…

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9 Social Media Resolutions for 2014



You know the drill — new year, new start. You may be planning to slim down, give up that gross habit or get your life in order in some way. But have you given any thought to your online world?

We’re taking a look at your social media life with a list of new year’s resolutions we’d like to see everyone keep, from posting fewer annoying photos to being a bit more positive across your networks.

Take a look at our suggestions below. Have your own suggestions? Add them in the comment section below

1. No More Humblebragging

Can we please make 2014 the year the “humblebrag” dies a much-needed death? While we’re at it, let’s also stop namedropping and giving blatantly insincere pleas for advice that are clearly just made to highlight a glamorous, exotic or exciting “dilemma.” Read more…

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7 Scary Accurate Vintage Ads That Predicted the Future



We may not be riding hoverboards, employing robot maids or wearing one-piece space-suits, but that doesn’t mean all predictions from the past about life in the future haven’t come true

We found seven videos that offer visions of the future that aren’t too far off today’s reality. From the foretelling of home computers to a 1970s prophecy of the Internet, these particular predictions from the past were spot-on

Take a look through our space-age selection in the gallery above. In the comments below, let us know which clips surprised you with their eerie accuracy. Read more…

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10 Top Skins for Your Pebble Smartwatch



Are you the proud owner of an awesome Pebble smartwatch? Did you know you can jazz up your favorite wearable with a custom-created skin?

We have found 10 excellent examples of skins, wraps and decals that will change up the look of your futuristic timepiece faster than you can say “wrist-based computing.”

Take a look through the image gallery to see the styles we’ve chosen to highlight. Have we missed a Pebble skin you love? Then please share it in the comments below

Image: Instagram, GadgetWraps Read more…

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Why Buy Wrapping Paper When You Can Print These at Home?



Thanks to the talent and generosity of some really awesome designers, there are hundreds of free, festive printables available online.

Whether you’re looking to save some cash, get crafty this holiday season or you just left things until the last minute, we’ve handpicked 10 sets of printable designs that can help you out with your gift wrapping needs

Take a look through our gallery of gorgeous designs, where you’ll find wrapping paper, gift boxes, bags, tags and more.

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Image: Shhh My Darling Read more…

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Superhero Leg Lamp Is the Perfect Gift for Comic Fans



Product name: Superman and Batman Leg Lamps
Price: $34.99
Who would like this?: Kids; comic book lovers; the superhero-obsessed; fans of over-the-top, kitsch home decor

If you’ve seen the classic movie A Christmas Story, chances are you’ll remember the iconic leg lamp — complete with faux-fishnet stocking — featured in the film.

In the movie, Ralphie’s mum was none-too-pleased with the product. We think the leg lamp is due a revamp, however; so naturally we’re delighted to see these superhero versions hit store shelves.

With every holiday season that passes, it seems to get harder and harder to find unique gifts with a “wow factor” (socks and gift cards just aren’t cutting it). We think that these official DC Comics lamps — fashioned to look like Batman’s or Superman’s legs — have nailed it Read more…

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8 Great Gadget Gifts for Your Grandparents



Are you looking for the perfect tech gift for your grandparents? While some grandpas and grandmas are consumer electronics ninjas, others may not be as immersed in digital culture as you are.

We found eight great gifts that will improve your grandparents’ tech lives in various ways, but are crucially easy to use with features to suit any lifestyle

Whether your grandparents might enjoy a new camera, high-tech speakers or a digital weather station, you’ll find something worth giving from our selection in the gallery above.

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Smart Night Light Takes Fear Out of Bedtime



Product name: Boon Glo
Price: $84.99
Who would like this?: Kids of all ages

Children can be surprisingly hard to buy for at Christmas. Once you take into account what Santa Claus is planning to drop down the chimney, you may not find yourself with many options

We think we’ve found the ideal gift for kids of all ages — the Boon Glo night light. It’s perfect for younger children struggling to overcome their fear of the dark, or for older kids who want to extend “lights out” time


We can all remember the comforting power of a night light. The Boon Glo takes this concept and adds some cool tech to make for some innovative illumination. While we can’t promise getting them into bed will be any easier, we’re sure all kids will be excited to turn on the Glo for an evening Read more…

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7 Sites for Holiday Gift Inspiration



Are you looking for a little extra gift-buying inspiration this holiday season? We can help you out with these useful sites that offer excellent gift suggestions

From social shopping services to curated collections, we’ve rounded up seven web destinations that will help you find the perfect gift for those hard-to-shop-for loved ones on your list

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Image: Flickr, Jennifer C. Read more…

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20 Secret Santa Gifts Under $20



Finding the perfect Secret Santa present is a true challenge

The item has to show you know a little something about what makes your giftee an individual and ideally inject a little good-natured humor into the gift-giving process. It’s not always an easy ask, especially when you’re working with a set budget

Inspired by the world of social media, popular Internet culture and plain old-fashioned geekery, we have found 20 items that we’re sure will be perfect for whoever you pulled out of the fluffy Secret Santa hat

Best of all, our choices come in under the $20 mark, so you should ace any budgetary limitations too. You’re so welcome! Read more…

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