With mayoral election on the horizon, what are top issues facing Portland?

PORTLAND, Maine — It will be late August before the slate of mayoral candidates in Maine’s largest city is set, and perhaps it will be even later before the average Portlander really begins paying attention to the race. But the key issues that will face the next mayor are in …

Hacker Set To Demonstrate 60 Second BRINKS Safe Hack At DEFCON

darthcamaro writes: Ok so we know that Chrysler cars will be hacked at Black Hat, Android will be hacked at DEFCON with Stagefright, and now word has come out that a pair of security researchers plan on bringing a BRINKS safe onstage at DEFCON to demonstrate how it can be digitally hacked. No this isn’t some kind of lockpick, but rather a digital hack, abusing the safe’s exposed USB port. And oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt that the new safe is running Windows XP either.

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Today’s fitness junkies demand high-tech marketing experiences



You’ve been feeling a little lazy lately. So, you head to your local gym to inquire about classes

But instead of simply peeking into classes currently in session or reading a useless description, your virtual reality headgear instantly transports you into any offered fitness class. You hear pumping music, the instructor yells encouragement, other participants are pouring sweat

Technology has infiltrated the fitness industry. And your GPS running app, Jawbone wearable and online yoga teacher are just the beginning

Fitness companies cannot afford to sidestep technology when marketing to consumers. Their products go hand in hand with innovation. As a result, fitness moguls like Zumba are creating unique and engaging experiences that not only help shape their brand but also an informed customer. Read more…

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‘Harry Potter’ combined with Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ may make you cry



Get ready to feel things.

An emotional mashup of Harry Potter and Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ is currently doing the rounds on YouTube, and it’s a bona fide tear-jerker.

The mashup is the latest in a series of film and TV fan videos created by 19-year-old YouTuber Morgan (aka theredsoxfan18), who clearly knows a thing or two about editing (not to mention making people well up while they’re at their desks at work – not that we did that, or anything).

The video features clips taken throughout the series, including key scenes and – *sobs* – memorable deaths. You know the ones we mean. Read more…

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Mysterious pink pigeons are being spotted across Britain



LONDON –– We don’t want to alarm anyone, but there may be a pink pigeon epidemic sweeping Britain.

The trend recently came to light after the Manchester Evening News shared the following image, apparently snapped outside a church in Stockport.

So, it looks like someone might be dyeing pigeons hot pink in Stockport. Reallyhttp://t.co/CPGwQYHmjS pic.twitter.com/pZYMImw5y9

— Manchester News MEN (@MENnewsdesk) July 26, 2015

“It did seem tired, so I thought it might have been in a race but I’ve never seen a pigeon dyed pink before,” pigeon-snapper Wes Charnock told the Manchester Evening News. “I posted pictures online to see what people thought, and they have been suggesting it was used in a wedding or is a racing pigeon.” Read more…

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Disgruntled soccer fan puts his team up for sale on Gumtree



A Brisbane soccer fan has taken his disappointment with his team public

The fed-up supporter of Brisbane Roar football club has put his team up for sale on classifieds site, GumtreeThe ad posted by “C Fong” — a stab at the struggling chairman Chris Fong — initially went up for sale for a low “$3.50 Negotiable”

The bargain giveaway is a sad joke playing on the club’s current financial woes, with revelations the Roar have not paid up to a year’s rent for its training base. Fong has resigned as chairman and will step down from his role. Read more…

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Oliver, A New Apartment-Finding App, Cuts Out The Middlemen

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.09.06 AM If you’ve ever tried to find an apartment in a popular city like San Francisco, New York, or Chillicothe you’re probably familiar with magical beings called brokers. These creatures take a cut of your rent while doing surprisingly little and it’s high time they are “disrupted.” How, you ask? Oliver.
Oliver is the latest effort to cut out the middleman. The app… Read More

Didi Kuaidi, Uber’s Biggest Rival In China, Launches Personal Chauffeur Service

chauffeur Enjoy the convenience of Uber but own a car? There might be something in China for you. Didi Kuaidi, Uber’s biggest rival in the world’s most populous country, has launched a personal chauffeur service, its latest in a series of efforts to diversify its business. Read More

British Lord quits over drug and prostitution claims, says sorry for ’embarrassment’



LONDON — Lord John Sewel, who was filmed allegedly taking drugs with prostitutes, has resigned from the House of Lords on Tuesday morning, apologising for his behaviour

The Sun on Sunday newspaper published photographs and video of Sewel naked and appearing to snort cocaine along with snippets of his conversations with prostitutes. He was also caught out giving his opinion on senior political figures including David Cameron, Boris Johnson, and Alex Salmond

Sewel, who risked becoming the first peer to be expelled from the House of Lords, resigned in a short letter to the clerk where he said his membership would damage and undermine the public’s confidence in the House. Read more…

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