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Can YxYY Make Us Fall in Love With Conferences Again?



When a conference takes place largely in a pool, surrounded by booze, piñatas and Settlers of Catan boards, can you even call it a conference anymore?

For YxYY, nomenclature isn’t important. After all, the event doesn’t even have an agenda. The No. 1 rule of YxYY (pronounced “Yes and Yes Yes”) is to attend the conference with no schedules or expectations whatsoever — and you’d better keep it that way

“The idea was, if you got a group of smart, engaged individuals together in the right space that great things would happen, even in the absence of a conference structure,” cofounder Ann Larie Valentine tells Mashable. Read more…

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Vine Comedian Nick Spears Dead at 35, Community Mourns



Comedian and writer Nick Spears died of apparent heart complications Friday. He was 35.

Spears was beloved in the social-media community, particularly by a tight-knit group of comedians and friends on video-sharing platform Vine.

In addition to his social-media and standup comedy, the Los Angeles, Calif. resident was an active volunteer for F*ck Cancer, a non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness, and end cancer through early medical detection

Vine sensation and cancer fighter Ryan McHenry became close with Spears via the social network, although the two never met in real life Read more…

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The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Etiquette



LinkedIn has developed a killer resource of 225 million users, one you absolutely should take advantage of when it comes to your career. But you’ll have to navigate LinkedIn’s potentially tricky tools and settings while you’re at it. Not to mention take care to maintain proper etiquette at all times. That’s a lot of pressure.

Chances are, if you do use LinkedIn, you’re approaching the network from a job seeker’s perspective — if not now, then in the future. Or maybe you’re a recruiter or a PR representative looking to network and pitch via LinkedIn

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I’m on Facebook Because I’m Bored Beyond Belief



Facebook is the fourth — sometimes the fifth — social network I check during the day. It’s at the bottom of the list

Somewhere along the line, Facebook became a last resort, a platform I regretfully open when I’ve hit the depths of boredom. When my friend is running 20 minutes late for brunch, only after I’ve logged my weekly call with Grandma and checked every other app

I’d rather strike up a conversation with a stranger than browse Facebook — and I live in New York. Strangers are weird here

Don’t get me wrong. Facebook itself is not boring. On the contrary, I could and have spent hours exploring all the tools Facebook offers: Facebook Subscribe, Facebook Lists, Facebook Groups, Facebook Shared Photo Albums, Facebook Pages, Facebook Gifts, Facebook Graph Search. And I haven’t even mentioned the thousands of apps that “enrich” the Facebook experience. Read more…

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How Do You Pronounce These 5 Tech Terms?



The web’s most divisive debate isn’t iPhone vs. Android or even Apple vsMicrosoft. The feud that will fan the Internet flames forever is “GIF” vs. “JIF.”

Perhaps it’s because the world so rarely interacts face-to-face anymore or discusses issues using our actual voices, but it appears the pronunciation of certain tech terms is still up for debate. Specifically, the five words in the poll below attract a host of vocal interpretations.

Mashable, Addvocate and Column Five teamed up to create this quiz to gather some linguistic intel — and hopefully settle the score once and for all. Although it’s anonymous, please fill out some basic information before beginning the poll. The data will help us determine language trends by age, region and occupation. Keep an eye out for the follow-up article. Read more…

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