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18 Whimsical London Fashion Week Photos That Will Make You Smile



Some people think of British fashion as prim and coquettish, probably with ruffles — you know, something you could wear to a polo match. On the contrary

London Fashion Week, which started Friday, proves the UK has its own brand of fashion whimsy. Designers and tastemakers are eager to share their style sense through garments and accessories. With cartoonish colors and cheeky statement jewelry, Brits continue their time-honored tradition of challenging the style status quo.

It’s only day two of London Fashion Week, and our heads can’t stop spinning. From neon vinyl and fuzzy sandals to ironic swim caps, here are the favorite finds that made us smile: Read more…

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You Need 3D Glasses to Fully Experience These Clothes



NEW YORK, New York — American fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff debuted garments that featured stereoscopic 3D fabric Friday at New York Fashion Week. Show attendees were each provided a pair of 3D glasses to view the final five looks of the the label’s Spring/Summer 2015 ready-to-wear line

However, the 3D looks at the Rebecca Minkoff show fell flat

After the first 27 ensembles sauntered down the runway in crisp whites and springtime cottons, the lights in the Lincoln Center theater turned low. The glitterati and fashion bloggers donned their 3D glasses in anticipation. Yet when the looks turned the corner, people squinted to spot the illusions. Read more…

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Women, You Don’t Have to Be Loud to Be Good Leaders



It was a Friday afternoon in New York City, chilly inside the auditorium. Women crowded toward the front of the stage, their goodie bags spilling Luna Bars and lipstick samples into the aisles. For the first few hours of the conference, a parade of charismatic executives in color-blocked dresses had urged attendees to “speak up,” “sit at the table,” become vocal members of the C-suite.

The popular refrain for today’s latest women’s movement (Need I say it? “Lean in.”) is a tidy sound bite that encapsulates a powerful message. Sheryl Sandberg rightly encourages women to be assertive and test their fears, primarily in the workforce. Yet many women are misinterpreting this feminist battle cry to mean aggressive assertiveness, loud doggedness Read more…

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15 Horrifying Signs That ’90s Claire’s Is Dead



I was on the hunt this week for a tattoo choker. My other one snapped in half, and the beads exploded everywhere — it was a disaster. I don’t want to talk about it, whatever.

Like any sensible girl raised on scrunchies would do, I headed to the nearest Claire’s (also because Limited Too is called something lame different now). Not only were they out of stock, I soon learned what nightmares awaited me. Claire’s Accessories had changed since the ‘90s.

The mood-ring selection was horrifyingly tiny. The keychains contained pictures of men who were not Leonardo DiCaprio. And there were no alien iron-on patches — anywhere. Read more…

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John Stamos Kisses Vine Superstar, Homophobia Erupts



Vine celebrity Jerome Jarre played his beloved Kiss Prank on actor John Stamos on Tuesday. But instead of flailing with shock and confusion, Stamos returned the favor by planting a big smooch on Jarre’s mouth

Jarre posted the Vine video to his 6.1 million followers, expecting the usual delighted and jocular responses from fans. Turns out, those expectations were too high. Commenters hailed Jarre with homophobic slurs, accusing him of being gay and threatening to unfollow him for it. Worse, they lambasted the entire LGBT community with hateful and violent threats

“I am receiving death threats now, but I would not delete this Vine for anything in the world,” Jarre tells Mashable. Read more…

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Women of the World: Dump Kimye, Tackle Climate Change



“No one ever said on her death bed, ‘I wish I’d spent more time on Facebook,’” says attorney and media correspondent Lisa Bloom

A more likely scenario: regret that she didn’t do more to save her grandchildren from rising carbon dioxide levels, because she was too busy scrolling her News Feed and flipping through Us Weekly.

Bloom believes Western society’s current preoccupation with trivial celebrity gossip and insipid social media — and the time we waste with it — will be its downfall. As our fascination for easy entertainment increases, our investment in global affairs decreases. In particular, women should do more to fight climate change; it is a uniquely women’s issue, she says. They are innately suited to battle climate problems, some would argue better than men. Read more…

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What’s Wrong With Sounding Like a Gay Man?



You wouldn’t know David Thorpe was gay. Depending on your perspective, you might guess metrosexual. He wears trendy jeans and a looped scarf; he keeps his beard tidy. On the New York City subway, he looks like any other typical 45-year-old man.

Until he opens his mouth

Thorpe has a gay-sounding voice. In his case, that means a relatively high vocal register for a man and a hint of a gravelly creak you might expect from a Kardashian. He draws out some vowels with a melodic swing

But it’s only in the past three years, while working on his documentary Do I Sound Gay?, that he’s fully embraced his “gay voice.” The goal of the film is to de-stigmatize the term, and eliminate the stereotypes and homophobia surrounding the distinct vocal style Read more…

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The One Person Not Taking Celebrity Worship Photos at the Met Gala



Celebrities and fashion journalists weren’t the only ones to add shimmer to the Met Gala red carpet on Monday night. Photographer Brandon Stanton, the man behind viral sensation Humans of New York (HONY), attended the glamorous event, which took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Logging more than 4.9 million Facebook fans, HONY publishes portraits of New Yorkers who Stanton typically meets on the street. He pairs each photograph with touching, revelatory and often inspiring quotes, which he gathers by interviewing his subjects.

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15 Things the Kentucky Derby and Coachella Have in Common



The Kentucky Derby gallops into Louisville on Saturday, May 3. So prepare for Instagram pics full of lavender bermuda shorts, Vine videos spilling with champagne and more fascinators than you can throw up in

The event comes mere weeks after Coachella 2014, the bohemian, flower-strewn musical utopia — or the sweaty desert sandstorm that just happens to have music, depending on your point of view

In truth, the two crowds couldn’t be more different. In the east, you’ll find ladies clad in pearls, platform shoes and Lilly Pulitzer prints. In the west, it’s ironic snapbacks and a joint your brother hid in the crotch of his boxer briefs Read more…

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How Does Your Mom Inspire You?



On Mother’s Day, you might give your mom a book or a thoughtful card. You might call to tell her you love her. You might take a moment to reminisce about your fondest memories together.

But one of the greatest gifts you can give your mother is recognition. Whether it takes a few words or a few hours, acknowledging your mother’s hard work is music to her ears

That’s why Mashable is giving you the space to share your sweetest memories of mom. We’d like to know:

What is your most inspiring memory of your mother?

Did she speak to your teacher when you were bullied? Does she work two jobs to help put you through college? Did she tuck you in every night with a familiar prayer or lullaby? Read more…

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