The MB&F Arachnophobia Tells Time Through Fear

MBF-Arachnophobia-Spider-Table-Clock-aBlogtoWatch-6 Everyone’s favorite crazy watch maker, MB&F, has just announced a new model, the so-called Arachnophobia. This wild clock hides a L’Epée 1839 movement in the thorax and abdomen of an articulated spider. Based on the famous Louise Bourgeois sculpture Maman, the spider has injection molded legs and a unique escapement mechanism on the the spider’s back. You have to use… Read More

‘Mr. Robot’ Season 1 finale recap: Who needs money, anyway?



All season, Mr. Robot has differentiated itself from most other shows on TV. From its unique point of view — it’s literally told from inside the head of its main character — to its commentary on current events (cyber terrorism, the fall of counterfeit heroes, etc.), USA’s groundbreaking summer drama has been nothing short of thrilling. Creator Sam Esmail’s feature-script-turned-TV-show traffics in boldness, in terms of both how it’s shot and its content — which makes Mr. Robot refreshingly original entertainment.

Wednesday night’s finale — the latest twist in a season full of bumps and turns — was yet another reminder of that. We’ve spent the past 10 episodes ingrained in the mind of our jittery, morphine-addicted and somewhat maniacal protagonist Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), watching step-by-step as he and his team of keyboard-pounding cyber-vigilantes — poignantly dubbed “FSociety” — put forth a comprehensive plan to rid the world of debt. Read more…

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Obama flyover of eroding Alaskan island thrusts Kivalina into spotlight



ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Residents of a Native village threatened by erosion were thankful Wednesday for President Barack Obama’s attention to their plight, saying they hope his visit to Alaska will help them secure funding to build a critical evacuation road to drier ground.

Even with a protective ocean rock wall, the impoverished Inupiat Eskimo community of Kivalina has no more than a decade left before erosion begins to force people from their homes, said Millie Hawley, president of Kivalina’s tribal council.

“I’ve met with Alaska Natives whose way of life they’ve practiced for centuries is in danger of slipping away.” —@POTUS #ActOnClimate

— White House Live (@WHLive) September 3, 2015 Read more…

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Australia’s prime minister won’t stop comparing things to the Nazis



Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott loves a rhetorical flourish, but it may be time for him to change up his metaphors.

In an interview on the Sydney radio station 2GB on Thursday, the prime minister linked the Islamic State’s brutal techniques of oppression to the Nazis’ attempted genocide of the Jews

“The Nazis did terrible evil but they had a sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it,” he said. “These people boast about their evil, this is the extraordinary thing.” The discussion came as the Australian government weighs up whether to join U.S. air strikes in Syria against the group. Read more…

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The Internet Was Created For Cat Street View

cat map Drones are making it easier to share a bird’s eye view of the world around us, but we might be looking at things from the wrong perspective. Created as a tourism promotion by Hiroshima prefecture in Japan, the Cat Street View map reminds us that there are different points of views to explore, specifically those of our benevolent feline overlords. Read More

Google executive Matt Dunne running for Vermont governor

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Google executive and former Vermont lawmaker Matt Dunne announced Wednesday he is running for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2016.

Dunne faces a primary contest against House Speaker Shap Smith, who announced his candidacy two weeks ago, and possibly against Transportation Secretary and former lawmaker Sue Minter, who has said she’s seriously considering getting into the race. The only announced Republican so far is retired Wall Street executive Bruce Lisman, who entered the race Tuesday. Lt. Gov. Phil Scott also has indicated he’s a likely candidate.

“Over the last few months I have been speaking with many of you about the challenges Vermont is facing. From those conversations, it is clear that our state is at a critical juncture. Vermonters are looking for a fresh approach,” Dunne said in a statement emailed to supporters.

The 45-year-old Hartland resident said he had raised more than $200,000 for the run before making the official announcement.

Dunne will continue with a series of community forums around the state and will have a formal campaign kickoff later in the fall, he said.

Dunne, who was elected to the state House at 22 and later served in the Senate, lost in a five-way race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 2010.

