Cecil the Lion’s death opens question of why illegal poaching of protected animals is still so common



Cecil the lion, a popular safari attraction in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park for tourists and locals alike, was lured out of his protected habitat with bait before American dentist Walter Palmer shot him with a bow and arrow on July 1. Cecil survived for 40 hours before he was shot with a rifle, skinned and decapitated. It was an opportunity for which Palmer paid $55,000.

The killing of this single African lion in Zimbabwe’s largest nature reserve sparked worldwide outrage last week. It also prompted questions over what countries can — and should — do to save wildlife whose populations are being depleted by poachers and trophy hunters. Read more…

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Ask Slashdot: Can You Disable Windows 10’s Privacy-Invading Features?

An anonymous reader writes: I really want to upgrade to Windows 10, but have begun seeing stories come out about the new Terms and how they affect your privacy. It looks like the default Windows 10 system puts copies of your data out on the “cloud”, gives your passwords out, and targets advertising to you. The main reason I am looking to upgrade is that Bitlocker is not available on Windows 7 Pro, but is on Windows 10 Pro, and Microsoft no longer offers Anytime Upgrades to Windows 7 Ultimate. However, I don’t want to give away my privacy for security. The other option is to wait until October to see what the Windows 10 Enterprise version offers, but it may not be available through retail. Are the privacy minded Slashdot readers not going with Windows 10? For reference, I am referring to these articles. (Not to mention claims that it steals your bandwidth.)

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“Soft” Sensors Are Breaking Into Four Major Industries

shutterstock_190624379 From something as simple as a door sensor at a store to the new age of “smart” sensors in a rapidly emerging wearables market, the application of sensors has already permeated many parts of our everyday lives. But the future of dynamic sensor applications goes beyond just measuring your heart rate through the new Apple Watch. Read More

Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho is not dead



Jericho, the brother of Cecil the lion, is in all likelihood alive and well, according to conservation workers in Zimbabwe.

Trevor Lane, of the Bhejane Trust, a Zimbabwean conservation organization, confirmed to Mashable that as of two hours ago, Jericho was still moving around based on GPS signals coming from his tracking device. The GPS device sends a signal every hour. Lane said that he had spoken to the researchers at Oxford who are tracking Jericho. They said he was seen in the company of a lioness and the pair were presumed to be mating

There is an ongoing investigation into the death of another lion in the park, which was killed in early July, Lane said, but that lion is not Jericho. Read more…

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“How Do You Spell 12?”

Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Location: The Telephone Museum, 166 Winkumpaugh Road, Ellsworth, Maine For more information: 207-; thetelephonemuseum.org – and other questions telephone operators USED to answer. Learn the finer points of connecting callers through a decades-old switchboard, and find out more about the fun …

ARIN IPv4 Addresses Run Out Tomorrow

jcomeau_ictx provided that teaser of a headline, but writes: Not really. But the countdown at tunnelbroker.net should go to zero sometime tomorrow around noon, considering it’s at 45,107 as I write this, it’s counting down about one address every two seconds, and there are 86,400 seconds per day. Just happened to notice it today. Might be worth a little celebration at every NOC and IT enterprise tomorrow.

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Empire State Building will host light show of endangered animals



Getting people to pay attention to a huge, global problem is easier when you have an enormous billboard at your disposal.

On Saturday, New York’s Empire State Building will be converted into a giant billboard to draw attention to the plight of endangered animals around the world. Images of the animals will be flashed onto a 375-foot by 186-foot (114 by 57 m) portion of the iconic building, equivalent to 33 floors of the building’s façade.

From 9 p.m. to midnight EDT on Saturday, the Empire State Building’s southern face will feature images of a snow leopard, a golden lion tamarin, a manta ray and many other creatures that could soon be wiped out in Earth’s sixth mass extinction, according to Louie Psihoyos and Travis Threlkel, the organizers of the upcoming event. Read more…

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Top Clinton confidant accused of receiving overpayments at State Department

WASHINGTON — The State Department concluded this year that Huma Abedin, one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s closest aides, was overpaid by nearly $10,000 because of violations of rules governing vacation and sick leave during her tenure as an official in the department. The finding — which Abedin has formally contested …

Art exhibit watches you breathe and builds you a light show



Tucked into a small gallery space in downtown Manhattan, there’s a big ball of light that knows how you breathe.

A product of international creative agency B-Reel, the installation PRANA uses radar sensors to track your breathing patterns, and using a simple software backend, translates the rhythm of your breathing into a pulsating light show

A passion project of creative agency B-Reel which normally does digital films and interactive projects for brands, it came from art director Mike Potter’s interest in mediation, and the desire to create a visual extension of ones own lungs. Evocative of light artists like the renowned James Turrell, PRANA asks its viewers to step into a forest of lights hanging from the ceiling and simply breath for a few seconds. A sensor follows theirs movements and its signals are fed into software, which, using free web-based tech like Javascript, Node.js and Python, programs the lights into a corresponding casade Read more…

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In Windows 10, Ad-Free Solitaire Will Cost You $10 — Every Year

Wired UK reports that the pre-installed Solitaire on Windows 10 capitalizes on the long-cultivated addiction that some users have to the game with an interesting bargain: rather than being an ordinary included application like it used to be, what may be the world’s most pervasive on-screen office time-sink of a game now comes with ads, unless a user wants to pay (by the month, or by the year) to remove those ads. Notes the linked piece: “To be entirely fair, this is the same as on the Windows 8 version, which wasn’t installed by default but could be downloaded from the Windows Store.”

At $1.49/month or $10/year, this might be enough to drive some people who otherwise would not to check out some of the free, open-source games out there; PySolitaire is one of many in this incomplete list.

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