Switzerland imposes alcohol limit on cable car operators

ZURICH — Switzerland on Wednesday closed a legal loophole that allowed cable car drivers to escape criminal prosecution if caught drunk on the job as the law did not impose an alcohol limit on them. But as of Oct. 1, the Alpine nation’s cable car operators will be subject to …

Pennsylvania judge rejects parents’ move to stop gender change surgery

PITTSBURGH — A Pennsylvania judge on Wednesday rejected an effort by the parents of a 48-year-old transgender woman to block her gender reassignment surgery after they said she is incompetent. Christine Kitzler’s surgery had been scheduled to take place in New Hope, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, but on Monday her parents …

Privacy Concerns Raised Over Kids’ Apps And Websites

kidstablet Given the sophisticated tracking technologies embedded into so many digital products and services as a matter of course, it should come as no surprise that a global privacy audit of children’s websites and apps has highlighted big concerns about the collection and use of kids’ data. Read More

LG thinks HDR is the future of 4K TVs



BERLIN — Who said OLEDs are too dim to deliver awesome 4K content?

On Thursday, LG unveiled HDR (High Dynamic Range) OLED technology for UHD TVs that it believes beats standard LCD on most critical viewing metrics. These HDR 4K OLED TVs will arrive in 2016. The company hinted at the HDR technology at CES 2015, but never officially announced anything.

During what could best be described as a master class in display technology, LG explained at a Thursday morning IFA 2015 press conference how OLED’s more precise pixel control, which allows for better regional contrast, better blacks and truer colors offers better support for a full spectrum of high dynamic range (from true black to true white). Another way to think about this is in terms of F-Stops on a camera. Standard LCD handles about 12 F-stops. OLED handles roughly 20. Read more…

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New Russian Laboratory To Study Mammoth Cloning

An anonymous reader writes: While plans to clone a woolly mammoth are not new, a lab used in a joint effort by Russia and South Korea is. The new facility is devoted to studying extinct animal DNA in the hope of creating clones from the remains of animals found in the permafrost. IBtimes reports: “The Sakha facility has the world’s largest collection of frozen ancient animal carcasses and remains, with more than 2,000 samples in its possession, including some that are tens of thousands years old, such as a mammoth discovered on the island of Maly Lyakhovsky; experts believe it may be more than 28,000 years old.”

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Zivame Lands $40M To Change How Women In India Buy Their Lingerie

Screenshot 2015-09-03 15.45.13 Zivame, an online store that wants to revolutionize the (often awkward) way that women in India buy their underwear, has closed a $38 million Series C round. Read More

SmartThings Unveils A New Smart Home Hub

Hub & Sensors On Wood SmartThings’s smart home devices are getting a lot sleeker — and a lot more powerful — as of today. The company today is releasing a new line of updated home sensors and a new, more powerful hub. In addition, SmartThings is rolling out a more simplified application centered around specific events and spots in a home, such as a bedrooms and kitchens for locations, and events… Read More

How Colin the Caterpillar spent his drunken 25th birthday



LONDON – Most people in Britain know Colin the Caterpillar as the innocent centrepiece of many an awkward office birthday celebration, but few are aware that he’s also a raging party animal.

To celebrate his 25th birthday, Colin was given a party hat and some chocolate-coated popping candy by Marks & Spencer. It was a small gathering with a few friends. They all stood around him in the office while Danny the Dinosaur led the Happy Birthday singalong. It was nice. Then 9 p.m. hit, Colin said his goodbyes and jumped on the next tube to meet Harry the Hedgehog and the gang. Read more…

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Sept. 29 is the lucky day for Tesla Model X buyers



Yes, we already knew Tesla’s first SUV, the Model X, is coming in September, but now — thanks to Twitter-happy CEO Elon Musk — we know the exact date: Sept. 29

“First production cars will be handed over on Sept 29 at our Fremont factory,” Musk tweeted Wednesday

First production cars will be handed over on Sept 29 at our Fremont factory

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 2, 2015

That means that folks who pre-ordered the vehicle will be tweeting like crazy enjoying their first rides in the Model X on that date. If you’re looking to order a Model X now, you’ll receive it in early 2016 Read more…

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