Photo challenge: Utilize Instagram’s support for non-square photos



Instagram’s latest update announced native support for landscape and portrait-shaped photos. This was big news for all, but especially for landscape photographers.

We want you to embrace the new feature for this week’s Mashable Photo Challenge. No more white borders, no more awkward crops

Share with us your view — whether out your window, on a road trip or on your morning run. And think outside of the box, literally

Our guest host is Jovell Rennie, an artist born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Alaska. As a landscape photographer, Rennie has always been a stickler for non-square, even when the app didn’t support such formats. Read more…

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Tumblr changes reblogs so you can actually read them



It’s not just you: Tumblr reblogs look a lot different.

The Yahoo-owned blogging site changed the way that reblogs — posts that are re-shared by other users — are handled to make the text easier to read and follow.

On Tumblr, each time you reblog something, you’re able to add your own comment, along with the comments of everyone else who has reblogged the post. Previously, comments accompanying reblogs were nested so that longer threads could quickly turn into a “crazy long, indecipherable reblog chain,” according to Tumblr. Read more…

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Former Nokomis High teacher denies beating, choking ex-girlfriend

SKOWHEGAN — A close friend of Andrew Maderios’ former girlfriend testified Wednesday that she received text messages from the woman in January, February and July saying she’d been injured by Maderios.

When the friend went to the home that the woman shared with Maderios, at the time a Nokomis High School music teacher, the friend found her crying and shaking, she testified Wednesday in the third day of Maderios’ trial in Somerset County Superior Court on nine counts of domestic violence abuse.

But Maderios, 29, of Pittsfield, who took the stand in his own defense later in the day, said he never strangled his girlfriend. He testified that she was the aggressor and told him if he ever left her, she’d ruin his life, his career and his future.

“She said, ‘If you ever ask me to leave, I will accuse you of abusing me’ and call my (school district) superintendent and cause me to lose my job, and she was going to ruin my life,” Maderios testified.

Maderios wept on the stand Wednesday as he described how his former live-in girlfriend would tell him he was not a good father figure to her two girls and that he was not even a good teacher. He tearfully told the jury how his accuser would call his mother an alcoholic, his father a fake and his sister a crazy woman. He said he never strangled the woman, and never put his hands on her except to defend himself from her attacks.

“There was no first time. There was no second time. There was no any time,” he said of the beatings and strangulations alleged by the woman in the nine-count indictment against him.

In fact, Maderios said, he was on a couch watching TV on July 4, 2014, when the woman dialed 911, waving the phone in the air, saying, “Help. Help. I need help right now,” he said under direct examination by defense attorney Caleigh Milton, an assistant to Maderios’ lead attorney, Leonard Sharon.

Maderios is accused of subjecting his then-girlfriend to months of abuse before he was arrested in August 2014 as he stepped off an airplane in Georgia on a return trip from a student educational tour of Europe. He spent 11 days in a Georgia jail before being brought back to Maine to face the charges against him.

The friend of the accuser testified for the prosecution Wednesday morning in the jury trial, which is expected to last until the end of the week.

“She was sitting on the stairs crying, shaking, choking. She was a mess, actually,” the friend testified Wednesday. “Her voice was raspy, choking. It was hard for her to get a word out.”

The trial is set to resume at 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

Doug Harlow can be contacted at 612-2367 or at:

Calgary police return stolen car to owner with cocaine, gun still inside



Courtney Pickering was happy to get her car back after it was stolen, but she wasn’t expecting Calgary Police to give her a little something extra

When Pickering first looked inside her returned car, she found cocaine, a crack pipe and a gun, among other illicit items

The car was stolen from an alley behind Pickering’s home last week but she received a call saying that the car had been recovered and that she could retrieve it as soon as a forensics team went over it. When she got the car back, though, she found a small bag of cocaine in one of the cupholders. She then found even more items missed by the police including a knife in the front door pocket, a crack pipe on the rear seat, a heavy pipe, and a pellet gun under the seat Read more…

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