Australia takes first step toward Bitcoin as currency



In a positive sign for financial technology startups, a government inquiry has set the stage for the digital currency Bitcoin to be treated like a regular currency in Australia.

A Senate Economics References Committee review into digital currencies in Australia has found they should be treated like any other currency for the purposes of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Australian Financial Review reported

The result is a rebuff to the position of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), which ruled in 2014 that Bitcoin was “neither money nor a foreign currency” and was liable for the GST, as well as other taxes Read more…

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KFC South Africa Lets Customers Listen To Music Using Bone Conduction

An anonymous reader writes: The end of annoying restaurant muzak may be nigh: A KFC branch in South Africa has put together a playlist of local artists for diners to enjoy — so long as they do so in silence. The in-shop broadcasts can only be heard using bone conduction as a speaker — diners put their elbows on the table and cup their ears if they want to hear the tunes.

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Australian footballer Adam Goodes finally speaks out over racist booing



It is a controversy that has engulfed Australian sport — the racist booing of the Australian football (AFL) player, Adam Goodes.

There have been think pieces, opinion pieces, negative pieces, support pieces, Shane Warne saying something, and a massive fan movement to show Goodes that Australia does care

The saga began after the Sydney Swans player, who is Indigenous, got sick and tired of being booed while playing football, and decided to take a one-match break from the game


The move drew attention to the racist undertones that still exist in Australian sport and life, and created a nationwide discussion about Indigenous issues. The conversations were lengthy but worthwhile, and Goodes remained out of the media spotlight as they took place. Read more…

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Buzz Aldrin Publishes Moon Expenses Form

An anonymous reader writes: Proving once again that the government has a form for everything, Buzz Aldrin has unveiled his Apollo 11 documentation on social media over the past few days, including a travel voucher detailing his expenses on his trip to the moon. The papers listed him as having been on a “work trip” from his home in Houston, Texas that had taken him to the moon and then back again with a total expenses claim of just $33.31. The report notes : “Government meals and quarters [were] furnished for all of the above dates.”

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Jon Stewart, Amy Schumer talk ‘Trainwreck’ shooting, but not gun control



Comedian Amy Schumer and departing Daily Show host Jon Stewart addressed July’s Trainwreck shooting on Monday’s episode — albeit briefly, before switching to slightly more TV-friendly topics such as Schumer’s burgeoning friendship with Jennifer Lawrence.

Shortly after Schumer’s entrance onto the Daily Show stage — and a long, lingering ovation — Stewart told his guest that he wanted her to ask about a “horrible thing”: the shooting, which took place last month at a screening of Schumer’s hit film Trainwreck in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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Auburn likes community garden plan

AUBURN — Lewiston’s model of allowing community gardens downtown could be ready to take root in Auburn, councilors agreed. Councilors told staff from St. Mary’s Nutrition Center they liked their proposal to create an Auburn version of the successful Lots to Garden program in one of t…

Auburn swapping polling places for wards three and four

AUBURN — Voters in the city’s third and fourth wards will actually stay in their wards to cast their ballots, according to the city clerk. Voters living in Ward 3 vote in Auburn Hall, which is in Ward 4. Ward 4 voters vote at Fairview School, which is in Ward 3. “I was going t…

Your worst nightmare: What if Facebook lost everyone’s data?




Image: The Data Drive

The only thing worse than Facebook having all of your personal information is, well, Facebook not having all of your personal information.

That is the premise behind The Data Drive, a new website by Daniel Kolitz, creator of The Printed Internet and artist Sam Lavigne.

The Data Drive imagines Facebook thrown into chaos after Mark Zuckerberg steals all of his service’s data, flees the company and goes into hiding

The social network, now under the leadership of former Texas mattress salesman Buck Calhoun (“I’m not Mark Zuckerberg. I’m a straight-shooting’, bear-skinnin’, pistol-twirlin’, high-cholestrol-having’ old boy from the Lone Star State”), is apparently struggling to rebuild out of a Dunkin’ Donuts in Sacramento Read more…

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Surf legend Mick Fanning donates TV interview fee to shark attack victim



Australian surfer Mick Fanning, who made international headlines for fighting off a shark with his bare hands, is also a super nice bloke.

The three-time world champion has donated the A$75,000 he received from an interview to a fellow shark attack victim. He earned the money by sitting down with Channel Nine’s current affairs program 60 Minutes to talk about his near-death attack at the J-Bay Open in South Africa.

He spoke of the moment the shark approached him on his board, and went in for the kill. Fanning punched the shark in the side, and was then dragged from the water by a jet ski. The dramatic moment was televised, and Fanning won worldwide praise. Read more…

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